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While Ellerslie dentist will recommend dental sealants. For their young patients. Many parents wonder if this is necessary. And even what dental sealants are.

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According to the National health and nutrition examination survey. A small percentage of children, between the ages of six and eleven. Have dental sealants, in fact only 30%.

While a larger percentage of adolescents do. 38% of adolescents between the ages of twelve and nineteen have this procedure. Despite the fact that it is a very simple and inexpensive preventative procedure.

Fewer children are getting this protective coating on their teeth. Which means Ellerslie dentist has a job. To educate the parents about what dental sealants are. And why they are important.

The first thing that they will educate parents with. Is what dental sealants are. Very simply put, it is a thin layer of plastic. That is applied to the surface of the molars. Which are the back teeth in the mouth.

This thin layer of plastic acts as a protective barrier. Protecting the teeth from the bacteria. That causes tooth decay, and cavities to form. The reason why it is applied on the molars is because they are unevenly surfaced.

If anyone looks, or feels there molars says Ellerslie dentist. There likely going to feel a very rough surface. With high points, and low points. Most dentists refer to these as pits and features of the tooth.

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But these pits and features. While making it easy to chew food. Makes it difficult to brush effectively. Even adults have a hard time. Reaching all of the areas of their teeth. Which is why molars are most susceptible to cavities.

Since children are simply just learning. How to brush their teeth properly. The dental sealants are very beneficial. To protect their teeth. From the bacteria that cause tooth decay. As they are learning.

Many parents have questions. Even after they hear what dental sealants are. One question is should they get dental sealants for their child. Even if they are going to need braces, or Invisalign in the future.

This is a great question. And when parents are thinking about getting their child’s teeth straightened. They should think about Invisalign. As it is quite easy. To fit the Invisalign devices.

Around the dental work that the patient has. Including any dental sealants that are on their teeth. Therefore, parents should not delay. Getting their child dental sealants.

Because there are eventually going to need braces. Another question that parents often have. Is why should they get their young children’s teeth protected. When their baby teeth are going to fall out eventually anyway.

The reason why, is because even baby teeth. That have cavities. Will need to have their teeth drilled for cavities to be filled. Or, in severe cases. Will need a root canal, or to have their tooth pulled.

All of which are expensive, and traumatic for the child to go through. Not to mention, because pain or discomfort to the child as well. This is why dentists recommend dental sealants for even young children.

Ellerslie Dentist | Are Dental Sealants Necessary To Get

During the child’s first few visits to Ellerslie dentist. Parents will hear the recommendation of getting dental sealants done. While parents might realize, that dental sealants is a protective layer on the teeth.

They may not understand exactly how important this is. The thin layer of plastic. Is designed to be a protective barrier. Between the tooth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

However, parents may not understand. How fast this procedure is. Or even how inexpensive it is as well. If they knew that it was quick, easy. And cost-effective. Perhaps more people would change their mind.

The application process is very simple. Taking less than five minutes. At the end of any dental checkup. The first step, is simply drying the teeth out. And this is achieved, by surrounding the teeth with cotton and gauze.

Once they are exposed to the air, the teeth dry out quite quickly. Leaving the Ellerslie dentist free, to apply a cotton swab of very mild acid. This process is called etching and gets rid of bacteria.

That may be on the teeth, that could cause problems. Once the sealants are applied. After the acid is applied. The dentist will rinse and dry the teeth once more. Leaving it ready to receive the sealants.

The sealant is applied as a liquid plastic. With a cotton swab, on the surface of the patient’s molars. Once the dentist is sure that they have applied it to the entire surface of the tooth.

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The last step is curing it. This is the process of hardening the plastic. By shining a UV light on the surface. This takes only moments. Leaving the sealant hardened. And the patient, free to do any activities. Or eat any food they wish.

While this takes a very short amount of time. Many parents are also pleased to hear. That a dental sealants procedure. Costs only a quarter of getting a cavity filled. Therefore, by preventing cavities.

In their child’s or teenagers teeth. They are able to save a significant amount of money. In fact, if they put the protective coating on their children’s teeth. And then once more as a teenager.

It will still cost less then getting one cavity filled. This is often why many parents opt to get dental sealants. Is because they feel good about protecting their child’s teeth. In a way that is cost effective.

Dental sealants will last for approximately ten years. Therefore, once children lose their baby teeth. They should get it reapplied. But as long as people keep their mouth cavity free.

They can continue getting dental sealants on their teeth, well into adulthood. The only thing that people need to keep in mind. Is that they need to continue to see their Ellerslie dentist on a regular basis.

To ensure their teeth are healthy. And that there dental sealants are not cracked, chipped or otherwise need replacing.