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Despite the fact that Ellerslie dentist recommends dental sealants. To many parents of children who are getting a checkup. Still, a small percentage of patients are getting this very helpful procedure.

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According to a survey done by the National health and nutrition examination. A small percentage, 30% of children between the ages. Of 6 to 11 have received dental sealants in their lifetime.

While just a slightly larger percentage period of adolescence, between the ages of 12 to 19, 38%. Have received dental sealants in their lifetime. This is all despite the fact that dental sealants are incredibly effective.

At protecting children against dental decay, and cavities. However, many parents and up having questions for their Ellerslie dentist about the procedure. Not wanting to sign their child up.

For in invasive, or traumatic procedure. The good news is, it is not in invasive or traumatic procedure at all. Taking less than five minutes from start to finish. And causing absolutely no pain to the child at all.

In fact, there are absolutely no side effects whatsoever from the procedure. And patients can go about their normal, daily routine. From going back to school, or eating any food they desire.

What dental sealants are says Ellerslie dentist. Is a literal plastic barrier. That is painted onto the patient’s teeth. And then cured, to adhere. And provide a very hard plastic barrier.

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Between the patient’s teeth, and the bacteria. That is responsible for causing tartar buildup, tooth decay. As well as cavities in the teeth. Typically, the dental sealants are applied to the surface of the molars.

Simply because the molars are more susceptible to cavities. Due to their incredibly rough and uneven surface. If anyone simply rubs their tongue along their molars. They will know exactly what this is referring to.

Even if a parent is watching their child of brush their teeth. Ensuring that they are doing it twice a day. While the toothbrush is in the child’s mouth. It may not be reaching all the way to the back of their molars.

Because it is very far back. And, the bristles of the toothbrush. Might not be reaching all of the various peaks and valleys that make up the surface of a molar. Therefore, even if they are watching carefully.

And are teaching their child well. Their child, as they learn. And develop their fine motor skills. May end up leaving bacteria behind. As they learn. Causing their teeth to be susceptible.

There dentist will recommend that parents get the dental sealants early. Because once they have developed their first cavity. The child will no longer be a great candidate for this procedure.

As fillings are hard for the dental sealants to adhere to. Therefore, to get this done sooner. Before they develop their first cavity. Is why there dentist. Will want this to happen quickly.

When parents are ready, or if they have more questions they want answers to. The first step. Would simply be to reach out by phone or email. To the tooth doctor, located in Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Are Dental Sealants Useful To Get Applied

Many parents will hear from their Ellerslie dentist. That they should get dental sealants for their child. But they still have many questions. About the process, and why they would get it done.

One of the first questions they will ask. Is how do the sealants get applied. They want to know the answer to this question. Simply because they do not want to subject their child.

To an invasive and traumatic experience. But they can breathe easy, because the good news is. That the process is very fast. And extremely easy on the child. Requiring absolutely no painkillers.

The first step, will be for the Ellerslie dentist to pack cotton around the teeth. To keep them dry during the procedure. Following that, they will swab a very mild acid. Onto the teeth, using a cotton swab.

In a process that is called etching. The etching is designed to eliminate bacteria, and other impurities. That might impact the sealants. From adhering to the tooth effectively.

Once the asset has been applied. The dentist will then rinse the teeth, and wait for them to dry again. Once the teeth are dry. They can then apply the dental sealants. Which is a clear liquid at this point.

It will be applied using a cotton swab as well. To the surface of the patient’s molars. Taking care to paint around every single week and valley. So that the entire tooth is protected.

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Once the application is done. The last step. Is simply curing the sealant. It will happen with a UV light. Which is shined into the patient’s mouth. Only one or two minutes of curing is what is required.

To turn this clear liquid. Into a hard plastic, that has adhere itself to the teeth. It then provides a literal barrier. Between the teeth, and that bacteria that causes tooth decay.

The good news with this, is that the sealant will last for a decade. And in young children, they will lose their baby teeth. And have their permanent set before that time. However, the recommendation.

By their Ellerslie dentist, would be to repeat the procedure. Once the child has grown in all their adult teeth. So that they can protect these teeth. As quickly as they can. From tooth decay as well.

And while many parents are more likely to get this procedure done. Knowing that it is very easy procedure to do. Many parents are concerned about the cost. And while there is a cost to this procedure.

It is about a quarter of the price it would cost a parent. To get their child’s cavity filled just once. Therefore, the dental sealant procedure. Can also help them protect their pocketbook.

From exorbitantly high dental bills, if their child has multiple cavities. Therefore, many parents who are interested in getting dental sealants for their children. Should reach out to the tooth doctor, located in South Edmonton, in Ellerslie.