Ellerslie Dentist | Are Fluoride Treatments Necessary

Fluoride is an important mineral in oral hygiene says Ellerslie dentist. Although many people do not know enough about this mineral. Or are aware of how it works, to protect their teeth.

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They may be aware that their toothpaste has fluoride in it. And are confused when their Ellerslie dentist applies fluoride at the end of their treatment. They may wonder if this is necessary at all.

Fluoride works by providing a layer on the surface of people’s teeth. That creates a protective barrier between environmental damage. Such as from consuming acidic food like citrus fruits or tomatoes.

As well as provides a protective barrier. To guard against cavities, caused by bacteria. Bacteria is drawn to the teeth by sugar. And it creates a very sticky substance on the surface of the teeth called plaque.

This plaque is acidic by nature, and will wear at the enamel on the teeth. Allowing the bacteria to eat at the tooth. Causing tooth decay, and cavities. Fluoride is effective as guarding against this from happening.

However, as people brush their teeth. And continually put a layer of fluoride on their teeth. This layer of fluoride is continually being worn away. By acidic food, drinks. And from regular brushing of the teeth.

This is why people must be diligent. In continuing to brush their teeth with fluoride. And also why it is very important. That their Ellerslie dentist finishes each visits, with the fluoride treatment.

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Both of the toothpaste, and the fluoride that the dentist puts on their teeth. Is an extremely highly concentrated form of this mineral. And care must be taken, not to swallow it.

If they accidentally swallow this extremely concentrated amount. Either by failing to spit out their toothpaste. Or accidentally swallowing fluoride that their dentist puts on their teeth.

They could develop a problem called dental fluorosis. This is where an excess of fluoride in the body. Causes a buildup of excess fluoride on their teeth. It often looks like patches of discolouration.

And people might use bleaching kits to try to get rid of it. Although, they are generally unsuccessful. However, a very easy fix to this problem, that often bothers people cosmetically.

Is by visiting their Ellerslie dentist, where they will apply a thin layer of acid. To get rid of the buildup of fluoride on the teeth. Therefore, care must be taken not to consume too much fluoride.

Although, because it is constantly being worn off their teeth. They need to continually use fluoride toothpaste. And visiting their dentist for fluoride treatments. The recommendation is for people to get a fluoride treatments.

Once every six months. And this includes children, starting from the age of six months old. While it is important for children to get regular fluoride treatments. To protect all of the teeth in their mouth as they start life.

It is also just as important. For adults to get regular fluoride treatments. To protect their teeth, as they deal with things like dry mouth, gum disease and crowns or bridges.

Ellerslie Dentist | Are Fluoride Treatments Really Necessary

Fluoride is very important to a great oral hygiene routine says Ellerslie dentist. And there are many different ways that people can get their fluoride. Many people may be aware that fluoride is in most municipalities water supply.

This started back in the nineteen forties. In order to protect people who were unable to afforded dentist. By allowing them to have this mineral, so that every time they drink water. And cooked food with the water.

They would build this protective layer. That guards against tooth decay and cavities. As well as protects against foods that wear away at the enamel. Such as citrus fruit, tomatoes and vinegar for example.

However, fluoride in the water is not enough. To protect people’s teeth completely. Especially these days, when most people are drinking bottled water instead of tap water.

Therefore, there are toothpastes available that have fluoride in its. So that every day, people can put another protective layer of this mineral onto their teeth. But also, it is important.

That they visit their Ellerslie dentist for fluoride treatments as well. They will ensure that every part of the tooth’s surface gets covered in fluoride. And can help protect areas of the teeth.

That may be missed while brushing. It also is important to ensure people can get protection. If they have not been brushing their teeth as often as they should. In fact, there are many scenarios.

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That mean it is even more important. For people to visit their Ellerslie dentist for fluoride treatments. If they have crowns, bridges or braces on their teeth. It may be very difficult for people to brush their teeth.

And get all areas of their teeth. Because of the braces or the bridges in their mouth. That is why, visiting their dentist regularly. Can ensure that the fluoride treatments they get. Can cover all aspects of their teeth.

If someone has ever had gum disease or gingivitis. There gums will have receded. Exposing at least some of the roots of their teeth. The roots of the teeth are more susceptible to cavities and acid where.

Because the roots have less enamel than the rest of the teeth. Therefore, the fluoride treatments from the dentist. Will help protect this vulnerable part of a person’s tooth.

As well, adults who have dry mouth. Either caused by advancing age. Or as a side effect to medication. Are also at higher risk for developing cavities. This is because they will have less saliva in their mouth.

Therefore, to protect their teeth against cavities and tooth decay. Regular fluoride treatments. Are vital in keeping the mouths of people with dry mouth. Healthy and happy for years.

When people are ready to talk to their dentist about fluoride. And get the treatments that can help them. All they have to do, is call the tooth doctor. There are three convenient locations that they can visit. And find out everything that they need to know. About fluoride, and keeping their teeth as healthy as possible.