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Even though many people are concerned about their oral hygiene says Ellerslie dentist. They often worry about the side effects of fluoride. They know that there is fluoride in the water supply. And that there is fluoride in their toothpaste.

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But many people are still a little cloudy on how fluoride works. To protect their teeth. And if it is safe to consume in many quantities. The reason why fluoride was added to the water.

Was when it was discovered, in the nineteen forties. Municipalities realized, that they could help their citizens, that were too poor to visit the dentist. And protect everyone’s teeth at the same time.

Therefore, they started adding a fluoride, as one of the many chemicals. That exists in the water that is provided in many cities, and municipalities.

The amount of fluoride in the water. Is extremely safe. And no matter how much water someone consumes. It would never be able to rink a dangerous amount of this mineral.

Many people might be concerned. Because the fluoride toothpaste that they have in their home. Often cautions against swallowing it. Indicating that it is very important that people spit out the toothpaste into the sink.

The reason why it is safe to drink the fluoride in the water. But people should not swallow their toothpaste says Ellerslie dentist. Is all about the sheer amount of fluoride in each.

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There is a large amount of fluoride in the toothpaste. Because it is only protecting the teeth topically. Requiring the body to grab the fluoride in the toothpaste. And added to the surface of the teeth.

Instead of being able to use every molecule of the mineral if it is ingested. In order to be added to the surface of a person’s tooth. However, even if a person ends up accidentally consuming a large amount of toothpaste.

They will end up with a condition called dental fluorosis. But it is not serious says Ellerslie dentist. What happens when people develop this, is that there is an excess buildup of fluoride on their teeth.

That does not protect their teeth any longer. It causes a patchy colour. That many people may notice, and try to use a bleaching kit. In order to get rid of. Although, it will be unsuccessful.

By visiting their dentist. People can find out what this discolouration is. And then, there dentist can use an acid, carefully applied to their teeth. In order to get rid of the excess fluoride.

This will also get rid of the discolouration. Restoring their teeth’s original whiteness. Therefore, people should not worry about overdosing on fluoride. Which is also why it is completely safe.

To get treatments of fluoride directly onto their teeth from their dentist. Every six months. In fact, by utilizing all of the different methods of getting fluoride. Drinking water, brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

And visiting their dentist for fluoride treatment. Can be free important ways. And to keep their teeth healthy and strong for many years.

Ellerslie Dentist | What Are The Side Effects Of Fluoride Treatments

Even though people are aware that fluoride plays a part in oral health says Ellerslie dentist. They may not realize what it does. As well as how their body uses it to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Fluoride is actually an mineral, that occurs naturally in many different plants, and some food. When it is consumed, the body uses the fluoride that is ingested. And as it to the teeth, through remineralization.

However, people are unable to consume enough fluoride. To completely protect their teeth. Even though municipalities started adding it to the water supply more than eighty years ago.

This is why fluoride has been added an extremely large quantities to toothpaste. As well as why Ellerslie dentist will finish every single appointment with their patients. With an application of fluoride.

The topical fluoride that is applied. Must be in extremely high quantities. In order to add enough of this mineral the surface of the teeth. It is not recommended that people swallow their toothpaste, or this fluoride solution.

However, if they do so, is not going to cause any side effects. That are going to affect a person’s overall health. Therefore, people can feel very safe about bringing their children in for regular fluoride treatments.

Even at the extremely early age of six months old. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. They can start this important routine. That will keep their teeth strong, and protected.

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Then, from that age, throughout the rest of their life. Ellerslie dentist recommends people getting the fluoride treatment from their dentist. While it is an important way to keep their teeth healthy.

There are certain situations, that make it even more important. For people to make the trip to their dentist twice a year. The first is if they have developed dry mouth. That sometimes happens with age.

But more often happens as a side effect to medication. Dry mouth leaves people more susceptible to cavities. Simply because saliva clears away the bacteria that causes cavities. And so a lack of saliva.

Can put people more at risk. Therefore, by coming in for regular fluoride treatments. Can create that protective barrier. That can help people avoid developing tooth decay unnecessarily.

As well, if adults have braces, crowns or bridges. It may make it difficult. To reach every spot of every tooth. With their toothbrush, and fluoride toothpaste. Therefore, by visiting their Ellerslie dentist.

In order to get a fluoride treatments twice a year. They can be sure that they are not missing out on an important part of their teeth. So that they can keep everything protected.

And finally, if people have ever had gum disease or gingivitis. They will know that parts of their tooth roots are exposed. Since roots of the teeth have less enamel than the rest of their teeth.

Fluoride treatments can guard these parts of the teeth. Against tooth decay. Which is why even though there is fluoride in the drinking water, and in toothpaste. People should also visit their dentist for these treatments regularly.