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Anyone who has questions for their Ellerslie dentist. Should never feel ashamed about asking them. Because the only way that people can do better. Is to learn better, through the advice. Of an expert.
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While 74% of Canadians. Have reported that they have been to the dentist within the last year. According to the most recent Canadian health measures survey. Many Canadians also do not know.

That they should be visiting the dentist twice a year. And the number of Canadians who have visited. The dentist twice in one year. Is much smaller. That means, many Canadians teeth are at risk.

Of a multitude of problems including tooth decay and gingivitis. Many people may wonder why they have to visit. There dentist twice a year. But when they hear the explanation, it makes a lot of sense.

Ellerslie dentist says the first appointment of the year. Will be for a dental checkup. Dentist will look at the teeth and gums. To ensure that they are both healthy. As well as look at things like individual tooth health.

And get the x-rays needed. To detect if there are larger problems. That are yet unseen. After that, the dental hygienist will get to work. Professionally cleaning the teeth. So that there is no tartar buildup.

That can cause tooth decay, gingivitis and cavities. The second visit of the year. Is simply to get another cleaning. It will cost less than the first appointment. Because the dentist does not need to see the patient again.

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However, it is important that people get that second cleaning. Because plaque or tartar buildup. Happens in approximately six months. And if people wait. A full year before seeing the dentist.

They may have developed larger problems. Such as tooth to hey, cavities and gingivitis. And fixing a problem. Is always harder than preventing that problem says Ellerslie dentist.

Another question that people have for their dentist. Is wondering why should they get dental x-rays. Ultimately, x-rays are important diagnostic tool. Aimed at prevention of problems.

It can spot things like teeth that are tilting too much. And may impact health of other teeth. They can see bone erosion. That can impact the tooth health. Or even spot simple things like cavities.

Or tooth decay below the gum line, or in between teeth. Therefore, it is not only vitally important. That people visit the dentist twice a year. But on that first dental visit. A dentist will need to see their x-rays.
And they should not worry. That getting x-rays are frivolous. They are very important. If people are concerned with cost. They should in stead look at how much it would cost.

To fix a problem what is it became obvious, larger and painful. Instead of the cost of the x-ray in the first place. If people have any questions. They should contact their Ellerslie dentist.

The tooth doctor, who actually has three locations. To better serve a wider area in the Edmonton region.

Ellerslie Dentist | Best Dental Questions Everyone Should Ask

People who ask their Ellerslie dentist. What some of the best dental habits they could form would be. May get wide variety of answers. Ultimately, they want their patients to know. That a good oral hygiene routine.

Is perhaps one of the most important things they can do. In order to get a healthy mouth. A good oral hygiene routine includes brushing twice a day. Even though many people may think that it is three times a day.

Over brushing can leave to the loss of the enamel on a patient’s tooth. And their enamel cannot be replaced. And teeth without enamel. Are susceptible to more tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, people should avoid over brushing. As well, they should brush with a soft bristled brush. The exact same reasons. As why they should avoid over brushing their teeth.

Many people love hard bristled brush. Simply because the hard bristles. Feel like their teeth more effectively. However, brushing with a hard bristled brush. Will do the same damage that over brushing will as well.

Therefore, by brushing only twice a day. And using a soft bristled brush. People can protect the enamel on their teeth. For when they should be brushing their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. That also is important.

The reason why it is important to brush their teeth at a certain time. Is because many foods can soften the enamel. Citrus fruit, such as oranges, lemons, limes. Even grapefruits just to name a few.

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Have citric acid in it, and the acid will soften a person’s enamel. The soft enamel is more prone to being brushed away more easily. Therefore, dentists recommend. That people drink and rinsing mouth out with water.

Immediately after eating, and wait about two hours. For the enamel to harden. Before brushing again. In addition to citric acid. Acid is contained in tomatoes, and anything with vinegar and it as well.

Therefore, there is rushing their teeth twice a day. Avoiding over brushing, using a soft bristled brush. Others a dentist wants to remind people to brush their teeth for two minutes when they do brush them.

And follow every session of brushing. With mouthwash says Ellerslie dentist. Mouthwash will kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. That can stay on the tongue and inside of the cheeks. Even after brushing has occurred.

And that bacteria can indeed be transferred. From the tongue or cheeks. Back onto the teeth where it can cause cavities and tooth decay. Therefore, using mouthwash. Can help avoid this problem.

The people are choosing mouthwash, Ellerslie dentist recommends finding any. That simply does not have alcohol in it. Because alcohol is inherently dry. And dry mouth are more susceptible to cavities as well.

Again, people should ensure that their flossing their teeth once a day. Because the parts in between the teeth. Represent 40% of the entire surface area of the teeth. And floss that, would be to ignore it.

When people have questions about oral hygiene routines. Ellerslie dentist will be more than happy to answer that question. When people come into the tooth doctor for their annual checkup.