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Though many people know that it is important to brush their teeth regularly, Ellerslie dentist says. They may not know what regularly is. Because even when Canadian adults say that they are brushing their teeth regularly. There only brushing their teeth once or twice a day.

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Ideally, dentists say that they would like to see their patients brushing their teeth after every time they eat. Because that is going to be the only way.

That they can minimize problems such as tartar buildup, tooth decay and gingivitis. And brushing alone is not enough. To keep those problems away, because bacteria on their tongue, cheeks and the roof their mouth.

Can end up getting back onto their teeth. Where they are going to be able to cause all of those issues. Which is why people should not just be brushing. But use mouthwash as often as they brush as well.

And finally, regular flossing is important as well. Because it will get rid of the food that is stuck between people’s teeth. That cause cavities as well as tooth decay.

However, this great oral health routine is not the only thing that people can do for healthy teeth. And it may not be enough to eliminate problems such as tartar buildup and gingivitis.

And this is because no matter how well people are brushing. They can still have tartar buildup. Particularly underneath their gum line. Where that will cause gingivitis to start forming.

But also, because some people have a genetic predisposition to dental diseases. Such as tooth decay. Or gingivitis, despite how well they are brushing.

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This is whites important to see the Ellerslie dentist twice a year. Once for a checkup, to eliminate any problems that are starting. Such as small cavities. To fill them before they become large.

Or if the dentist is noticing that people are grinding their teeth for example. And what they can do to keep them from wearing their teeth out, hurting their job. And exposing the roots of their teeth through that grinding.

However, at that first dental visit of the year. Their dentist will also clean their teeth. So that they can get rid of the tartar buildup that actually causes tooth decay and gingivitis.

And a lot of the tartar buildup that is below the gum line. Cannot be eliminated in any other way. Then by going to the dentist for professional cleaning. Therefore, this is the best way.

To ensure that people are having healthy oral hygiene routine. That will keep them healthy, because their teeth and gums are healthy as well. And by going back every six months for cleaning.

People can be sure that they are eliminating the tartar buildup that causes gingivitis. So that they can have the healthiest smile possible. However, if there Ellerslie dentist finds.

That people have cavities when they see them for a checkup every year. They will recommend people come in for a checkup every six months. Especially when they do have a genetic predisposition.

Because that can help keep their teeth and mouth as healthy as possible. And eliminate problems before they become large and hard to deal with.

Ellerslie Dentist | The Best Oral Health Routine For You

Even though many people understand that brushing is important says Ellerslie dentist. They do not necessarily know all of the best ways that they can keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

Some of the most important things that people can do. Is see their dentist for regular dental x-rays. However, many people are very nervous about getting too many x-rays then is absolutely necessary.

X-rays are extremely important for dentists to use. Because they can show dentists where problems are starting to form. That they cannot see with their own eyes. Including cavities for example.

When dentists use a dental x-ray, they can catch the cavities when they are still extremely small. And before they become large, and require a significant amount of filling. That could put the tooth at risk.

Of needing such a large filling that becomes fragile. Or requiring a root canal in worst-case scenarios. This is why x-rays are so vital to the annual checkup from their dentist.

In children, it is important to do dental x-rays. Because not only will the dentist be able to see approximately when children are going to start getting their adult teeth.

But that is going to help their dentist understand what they can do. To protect the adult teeth if they come in significantly earlier than expected. Such as at the age of four and five.

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Or if the child is going to have later adult teeth show up. And then what they can do for their first set of teeth, to keep them as healthy as possible as long as possible. So that they can be healthy until the adult teeth do show up.

As well, the dental x-rays in children. Will show Ellerslie dentist if they are likely going to have overcrowding. So that they can create a plan about how they are going to deal with it.

Whether they are going to pull some teeth, use braces, or do a combination of the two. They will be able to be prepared for what will happen. When the child’s adults teeth show up, and have problems.

Unfortunately, any people are very nervous about the radiation and dental x-rays. And often want to avoid them, to protect themselves against radiation.

And this is the reason why dentists will put that iron bib on people, to protect them. From any radiation levels coming from the x-ray machine. However, Canadian dentists also use digital x-rays.

That not only are much lower in radiation then traditional x-rays. But people need to understand that the levels of radiation coming from a digital dental x-ray machine.

Or expose them to less radiation then a commercial flight from bank to Edmonton. Then they would if they had a hundred dental x-rays in a row. Therefore it is very safe not just for adults but for children.

With how important their dental x-rays are to helping avoid problems. In helping people have healthy teeth. Ellerslie dentist recommends not being worried about the radiation levels. Because it is very safe.