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When people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist. He often have a plethora of questions. And they should not feel ashamed to ask. While many people have already asked. The questions about their own teeth.
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New parents often have many questions. About the oral hygiene routine. And care of their infants teeth and mouth. One of the very first questions that expecting parents will ask their dentist.

Is wondering when their child to come in. For their first dental checkup. This is going to vary, depending on a number of factors. Including when the child gets their first teeth or tooth. As well as if they can open their mouth on command.

Many people make the assumption. Of thinking that they have to bring their child in. As soon as they have teeth in their mouth. However, this is not accurate. As many infants are born with teeth.

Therefore, it does not make sense. To bring a newborn baby. To the dentist. However, knowing what parents should be doing. To protect their infants teeth. Before their first dentist visit is important.

Ellerslie dentist recommends parents wiping out. Their Ellerslie dentist babies mouth. with a soft cloth. After every feeding. Dampening the cloth with filtered water. So that it is only slightly wet.

This is to get all of the residue of milk or formula out of the infants mouth. Because that can start to cause bacteria to form black on the babies teeth. Which can lead to tooth decay as well as gingivitis.

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Parents do this even before their baby has teeth. However, If the infant has teeth already. They should also ensure that they are very gently wiping the front and back of the tooth as well.

Once the infant is able to open their mouth. When the parents ask, and hold it open. That is the best time they should go in to the dentist. That way, the dentist can ask them to open their mouth.

And not have to worry about being bent, or having to prop the child’s mouth open. It is very important that parents do bring their child in. From a very young age to the dentist’s office.

So that the child can avoid developing the fear for the dentist. That many children tend to have. Having healthy interactions with the dentist. They can enjoy taking care of their teeth, and be less likely to develop problems later.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist says a child. Is usually between the ages of six and twelve months. By the time they have teeth, and can hold their mouth open. If parents have any concerns in the meantime, they should contact the office.

Another question that parents have about their child’s teeth. Is that they wonder when their infants teeth will fall out. This again, will be arrange. Because they develop their teeth at different ages.

But typically, starting at around six years of age. And ending around twelve years of age. It is important to be visiting the Ellerslie dentist before, during and after this happens. Because if they lose teeth early, they need to protect their adult teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Best Questions For Dentists To Answer

When patients are visiting their Ellerslie dentist. They tend to have a lot of questions. Especially what they are currently being told. Does not sound like what they were told, growing up about oral hygiene.

While it is true, oral hygiene practices have changed over the years. Anyone who has questions. Should simply double check with their dentist, that they are still doing things correctly.

An example of one question that a dentist gets a lot. Is from people wondering. Why they can no longer use a hard bristled toothbrush. Many people are using hard bristled toothbrush is for their entire life. To get their teeth very clean.

However, dentists now know that this is a bad idea. Because over brushing the teeth. Not only damages their teeth and gums. But it can brush away their enamel. That is the protective layer over their teeth.

Enamel cannot be built backup. Once it is completely eroded. Which means it must be preserved carefully. As well, Ellerslie dentist says eating acidic food. Can soften the enamel.

And therefore, they need to avoid over brushing their teeth. When they have softened enamel on their teeth. Foods such as vinegar, citrus fruits, and tomatoes. Are very high in acid.

Another question that Ellerslie dentist gets from patients. Is wondering why they should no longer brush. Immediately after eating their food. They may have been told. That if they want to prevent cavities.

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They should brush their teeth immediately after eating. But now are told, that they should not do that. Instead, dentists recommend drinking and rinsing their mouth out with water. To get as much of the food.

As well as bacteria off the surface of their teeth. And out of the most. So that it is less likely to cause problems on the teeth. They should not be brushing their teeth immediately after. Especially because if they have eaten anything acidic.

Such as any foods with vinegar in it. Such as condiments or salad dressings and pickles. Or anything with tomatoes or tomato sauce in it. And citrus fruits, can cause the enamel to be softened.

And waiting until that enamel has hardened backup. Is extremely important. To avoid brushing away enamel. Therefore, not only should people brush they soft bristled toothbrush.

They should also brush two hours after eating or later. But rinse their mouth out with water. They should follow-up any brushing. With mouthwash, especially the nonalcoholic kind.

Because alcoholic mouthwash dries out the most. And dry mouth can cause even more cavities to form. This might be a lot to remember. Therefore, any time someone has a question about oral hygiene routine.

They should be talking to their Ellerslie dentist. And, they should not feel ashamed or bad for not remembering answers. Or wanting to be remembered. The only bad question. Is one that is not asked.

When people are ready to visit the tooth doctor, at their three convenient locations. All they have to do is either pick up the phone and call for an appointment. Or send an email on their website.