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Nobody should wonder says Ellerslie dentist. They should ask any and all questions they need. To feel comfortable, as well as confident that they can. Take care of their teeth as best as they can.
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However, many people often feel ashamed. That they have these questions. Because they feel they should have figured out the answer by now. However, that is not the case. As they learn new information.

Different best practices change. Such as what dentists now realize. About brushing three times a day. Immediately after eating, is not best for the teeth. Therefore, even if they have been told the answer once.

Things may have changed, which means they should not feel ashamed. To ask any questions they have. One of the most common questions that Ellerslie dentist gets. Is from people wondering how they can whiten their teeth.

They may have tried whitening products over-the-counter. Such as toothpaste or whitening strips. Or they may have been thinking about trying them. Patients want to know if the over-the-counter products or safe.

Or if there is a better alternative at the dentist’s office. While Ellerslie dentist admits that the over-the-counter products are indeed safe. They also are not as effective. As the products at the dentist’s office.

Because they can be used without dental supervision. They do not contain a lot of active ingredient. Such as bleach, and so while they are safe. And they do work. They are only designed to whiten the teeth.

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To approximately one shade whiter. That a person already has. As well, there is no education piece. That teaches the patient that the more they consume. Things that can discolour their teeth.

Such as cola, coffee, tea. As well as red wine and berries just to name a few things. They are going to need to whiten their teeth even more. Especially if they drink a lot of the things that discolour their teeth.

The whitening products they can buy over-the-counter. Will simply help them. Keep their current shade of white. And not have a deeper shade of white. Therefore, people should not feel as though they will damage their teeth.

I using over-the-counter products. But if they want very noticeable results. They will want to use the dental products. And make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist. To find out which dental products are going to be the best.

The at home whitening kit Ellerslie dentist. Is one of the most popular types of dentist whitening solutions. It is going to be guaranteed to bring a patient’s teeth five shades whiter. At the same time, it will be under dentist supervision.

The only drawback to the at home bleaching kit, is that unfortunately. It will affect people with sensitive teeth. If people already have sensitive teeth, this may not be the right option.

And their dentist can talk to them. About other solutions, such as getting veneers put on. Or getting bonding applied to their teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Best Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist Today

Whether or not people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist on a regular basis. They can have a wide variety of questions. Especially someone who has not been to the dentist for a while.

May wonder why they need to get dental x-rays. As well as wonder if they are safe. While it is absolutely safe to get dental x-rays. While they do admit small amounts of radiation.

The x-ray machines that they use at dentists offices these days. Are actually done digitally now. And in Mitt an extremely low amount of radiation. As well, they take every precaution. Such as putting an iron bid. Over the patient to protect them from wayward radiation waves.

And have a Geiger counter in their office. Where they will read radiation levels. To ensure that not only the patients. But the staff will be in a safe environment. That does not have too much radiation.

That being said, all dentists and dental hygienists wants patients to know. That radiation is in a lot of the products that we use. For example, there cell phone and commercial airlines. Both in Mitt far more radiation than dental x-rays.

As well, dental x-rays are important preventative procedure. That will help Ellerslie dentist identify problems. When they are still very small. Which means they are not only very easy. But very inexpensive to fix as well.

X-rays can find bone problems. Cavities, overcrowding. And even problems with wisdom teeth. Therefore, whether it is an adult or child getting the dental checkup. This is an important part of the visit.

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Another question that many people have for Ellerslie dentist, is wondering. How often they should get a dental checkup? Ultimately, they should come to the tooth doctor every year for a checkup. And then again in six months.

In order for cleaning. The cleaning is important because there is no other way. To remove the sticky tartar buildup that can cause. Tooth decay and gingivitis. However, if the dentist notices. Patient having issues.

Such as cavities, or tooth decay. At their yearly examination. They may make a suggestion. That the patient comes in every six months for a checkup in addition. People should not feel ashamed.

That they are not taking care of their teeth properly. There are many reasons why people might have problems with their teeth. Such as having brushed away there tooth enamel. Because they were brushing their teeth three times a day.

Which was once widely considered the best oral hygiene routine. Or, people could also have a genetic predisposition. To having tooth decay or week enamel.

Ultimately, the goal of Ellerslie dentist. Is not to shame anyone on their dental practices. But help everyone in Edmonton and surrounding area. Have the best, and healthiest smile.

When people are ready to visit their dentist. The tooth doctor has three, convenient locations through Edmonton and area. To serve the area as best as they can. People can call, email. Or request a consultation from the website.