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Even though 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist in the last year says Ellerslie dentist. That is not often enough. Many people think they only have to go to the dentist once a year. And while typically, only one checkup is needed per year.
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People should go to their dentist twice. Once for a checkup and cleaning. And then a second time, for a dental cleaning. The reason whites important to get to professional cleanings done in a single year.

Is because tartar buildup is extremely sticky. It is exactly what causes tooth decay and gingivitis. And many people do not even realize. That it cannot be brushed away by brushing alone.

Dentists say people may try brushing their teeth extra hard. Or using a hard bristled brush. But not only is that a terrible idea. Because it can cause over brushing which erodes the protective layer of enamel on a person’s tooth.

But it can damage a person’s gums. Ellerslie dentist performs gum grafting. On patients who have over brush their teeth. It is extremely painful, and unnecessary. If people know what to avoid.

Therefore, since people cannot brush away. Tartar buildup over time. And trying can cause damage. People should instead be resigned to the fact. That they just have to visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year.

Once for a checkup and cleaning. The second time for cleaning. This can help them have healthy smile. Prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. And have a smile that they can be proud to show off.

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Another thing that people can do. In order to have the healthiest smile possible. Is learn to have a good oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing twice a day. Many people ask their Ellerslie dentist.

Why they have to brush only twice a day. Instead of three times, that they often heard when they were child. Ultimately, is because brushing three times a day. Is brushing too much Ellerslie dentist.

And as we heard earlier in this article. There is such a thing as brushing the teeth too much. It can lead to over brushing. Which erodes the protective layer of enamel on a person’s teeth. Not only that.

But people should avoid brushing their teeth. For up to two hours. After eating. The reason why, is because certain foods can actually cause the protective layer of enamel to be softened. And softened enamel is much easier to brush away.

Therefore, people can simply drink a glass of water after a meal. In order to get the food particles off their teeth. And out of their mouth, to be less likely to cause problems before brushing can occur.

When they do brush their teeth, they should brush their teeth for two minutes. And ensure that they brush on the gums as well. But again, not too hard are also they might cause damage.

Anyone who has questions about this oral care routine. Or other dental questions. Are encouraged to ask the tooth doctor at their next appointment. At one of their three, convenient Edmonton and area locations today.

Ellerslie Dentist | Great Dental Habits To Form

Even despite people’s best attempts, Ellerslie dentist says. There is a lot that can be improved on dental habits. One of the first things that many people do, that they think is very good. Is visit the dentist every single year.

While on the surface, this sounds like a great plan. Ultimately, Canadians are only visiting. The dentist once in a year. When they should be coming to their Ellerslie dentist twice in a year.

The reason why people should see a dentist twice a year. Is because the first visit. Is for a dental checkup. Where they will also do a cleaning. And the second visit. Is primarily for the cleaning itself.

Getting a professional cleaning twice a year is best. Because the sticky plaque and tartar buildup. Will accumulate, even if people are Ellerslie dentist. Brushing extremely effectively, as per their dentist specifications.

Whether it is accumulation, or tartar buildup. Between the teeth, and below the gum line. This is something that needs to be professionally removed. By a dental hygienist. If people only visit the dentist once. But they will find is they typically will have. Tooth decay, or gingivitis. Or both, because the plaque or tartar buildup. Caused the cavities to form. Therefore, if people want the healthiest smile possible. They will make it a habit.

To bring themselves and their family members. To Ellerslie dentist, twice a year. Some people also want to know. What kind of toothpaste they should be using. Any people have tooth sensitivities.

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Or, they simply want to know. That whatever product they are using to brush their teeth. Is the absolute best one. One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist wants people to know. Is if they have sensitive teeth.

They should make an appointment at the tooth doctor. The reason why, is because sensitive teeth. Could be indicated of problems like cavities, and gingivitis. They must fix the gingivitis first.

Or trying to solve the tooth sensitivity. Will simply not be effective. The sooner people are able to get to the dentist to find out. If there tooth sensitivity is caused by gingivitis. The sooner they can solve the problem.

While for many people, a good desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne is enough. To fix their sensitive teeth. If it is not caused by gingivitis. While others, will need a different solution.

The dentist can apply bonding to the teeth. Which is a sin, but fatty layer. That acts as a protectant. When the bonding is put on, people will typically not have as sensitive teeth.

However, it must be reapplied. Every few years. In order to maintain the level of desensitized teeth that people are used to. When people have questions. Or other dental problems.

They should make an appointment at one of the three. Convenient tooth doctor locations, Ellerslie, Capilano. And to feel for convenience. Sooner people can get in to see their dentist. The healthier their teeth are going to end up being.