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Canadians need to see their Ellerslie dentist regularly. However, it is very hard. If they do not have dental insurance. And while 68% of Canadians either have private or public dental insurance.

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That leaves 32% of all Canadians. Without any dental insurance at all. Which makes it very difficult for them. To be able to afford regular dental services. While many people have benefits through their employer.

People who do not have benefits. Through their place of work. Can purchase their own benefits through companies. Such as Blue Cross, choosing which package. Suits their needs best.

And then paying the company for that package. However, a large percentage of Canadians. Are either living below the poverty line. Or, just above it. And cannot afford the package.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist says. If they cannot afford the insurance. There is simply no way. That they will be able to afford the dental services. One of the most common questions they get about dental insurance.

Is from people wanting to know why. Canada does not have universal healthcare. For dental services, however. Canada used to have universal healthcare. Not just for doctors visits.

But for dentists, and optometrists as well. However, in the fifties, the Wilson government decided. That they would tackle Canada’s rising debt. By cutting some services. They did not want to cut anything.

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But instead of cutting healthcare, transportation or education. Dental and optical services. Were cut instead, which means. No free dental visits. And now free glasses, either.

The government did try. To protect their citizens teeth. By adding fluoride to the water. Fluoride is an extremely important mineral. That strengthens teeth, and strengthens people’s enamel.

They also thought that since Canada. Was not giving out free benefits for teeth. It would inspire citizens to take better care of their teeth. The biggest problem with this. Is it does not take into consideration.

No matter how well people take care of their teeth. They still will need dentists. To get rid of tartar buildup below the gum line. That is impossible to reach by brushing alone. As well as things like impacted teeth.

Wisdom teeth that need to be pulled. Overcrowding issues. And accidents, just to name a few. Ellerslie dentist also states that some people. Are simply predisposed to having more cavities than others.

Therefore, no matter how much they brush. Loss, and use mouthwash. They are going to have cavities. That will need to be filled from time to time. Therefore, getting rid of free dental benefits.

Meant that many people simply would go without. However, the tooth doctor. Is dedicated to helping people. Get the dental services they need. Despite having insurance or not.

They offer free consultations. That people can get their teeth looked at. And get an estimate for the price. Either to send off. To their insurance company. Or budget, throughout the year for themselves.

Ellerslie Dentist | Getting Help Budgeting For Dental Services

One of the most frustrating things according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that patients often do not know. What they are going to be paying. For their dental services, until after the appointment.

This is not the fault of Ellerslie dentist. Nor the fault of the government. But what happens, when a once free service. Gets privatized. And then insurance companies are added to the mix.

Some insurance companies allow direct billing. Which means for all of the services that they cover. The dentist is able. To submit a bill directly. So that the patient never has to pay anything. And then get reimbursed.

However, not all insurance companies. Operate this way. Some require that the patient pays first. And then submit the invoice to the company. For them to decide on how much.

They are going to reimburse for the service. In order to help patients budget properly. Many dentists often gives people. An estimate for their service. That they will then be able. To send to their insurance company.

It may take several days. Or even several weeks to come back. Telling the patient and the dentist. How much of the bill the company will cover. This way, the patient will be able to plan appropriately.

Or at least know. What they are going to pay at the end of their visit. This is made even more complex. Since every dentist can create their own prices. The Alberta government came up with an attempt at a solution.

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By creating the Alberta dental fee guide. This is a list of all dental services. And a suggested price. That dentists can charge patients. This fee guide is published annually. And available for free online.

The idea behind this. Is that patients should be able to figure out. Approximately how much they are going to get charged. For each dental service, based on the fee guide. However, not all dentists.

Charge according to this fee guide. As it is just a suggestion. However, Ellerslie dentist does. Try to price as close to the guide as possible. Taking into consideration their own costs and expenses.

This way, if patients think. That they may have a problem paying for all services. They can have a conversation. With their dentist during their appointment. And come up with solutions at that time.

Solutions may include creating a payment plan. So that the patient can pay. A bit every single month. Towards their services. So that they do not have to pay a large bill. At the end of an appointment.

They will also advocates to the insurance company. On behalf of their patient. To ensure that the insurance company. Is appropriately paying. For all services that they should.

If patients have any questions. About what services there insurance company. Will pay for, all they have to do. Is give their policy number. And insurance company plan name to their dentist.

Who will be able to figure out. Exactly what they will pay for. And how much they will pay. So that patients are armed with knowledge.