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Even though the majority of Canadians have dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. They often have these benefits. Through their employer, and that means. 68% of Canadians have these benefits.

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Unfortunately, according to health Canada. A third of Canadians. Have absolutely no. Dental insurance whatsoever. Many people are simply unaware. That they can pay companies like Blue Cross.

In order to get dental benefits. While other people are aware of this. Unfortunately, they simply. It cannot afford to pay anything extra. They may be making a very small amount of money. Or have financial constraints.

Such as looking after an elderly parent. Or, that they are a single parent. Whatever the case is. Many people are unable. To afford to get the dental work. That they need to stay healthy.

While Canadians used to have. Free dental care. As part of the universal healthcare plan. That was eliminated. In nineteen fifty-two. In order to help eliminate. The rising national debt.

In order to help Canadians. Have as good oral health as possible. The government also started adding. Fluoride to the water at that time. Fluoride is an important mineral. In people’s bodies.

It strengthens teeth. And strengthens dental enamel. Which is the protective coating over top everyone’s teeth. By increasing the amount of fluoride consumption.

People can have stronger teeth. And be more resilient. Two things like tooth decay, and cavities. Unfortunately, Ellerslie dentist says while this is a good plan. Adding fluoride to the water.

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And encouraging citizens to have great dental routines. Is not enough. To eliminate the need for a dentist. For example, people are going to need. To get dental cleanings at least once or twice a year.

Because even the best amounts of brushing. Are not going to eliminate things like tartar buildup. While brushing eliminate’s. The majority of the tartar. Without getting dental cleanings to scrape off the tartar buildup.

People can end up with white spots on their teeth. Which is the buildup of tartar. They can be more susceptible tooth decay and cavities. But also, Ellerslie dentist says cleanings are necessary.

Because no amount of brushing. Will eliminate tartar buildup. Underneath their gum line. Not only will that allow tooth decay to settle in. Underneath their gum line. Where their roots start. But also, it will cause.

Gingivitis, which is sensitive, and swollen gums. Due to the irritation. Of the tartar buildup. Next to the gum line. Not only can this be painful. And result in bleeding when people brush their teeth says the tooth doctor.

If left untreated, gingivitis turns into periodontal disease. Where the gums actually start to erode. Causing teeth to become loose. Exposing the roots. And making people’s teeth extremely sensitive to temperature.

And making their teeth more susceptible. To cavities, and tooth decay. Periodontal disease is irreversible. Which is why dentists recommend. People make an effort. To get regular cleanings.

If people are scared about the bill. They should come to the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. As they will a more than happy. To set up whatever payment plan works. To ensure that everyone can have great oral hygiene.

Ellerslie Dentist | Albertans Wonder Can Anyone Get Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can help make paying the dentist more affordable says Ellerslie dentist. Unfortunately, even with insurance. Because it is confusing and complex. People who have it. Still often avoid going to the dentist.

One reason is because. Many insurance companies require. People to pay the dentist directly. And then submit an invoice. To their insurance company, to be reimbursed at a later date.

Unfortunately, this is out of reach. For many people. Who are barely able. To pay their bills, and get groceries. Since many Canadians. Are living close to. Or below the poverty line.

Or, they have other financial constraints. Such as caring for elderly parents. Or, being a single parent. Because there are so many different financial situations. People who have to pay. The dentist upfront may avoid.

Going to the dentist at all, even if they have pain in their mouth. Because they are fearful of the invoice. Ellerslie dentist is working to help. Eliminate the sticker shock. When people go to the dentist.

Not only do they offer free consultations. Where patients can come in, have their mouth looked at. And then get a list. Of all of the services. That the dentist says they will need. Even simple things like cleaning.

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Polishing, and fluoride. Or if it is a bit more extensive. Such as getting x-rays done. And getting cavities filled for example. Then, they will have a list of services. As well as a price.

So that they know what to expect. When they make their appointment to visit the dentist. They can also send this estimate. To the insurance company directly. To get preapproval. Or at least find out.

From the insurance company. What their bill will be. When they get all of these services completed. While that can relieve a lot of stress. And help people deal. With the unknown, that comes with going to the dentist.

Many patients also find. That even if they know. How much the bill is going to be. They still cannot afford it. Ellerslie dentist will be more than happy. To work with the patients, in order to set up. A payment plan that is beneficial for all.

That way, people do not have to delay. In getting the dental work that they need. Especially because as people avoid. Going to the dentist. They will develop larger dental problems. That will be more expensive to fix down the road.

If people would like to visit the tooth doctor. They have three convenient locations. One in the south side of Edmonton. In a neighbourhood called Ellerslie. One in a more central location. In a neighbourhood called Capilano.

And finally, they have a clinic. Outside of Edmonton. In a small town called Tofield, servicing the rural area out there. They offer the same services. And the same prices in all clinics.