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If people have not had sensitive teeth before says Ellerslie dentist. And they suddenly a are experiencing these issues. This is a good indication, that people should get to a dentist quickly.

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Chances are quite good, that they have developed a tooth problem. That is causing their sensitivity. And the longer people wait. To make an appointment for their dentist. The worst this problem is going to get.

One of the most common reasons why people will end up getting sensitive teeth. Is because they have the onset of gingivitis, or gum disease. And that is what is causing their sensitivity problems.

Gingivitis is caused by poor oral health. Either people are not brushing their teeth well enough. Or they are brushing their teeth. But they are not getting their teeth professionally cleaned.

And what will happen in this case, is there will be tartar buildup. Especially below the gum line, where it is very difficult to get with the toothbrush. And this hardened tartar, will start to irritate the gums.

The gums will become swollen and inflamed. And at this point, it is considered gingivitis says Ellerslie dentist. Because the gums will pull away from the teeth, this can cause tooth sensitivity.

As the root will be exposed, where cold, hot and acidic foods. Can cause pain to the tooth. At this stage, all of the damage is reversible. As long as people get to their dentist quickly enough. For a professional tooth cleaning.

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Unfortunately, if a patient reasons that they can live with their sensitivity. Or that they are waiting for their teeth to stop being so sensitive on their own. Rather than fixing their gingivitis.

Patients are actually causing themselves to develop gum disease. Which, can be stopped. But the damage that it causes is irreversible. With gum disease, the gums will continue to erode.

Exposing more and more of the tooth. Causing even more pain. And eventually loosen teeth. Therefore, it is a very poor idea. For people to try to wait for their teeth to stop being so sensitive.

Because the sooner they can get into their Ellerslie dentist. The sooner they are going to be able to fix a problem before it becomes permanent. When they do finally get to their dentist.

And they are able to eliminate their gum disease. They still will be stuck with exposed roots in their teeth. And how to deal with the sensitivity. There are many things that their dentist can recommend.

From using a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. Or, by getting bonding. Where the dentist will apply is very in protective layer. That will cover the roots, and protect the teeth.

While bonding is a temporary solution. People will have to get is applied every few months. In order to stay protected year-round. However, for many people who are dealing with significant pain. This is a very small price to pay. For not dealing with painful teeth any longer.

Ellerslie Dentist | Can Sensitive Teeth Be Fixed

Many people may not realize that sensitive teeth, is an indication of larger problems says Ellerslie dentist. Therefore, they may wait when they first develop the signs of sensitivity.

Hoping that the sensitivity will go away. But all they are doing, is making their situation worse. This is because sensitivity in teeth, is usually an indication of a larger problem.

For example, people typically have sensitive teeth. When they have developed a cavity. While many people believe that a cavity will be accompanied by a toothache.

Ellerslie dentist says the toothache is actually is preceded by sensitive teeth. And when people think that they can wait it out. And see if there sensitive teeth will stop being so sensitive.

They are actually inadvertently causing their cavity to become worse with time. What might have been a very quick and easy fix. Now might become an extremely large cavity. That may even require.

A root canal, and a crown. Instead of being something that is smaller. People need to keep in mind. That any tiny breach of the enamel. Can cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, even very small cavity.

Can be the cause of their problems. And the sooner they get themselves to their dentist. The sooner they are going to be able to fix the problem. And then eliminate their tooth sensitivity.

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Although cavities are not the only thing that can cause tooth sensitivity. Often, people have a cracked or chipped tooth. Which is why they have a problem with sensitivity. And by going to the dentist quickly.

Can help ensure that they do not have larger problems, such as bacteria getting into the crack and causing even more pain. If people have developed this cracked tooth because they are grinding their teeth at night.

Once they have fixed the cracked tooth with their Ellerslie dentist. They will be able to discuss options, such as wearing a night guard when they sleep. In order to avoid grinding their teeth.

And causing more damage, and more pain and sensitivity. Even people who clench their teeth very hard. Might cause their teeth to be sensitive. Simply because it can cause their teeth to be aggravated.

Especially if they do not have an even bite. And this will cause a few teeth to have more pressure than the others. And those are the teeth that might develop sensitivity.

There are many reasons why people could end up with sensitive teeth. However, with very few exceptions. The longer people wait. The worse the problem that is causing the sensitivity gets.

Therefore, a quick trip to their dentist. Can help identify what the problem is. And treated, so that the sensitivity goes away on its own. However, if that has been done. And people still have sensitive teeth.

They can then talk to their dentist about the merits of using Sensodyne. Or going through process called bonding, which will print at protective layer on their teeth. To protect them against sensitivity.