Ellerslie Dentist | Cavities Can Cause Sensitive Teeth

Many people may not realize this says Ellerslie dentist. But if they have a cavity, that can be the cause of their sensitive teeth. And while some people can have lingering sensitivity after their cavity is filled.

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If people are suddenly more sensitive, then they were before. This can indicate a new cavity that is just forming. However, some people may not believe this. Thinking that if they had a cavity, they would know it.

Either because the tooth would hurt. Or that they would be able to feel it with their tongue. But when a cavity is extremely small. None of those things are true. However, if people wait to see if there sensitivity diminishes.

The longer they wait, the larger their cavity will get. Going from something that is easy to fix. To something that is larger. And will take a lot more to fix. As well as causing pain in the process.

In fact, if someone waits long enough. The cavity that they have, might require a root canal and a crown and over to fix. And people should not wait that long. However, there are many patients out there.

Who do not visit the dentist on a regular basis. And think that the only time they need to go, is if they are experiencing pain. And that will indicate the start of a new cavity.

Not only is visiting their Ellerslie dentist on a regular basis important. Because they can catch things like small cavities. Before they become large problems. But when people wait a longer time, any problems they have will simply be exacerbated.

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However, cavities are not the only thing that causes sensitive teeth. Anything that can cause a chip, a crack. Or wearing down of the enamel. Or because the roots of their teeth to show. Can cause sensitivity in patients.

Therefore, if people all of a sudden have sensitivity, that was not there before. Even if they are not sure how long they have been experiencing it. That is a very good indication that they should go to their Ellerslie dentist.

Maybe they accidentally chipped or cracked a tooth at night. Especially if they have a grinding problem. And when their dentist gives them a checkup, and discovers the crack or the chip.

After they fix the problem, their dentist in create a night guard for them to wear. So that if they grind their teeth while they sleep. At least they will not be damaging their teeth in the process.

Perhaps people ended up cracking there tooth in an accident, or in a sporting incident. Regardless of how they damage their teeth. The longer they wait, the more chances problems could occur.

For example, people could end up with bacteria getting into the crack in their tooth. Causing even more issues than they would have in the first place.

A good rule of thumb, is any time someone has a problem with tooth sensitivity. That is a good time to get to their dentist for a checkup.

Ellerslie Dentist | Cavities Can Cause Sensitive Teeth

There are many things that can cause sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. And the longer people wait to get their sensitive teeth checked out. The worse these things can become. Causing greater problems when it is eventually found. And they go to fix it.

One problem that occurs, is that when people first experience sensitive teeth. They might deal with it for several weeks or months. Hoping that it will go away. And when it does not.

They simply think it is a normal part of getting older. And purchase some desensitizing toothpaste, like Sensodyne. However, this is simply putting a mask on the larger problem.

And while it might keep them from having pain when they eat or drink hot and cold liquid and food. What it is actually doing, is covering up what is truly the problem that is causing their sensitivity.

Anything that causes the enamel to be compromised. Can cause sensitivity. Therefore, cavities is an extremely common way that people can develop sensitivity. However, it is not the only way.

Another common scenario, is that the roots of people’s teeth can become exposed. From things like brushing their teeth too hard. Or, from the onset of gingivitis or gum disease.

How gum disease causes the roots to become exposed. Is first of all, a person is either not brushing their teeth well enough. Or, they are not visiting their Ellerslie dentist for regular cleanings.

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As a result, tartar buildup accumulates underneath their gum line. And hardens, which irritates people’s gums. At this point, it is called gingivitis. And the gums are red, swollen and inflamed.

Because their gums will have pulled away from their teeth as a trauma response. This is the point at which a patient can start to experience tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist.

However, if they start experiencing teeth sensitivity. And avoid going to the dentist. Because they think the problem is going to go away on its own. All that is happening, is the gingivitis is getting worse.

Where it will be turned into gum disease. When it finally reaches that level of severity. The gums will have eroded a certain amount. And even if they go to their dentist at this point.

The level of gum erosion, will be permanent. This is why it is incredibly important. To get to the dentist sooner rather than later. So that people can stop gingivitis before it becomes gum disease.

And before the damage they have done, is permanent. However, if they do have gum disease. And sustained permanent damage To their gums. Which have eroded, that does not mean they will not get help.

When people have sensitive teeth because of gum disease. They can talk to their dentist about what treatments can help. From using a desensitizing toothpaste. To bonding, and even veneers in serious cases. They can help people overcome their tooth sensitivity. So that they can lead a very normal, pain-free life.