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Despite the fact that many Canadians take care of their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. In fact, according to Canadian health measures survey. 74% of Canadians. Report having visited the dentist. Within the last twelve months.
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However, this does not mean that nearly ¾ of Canadians. Are taking good care of their teeth. This just means that they have been to the dentist once. And visiting the dentist every year is the important part.

One of the most common questions. That Ellerslie dentist gets from their patients. Is people wanting to know. What the ideal oral care routine is. For themselves, and their children.

Ideally, everybody should brush their teeth. Twice a day. Generally, after people eat. However, while it was once widely believed. That people should brush their teeth. Immediately after eating. This is no longer the recommendation.

The reason why it is no longer recommended. Is because if people have eaten food. Or drank liquids. That tend to soften the enamel on their teeth. Brushing immediately after eating.

Will brush away that now soft enamel. Causing people to weaken their teeth. And be more likely to be susceptible to cavities. As well as being more susceptible to dental decay.

Common food types that cause. The enamel to weaken include acidic food. Such as citrus fruits. As well as food that has a high content of vinegar and it. Therefore, if someone brushes their teeth. Soon after having breakfast.

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Where they drank orange juice. They could be brushing their precious enamel away. And since enamel cannot be added back to the teeth. This could irreparably damage a person’s teeth.

However, people should keep in mind. That all they have to do. Is wait about half an hour. In order to be able to brush their teeth. Without brushing away that important enamel from their teeth.

Other than brushing their teeth a minimum of twice a day. Ellerslie dentist says people should also be brushing. With a soft bristled toothbrush. And avoid brushing their teeth too hard.

Hard bristled brush. Or brushing too hard can cause. People to brush away that enamel. Even if it is not softened by acidic food. And people who brush to hard can also damage. Their gums, in a way that is permanent.

People who brush their gums too hard. Typically have to get a skin graft on their gums. In order to recover the tissue damage. From over brushing their teeth. Part of their oral care hygiene routine.

Should include flossing their teeth. A minimum of once every day. And finally, finishing their oral care routine. With rinsing their mouth out. With mouthwash. Mouthwash gets all of the parts of the mouth.

That could not be brushed. Because the toothbrush cannot reach. Or, the soft parts of a person’s mouth. Like their hard and soft palate. Tongue, and cheeks. If people have more questions.

They can make an appointment with the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. Which is in the neighbourhood on the south side of Edmonton. And talk to their dentist while getting a checkup.

Ellerslie Dentist | Common Dental Questions

Many people visit Ellerslie dentist. On a regular basis, but still have many questions. That they forget to ask. Or are too shy to ask their dentist. The only that question is one on asked.

And that is why the tooth doctor is revealing. Their most asked dental questions. So that everybody can get the answers they need. To have the right oral care. And a bright, shiny and healthy smile.

One of the top questions they always get. Is from people asking why. They need to get dental x-rays. This is an important part of preventative maintenance according to Ellerslie dentist. This can help dentists identify.

Potential problems, such as overcrowding. Wisdom tooth problems. And the start of cavities. While they are still very small. Identifying problems early. Can help the dentist fix the problem.

Early, while it is still small. Easy, and quick to fix. If people wait until the problem. Is visually identified by the dentist. Or, if the person can feel. That there is a problem, it is often very difficult.

To fix at this point. Taking a lot of time, being very complex. And being costly to fix as well. That is why dental x-rays. For both children and adults. Our an extremely important part of oral care.

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However, some people want to know. If dental x-rays are necessary. Because they are concerned the level of radiation in them. Ellerslie dentist wants everyone to have peace of mind.

When getting dental x-rays. Not only do they use a digital x-ray machine. Which uses an extremely low amount of radiation. But that people will get more radiation talking on their cell phone.

And more radiation, flying on a commercial airplane. From Edmonton to Vancouver. In fact, to get the same amount of radiation as an airplane flight. People would have to get more than a hundred dental x-rays neuro-.

It is absolutely safe. And absolutely imperative. To the overall health of a person’s mouth. Therefore, when it is the time of year. Where the dentist wants to take an x-ray.

It is in everyone’s best interest to. Follow their advice, and allow themselves. To have a dental x-ray. Another question that many people have for their dentist. Is wondering why their teeth are sensitive.

The number one cause of tooth sensitivity. Is actually gingivitis. And, Ellerslie dentist says that 75% of all adults in Canada. Actually have gingivitis. Which usually will explain most tooth sensitivity problems.

Getting rid of the gingivitis. By following a strict oral care routine. And getting regular dental cleanings is important. But if people still have sensitivity. They can brush their teeth with Sensodyne.

Which is a desensitizing toothpaste. Tooth sensitivity could be caused by factors such as genetics. Or, brushing too hard. However, by visiting the tooth doctor right away. People can get the answers to this question. And stop avoiding hot and cold foods.