Ellerslie Dentist | Common Dental Sealant Questions

While the recommendation for most parents from Ellerslie dentist. Will be to get their child dental sealants. Many parents and up having questions about that. Wondering what they are, and why they are so needed.

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The very quick answer to what they are. Is that dental sealants, are very thin layer of plastic. That is applied to the surface of the patient’s molars. The molars are the farthest back teeth in the mouth.

And also, are the roughest and most unevenly surfaced teeth. It is difficult for most people. To get a toothbrush to the very back teeth. But because of the uneven surface of the molars.

It is very difficult for most people to brush these teeth as well. It is particularly difficult. For a child who is just learning how to brush their own teeth. And are still developing their fine motor skills.

To effectively brush this area of their mouth. This is why Ellerslie dentist recommends children as young as six should get this procedure done. However, many parents are simply not convinced.

Wondering why their child should get this procedure done. When they are eventually going to lose their baby teeth. However, parents should understand how important the baby teeth are to the child.

Helping them eat their food. And helping their adult teeth grow in correctly as well. Even a child that has cavity. Will need to get that cavity filled in their baby tooth says Ellerslie dentist.

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A process, that not only is expensive and invasive. But also can be traumatizing to the child as well. In fact, one cavity filling. Costs four times the price of getting one application of dental sealants.

Which is why many dentists recommend this procedure. As preventative maintenance. Because at nothing else, it helps the parent save money. Will helping keep the child pain, and cavity free.

In fact, since the dental sealants last for an entire decade. A child between the ages of 6 to 12. Only needs one application. And then another, when they become adolescents. And get all of their adult teeth.

Some parents may wonder if they can get this procedure done. If their child already has cavities. However, this is not done. Because the sealant, will seal in the cavity. And can cause problems.

As well, the dentists also says that a dental sealant. Is not a treatment for cavity either. Because many parents inquire about getting this very quick procedure done. On the tooth that has the cavity.

Instead of paying for an expensive drill and fill job. In fact, if the child and teenager. Make it to adulthood. Without getting a cavity. They will be able to continue to get dental sealants for the rest of their life.

It is a very inexpensive preventative measure. To help ensure that children and teenagers. Can learn how to do take care of their teeth effectively. Without causing cavities in the first place. To get started, people can simply call the tooth doctor.

Ellerslie Dentist | Common Dental Sealant Questions People Ask

A common scenario that happens in Ellerslie dentist office. Is that they recommend parents. That they get their child dental sealants. Many parents are unaware what dental sealants are. Or the importance of them.

What dental sealants are, very plainly are thin plastic layers. Painted onto the molars of a patient’s teeth. To protect them from the bacteria. That cause tooth decay and cavities.

The reason why molars specifically are targeted. Is because how the Tory sleep difficult they are to clean. Even adults with the best toothbrush, have problems. Cleaning these rough teeth.

Ellerslie dentist calls the rough surface pits and features. And particularly children, who are just learning how to brush their own teeth. Have a difficult time. It reaching all of the areas. Of these rough surfaced teeth.

This is why most dentists recommend it. And the earlier patients get this done. Before they have a cavity. The better, because each year that goes by. The patient increases their likelihood of developing a cavity.

However, many parents are not comfortable with this. Until they hear about exactly how dental sealants are applied. And find out exactly how safe they are.

The procedure to get the dental sealants put on. Is very quick. In fact, taking less than five minutes from start to finish. The first step is putting gauze around the teeth to be sealed.

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So that they can dry out, and be cleaned. After they are dry, Ellerslie dentist will then use a cotton swab. To paint on some mild acid. In a process called etching. This gets with any bacteria.

As well as any remnants of anything left on the surface of the tooth. That could interfere with the sealants ability. To adhere to the rough surface of the molar. Once the etching is complete.

The dentist will then rinse, and then dry the teeth once more. At this point, the dentist will then apply the very thin layer of the sealants. It will be liquid at this point. And will then be cured to a hard finish.

The curing process takes just a few moments. By aiming a UV light at the sealant area. When this is done, the procedure is also over. Allowing the patient to eat, talk and do all of their regular activities.

As soon as they leave the appointment. While the procedure is very quick. Which puts a lot of parents mind at ease. They also want to know, if there are any PPA’s. That are in dental sealants.

And while there are trace amounts according to the experts. There is not enough to be harmful to people. Therefore, there are no side effects. And there are no long-term effects from the sealants either.

Parents will only need to do this once on average. As sealants can last for an entire decade. If parents are ready to get their child protected with dental sealants. All they need to do is contact the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.