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Amalgam is an alloy says Ellerslie dentist. That is used by dentists. To fill cavities in a patient’s mouth. It has been in use, four hundred and fifty years. However, it is recently the subject of some negative talk.

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Not only has amalgam been outlawed. In several countries overseas. Including Britain and Denmark. Amalgam also is known to contain mercury. A toxic metal.

Therefore, understandably. Many patients are concerned. And have a list of questions. That they ask their Ellerslie dentist. So that they can feel better. And more informed. Especially as they, or their loved ones.

Likely have several different amalgam fillings. In their mouths at the same time. One of the most common questions they have. Is what exactly is amalgam made with?

Because it is an alloy. Amalgam is made up of several different types of metal. And just like other alloys. The combination, creates new properties. So that people can make a metal.

With the types of elements that they need. Such as strength, pliability. A metal that is lightweight, or rustproof for example. Stainless steel is a common alloy. That is designed not to rest.

When it comes to amalgam. No matter what combination. That people use for this dental filling substance. It always starts with a Mercury base. Many people may understand.

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That Mercury, is toxic metal. And is also a metal that is liquid. By mixing Mercury, with many different powdered metals. They create what is now called amalgam. Which is known for its strength and durability.

The different types of metals that are created. Include copper, tin, silver and zinc. But also iron, platinum and palladium. Once this alloy is created. All of the various properties of the different metals.

Our changed, and what is left, is a very hard, durable substance. That can be made very inexpensively. To fill cavities. This is why amalgam is still in use, in North America.

Another question that patients often have. Is wondering why amalgam was banned. In countries overseas. While many people assume. It has to do with the fact that it has mercury in it. There are many different reasons.

But mostly, many countries are not happy. With the waste products that are created. By creating amalgam in the first place. And they may not have an efficient way. To handle the waste.

Which is why it was outlawed. Not because of the fact. That amalgam contains Mercury to begin with. The third question that many patients have. Is wondering if there amalgam fillings should be removed.

Ellerslie dentist typically recommends. That if something is not broke, it should not be fixed. And if the fillings are not causing problems. Then they should not remove them. Some people, it is about cosmetics.

They prefer the look, of all white teeth. But for others, they are concerned about the potential Mercury leakage. However, they can create more problems in the long run. Which is why the recommendation is to leave teeth. Unless they are causing problems.

Ellerslie Dentist | Common Questions About The Material Amalgam

Amalgam is a common filling substance says Ellerslie dentist. That have been used for a hundred and fifty years. To fill cavities in the teeth of patients. It is known for its strength, durability and its low cost.

However, many people are concerned these days. Because it contains Mercury. And people are aware, that Mercury is toxic. However, there is no risk to people. According to several surveys.

A common question however. That Ellerslie dentist gets from their patients. Is wondering if the Canadian dental Association. Has deemed amalgam to be a safe substance.

This is a great question. And the answer is yes, the Canadian dental Association. Deems amalgam to be completely safe. As well as the Alberta dental Association. And, the tooth doctor in Edmonton.

There have been countless research studies done. To determine if this filling substance. Poses a risk to patients. Including, looking at fillings. And if they deteriorate over several years.

While amalgam fillings were designed to last for fifteen years. They have been in use in people’s mouths, for much longer than that. And still, continue to show no signs. Of deterioration.

While these studies have shown that perhaps trace amounts may leak. The amount that leaks, is well within the agreed-upon safety limits. And while some people might be sceptical of safe limits of Mercury.

They should understand that most things. That are considered to be toxic. Actually have unallowable limit. For example, people should consider chlorine. And how it is known to be a toxic chemical.

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However, in its most diluted formula. It is put into swimming pools. And nobody has a problem. Going to the pool, especially with their family and children. Knowing, that the chlorine is what keeps the water safe.

That is just one example. Of something that is toxic in one format. But safe in another. Another example of this. Is when people look at Mercury. While it is a toxic metal, especially in its liquid format.

Tuna fish is known to contain trace amounts of Mercury. And yet, the FDA says it is safe. And people buy, as well as eat tuna all the time. Without suffering any ill consequences. That is because that trace amount of Mercury.

Is within the allowable, and safe limit. As outlined by the food and drug administration. People should feel completely safe. With their amalgam fillings according to Ellerslie dentist.

Another question that patients have for their dentist. Is wondering if amalgam fillings are use these days. For most patients who have cavities that need to be filled? The tooth doctor, typically tries.

To use white fillings whenever possible. Simply because it is cosmetically speaking. The preferred choice these days. But in some circumstances. The white fillings are not the best option.

And then, Ellerslie dentist will talk to the patient. About amalgam. And if they do not want this material. What their options are. From getting a dental crown, to a dental implant instead.