Ellerslie Dentist | Common Questions About Sensitive Teeth

Many people live with sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Without realizing that it is typically an indicator of a larger dental problem. They think that by waiting, their sensitive teeth will go away. But this is not the case.

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People who have sensitive teeth, often change what they do. In order to deal with the sensitivity. From avoiding foods. Such as hot drinks like hot coffee and tea. Or avoid eating and drinking cold things.

Like ice water, ice cream and cold yogurt for example. People who have sensitivity on one side of their mouth may actually unconsciously start chewing on the other side.

And it can have a large impact on their life. Even though it often has a very simple solution. If people can get to their Ellerslie dentist soon enough. The longer people wait, the worse the problem that causes the sensitivity gets.

And it can be quite problematic to treat. The longer people wait. When people have sensitive teeth. They end up asking their Ellerslie dentist many different questions.

And here are the common questions people have about this common dental affliction. Is tooth sensitivity more common in younger or older patients?

While many people might assume that older people will have more to sensitivity. This actually is not true. Sensitivity can be found in patients of all ages. Due to the number of problems that causes sensitivity.

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Therefore, whether people are teenagers, young adults. Middle-age people, or seniors. This should not cause people to avoid talking to their dentist about their sensitivity in their teeth.

Another question that people have. Is: how does sensitive teeth affect people’s health? This is a very common question. Because people might think that it is not very impactful on their life.

Although, they do avoid foods. And some of them quite nutritious. Because they are avoiding the pain. This can cause them to not eat the right foods. And that can impact their health.

But also, people might end up eating their food on one side of their jaw. Whether this is on purpose, or subconsciously. Because one side of their mouth has teeth that are more sensitive than the other.

This can actually cause a wide variety of problems including muscle strain. Tension headaches, and TMJ problems. People also might be more susceptible to getting tooth chipping and tooth fractures. On the overused side of their mouth.

These are all very large problems. And why people who have sensitive teeth. Should make an appointment to see their Ellerslie dentist. The find out why they have sensitive teeth. And what they can do to eliminate it.

Whether people have slightly sensitive teeth. Or they sensitive teeth are causing lots of problems. It makes no difference. People should get to the dentist quickly. The find out why they have this problem.

Perhaps they have gum disease, cavities or exposed roots. That can be treated very easily. When people know to find help quickly enough for themselves.

Ellerslie dentist | common questions about sensitive teeth

Often, people think that sensitive teeth is natural as they age says Ellerslie dentist. But this is not true. Sensitive teeth actually is usually an indicator of a larger dental problem. Which is why people who have sensitive teeth, should get to their dentist as quickly as possible.

One of the most common questions that they will have when they get their dentist. Is what problems can cause tooth sensitivity? This is very important, because people want to know what might be wrong with them.

An extremely common causes of sensitive teeth. Is quite simply cavity. People often think that if they have a cavity, they might be able to feel it. But this is not true, especially if the cavity is very small.

However, a very small cavity can cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, if people realize that they have sensitive teeth. When they might not have had sensitive teeth before.

It might be an indication that they have a cavity that has not become problematic yet. And they should get themselves to their Ellerslie dentist quickly. So that they can have their cavity filled.

Another reason why people might have sensitive teeth. is because they could have gum disease or gingivitis. Because that can often cause people to have sensitive teeth.

This is because as tartar buildup gets underneath their gum line. The gums can become inflamed and sore. And pull away from the teeth. Leaving the roots exposed. And tooth roots are made of a different material.

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Then the rest of the teeth, this substance called Denton. Is actually far more porous than the rest of their teeth. Which is why exposed roots, cause tooth sensitivity in people.

The treatment for this is a bit more tricky. It requires diligence on behalf of the patient. And getting a cleaning done immediately. Followed by regular brushing’s, twice a day plus flossing.

And over time, they can eliminate the gum disease and gingivitis. That is causing the sensitivity in the patient. While they are waiting for this treatment to work. Patients may use a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne.

Another people often have for their Ellerslie dentist. Is: is using sensitive toothpaste a good solution? While a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne can be a useful treatment.

Patients should keep several things in mind. Sometimes, it does not work to fix the sensitivity. But it should not be the first treatment that people try. When they realize they have sensitive teeth.

This is because sensitive teeth usually indicates a larger problem. And when people take matters into their own hands. And try Sensodyne first. They could be ignoring a larger problem.

That is getting worse, the more they try treating their sensitivity on their own. By getting to their dentist quickly. They will be able to actually find the cause of their sensitivity.

Whether it is gingivitis, cavities. Grinding their teeth, or even bite problems. And treating the problem first will be the best way to eliminate sensitivity. Rather than just putting a mask on the problem.