Ellerslie Dentist | Crooked Teeth Impact Oral Hygiene

Many people may not realize until their Ellerslie dentist says it. But if they have crooked teeth. They may be impacting their oral hygiene negatively. This is why many dentists recommend that children.

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Who have crooked teeth, should get braces. Or a straightening system. So that they do not end up with poor oral hygiene. Despite their best efforts. When parents hear this, from their dentist.

They should take it to heart. Because they might be setting their child up for a lifetime of dental problems. If they choose not to get their children’s teeth fixed. If people heard this as a child.

And still did not get their teeth fixed. When their Ellerslie dentist brings up as in adults. They should take notice. And listen to the advice. The reason why crooked teeth cause dental problems.

Is because often crooked teeth are overcrowded, overlapping each other. And could cause cracks in other teeth. And all of these things, results in food particles. Being difficult to brush away.

The toothbrush, or, with dental floss. Therefore, no matter how good a person’s oral hygiene routine is. They are still likely going to end up with tooth decay, cavities. And gingivitis as well as gum disease.

When they get those cavities fixed. Their Ellerslie dentist is going to have to continue going back to the same teeth. To fix them. Because the crooked teeth. Are going to continue to cause the same problems in the same areas. With enough time going by.

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Patients will likely lose that tooth. Because it can only be patched a certain number of times. Before it is unstable. And must be pulled. Therefore, whether someone is a child, or and adults. When their dentist recommends they straighten their teeth.

They should pay attention and find out about different methods they can use. Another reason why their dentist might make this suggestion. Is because their overall health could be suffering.

From not being able to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Because it causes them pain to eat. When people have seriously crooked teeth. Or their teeth are simply not aligned. Biting into crunchy fruits and vegetables.

Can cause them pain in their teeth, in their gums. And even in their job. It can cause people to avoid some of the most nutritious foods that they should be eating. And develop simple or eating habits.

When people can get their teeth fixed as children. They can start a lifelong habit. Of eating better food. When people are ready to take their dentist seriously. And straighten their teeth. They are likely braces.

While there dentist is thinking Invisalign. Invisalign is very popular for many reasons. It is invisible, more gentle. And takes less time than traditional braces. To get started, all people have to do is contact the tooth doctor in Ellerslie.

They will start with a 3D scan of their smile. And they will receive their first Invisalign aligners in the mail to weeks later.

Ellerslie Dentist | Crooked Teeth Negatively Impacts Oral Hygiene

When people are ready to do something about their crooked smile says Ellerslie dentist. They may not be interested in using metal braces. But the good news, is that Invisalign is a wonderful alternative to this old-fashioned method of two straightening.

One of the most important things about Invisalign. Is the fact that they are made of clear plastic. And therefore, virtually invisible. Many people want to straighten their teeth. For cosmetic reasons. Because their confidence is impacted. And they feel very self-conscious about their look. As well as their smile.

And while they want to have it fixed. They also do not want the look of ugly, metal braces instead. Invisalign is perfect, because it is clear and undetectable by most people.

Another reason why many people prefer Invisalign to traditional metal braces. Is because they are more gentle than traditional braces. The reason why, is because a computer model figures out the incremental changes that must be made.

And creates the liners, to make those small changes. People are switching those liners every 2 to 3 weeks. Instead of going to their Ellerslie dentist to get the braces tightened once a month.

Because they are smaller changes more often. It leads to fewer headaches, toothaches and less jaw pain. Another reason why people prefer Invisalign, instead of metal braces. Is because not only is it less painful.

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But it is actually healthier for their teeth. Because when people have braces that are moving their teeth more. Causing them pain. Their teeth are actually starting to dissolve the route. In order to make it easier to move those teeth. That can actually impact the health of the teeth in their long run.

Causing people to develop loose teeth as they age. When people are thinking about Invisalign. Whether they are children, adults or even seniors. They are able to get liners to suit everyone of their dental concerns.

Ideally, the earlier in people’s lives they get Invisalign. The better says Ellerslie dentist. But there are many things that Invisalign can help with. No matter how early or late people get started.

Another reason why people love Invisalign. Is because they are removable. Which means they can be removed for things like brushing the teeth, and eating. Instead of having the metal braces glued to their teeth.

And trying to brush around them, often unsuccessfully. And for the busy career adult, or parent Invisalign is perfect. Because they do not need to go back to their Ellerslie dentist. Every single month for a checkup.

They will receive the liners in the mail. They will where the liners for 2 to 3 weeks. And send a picture of their smile to their dentist. The dentist will then let them know if they can switch to the next set of liners. Or, if they should where the existing liner for another week.

To get started with Invisalign, all people have to do. Is make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. They will start with a complementary 3D smile scan. That will give the computer everything it needs to create the liners.