Ellerslie Dentist | Demystifying Fluoride For People

Even though many people have heard about fluoride says Ellerslie dentist. They do not truly know the role it plays in keeping their teeth healthy. They just know that it is in toothpaste, potentially their water supply. And that there dentist wants to apply it in their mouth the end of the visit.

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Many people may wonder if this is actually required. And if they might be at risk for overdosing on fluoride. Or why it is absolutely necessary to have so much fluoride in their life.

Here are all of the things that many people may have always wondered. About fluoride, as it pertains to their oral hygiene and health. Fluoride is a mineral. That is naturally occurring in plants as well as food.

The body uses the fluoride that people consume. In order to strengthen the teeth, through a process called remineralization. Unfortunately, there is not enough naturally occurring fluoride in people’s diets.

To protect their teeth as well as the should be. This is why, in the nineteen forties, the government and municipalities. Decided to add fluoride into the drinking water all over North America.

This was meant to protect the teeth. For people who are unable to afford a dentist. And while this is very beneficial. A loan, it is also not enough. To fully protect people’s teeth.

In fact, as people consume fluoride. And it gets added to the surface of their teeth. Fluoride is also constantly being worn away. By acid aware, that causes the erosion of fluoride.

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Which is why people must always be consuming it, in order to protect their teeth. However, because it is not enough to protect their teeth. Through drinking it and consuming it alone says Ellerslie dentist.

This is why it is put in most toothpastes. The toothpaste that has a fluoride and it contains this mineral an extremely high quantities. And this amount, is not safe to consume orally.

This is why most fluoride toothpastes. Contain a warning, not to swallow the toothpaste. In fact, Ellerslie dentist says that until children are old enough. To learn how to swish their mouth out with water.

And spit toothpaste into the sink. They should avoid using toothpaste that has fluoride in it. There are many different children’s toothpastes. That do not contain any fluoride. And will be very safe to use.

And while brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Can help protect people’s teeth. They may not be brushing often enough. Brushing long enough, to get the benefits of the fluoride. Or they might miss important parts of their teeth.

Which is why it is important for people to also get the fluoride treatment. At their dentist’s office. They will paint on a thick paste of fluoride. Apply of varnish, that has a high concentration of fluoride.

Or give them an oral rinse, that has a very highly concentrated amount of fluoride. All of these things, can continue to add that important layer of mineral. That is constantly being worn away. To ensure that the enamel, is protected at all times.

Ellerslie Dentist | Demystifying Fluoride For Patients

Many people know that fluoride plays an important role in oral hygiene says Ellerslie dentist. They are not quite sure exactly what it does, or how it protects their teeth. When asked, what mineral is most important in strong and healthy teeth. Many people said calcium.

And while calcium is important for healthy teeth and bones. Fluoride is designed to help protect the surface of people’s teeth. So that their teeth are less susceptible to the bacteria that causes cavities.

And the acid, that can wear down their enamel. Weakening their teeth, and causing tooth decay. Ellerslie dentist recommends that people start getting fluoride treatments. At six months of age.

As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. By visiting their Ellerslie dentist, they will be able to find out. If the dentist suspects that the have any problems in the future. Such as overcrowding for example.

And coat whatever teeth the child has. With fluoride, to start building up that protective layer. By getting this treatment every six months. Can help children get the protection of their teeth.

That they need, to help avoid a lot of dental problems early in life. Between the age of six months and sixteen years. It is recommended, that children get the fluoride every six months. To have the healthiest teeth entering adult hood.

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However, once someone becomes an adult. It is not something that they should stop doing. In fact, there are different reasons. Why people should keep up with this important treatment with their Ellerslie dentist.

If they have dry mouth. Which is sometimes it caused by advancing age. Or simply as a side effect to medication. What will happen, is they can be more susceptible to cavities. Because of the lack of saliva in their mouth.

Saliva is important, in eliminating the bacteria that can cause cavities from a patient’s mouth. As well as clearing away the acid that people may have consumed in the food that they have eaten, or drink.

Therefore, people who have dry mouth. Should definitely be seeing their Ellerslie dentist every six months. For a fluoride treatment. However, they are not the only adults that should continue to get fluoride treatments.

If an adult has ever had gum disease, or gingivitis. It causes the gums to reseed. Exposing some of the roots of their teeth. In this case, the roots of the teeth are especially vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

Because the protective layer enamel is not protecting the roots. The weights protecting the rest of the teeth. Therefore, fluoride treatments. Can help the roots of the teeth be protected by this mineral.

If people have any questions about fluoride, and the importance of regular dental visits. All they have to do, is contact the tooth doctor, in Ellerslie. They will be able to get an appointment. To clean their teeth, apply fluoride. And answer all of their questions quickly and easily.