Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Amalgam Is An Alloy

While most people hope to never have cavities says Ellerslie dentist. Unfortunately, cavities happen more often than people would like. Which means, they will need to get the cavity filled.

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What will happen, is that the dentist. After numbing the area with medication. Will use a drill, to take out all of the bits. Of decaying tooth. Because if they do not take all of those decaying bits off.

What will happen, is that the bacteria. That caused the tooth to decay in the first place. Will continue eating away at it, even after the filling is put in place. Therefore, the drilling is a necessary part of cavity filling.

After the tooth has been drilled. And no decaying bits remain. That is when Ellerslie dentist will be able to fill the cavity. It makes a big difference, what materials used to fill the cavity. Since teeth chew and bite.

The material needs to be extremely strong, and durable. And ideally, it should be inexpensive as well. So that more people can afford. This important dental service. While nowadays, dentists usually use.

A type of filler, that is white. It was actually created by NASA. Trying to come up with a compound. That they could use to fix their space shuttle with. However, while this is a popular filler for cosmetic reasons.

Because when it is put into a person’s tooth. They typically cannot see. Where they used to have a cavity. And therefore, it is nicer to look at. Unfortunately, it is not the most strong or durable material.

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Which is why dentists, including Ellerslie dentist. Continue to use dental amalgam. Amalgam is a silver metal. That is an alloy of several different types of metals. Combined to make one strong substance.

It is one of the most strong and most durable substances. Ever used for a dental filler. It was invented, over a hundred and fifty years ago. And is still in use today.

However, many people are concerned about its use. Simply because it contains a toxic metal, mercury. Mercury in its original form, which is liquid. Is very dangerous. Because it can be ingested.

And once ingested, it can be absorbed. By and number of tissues in the body. Entering the circulatory system. As well as the nervous system. Causing problems, even in the patient’s brain.

And while mercury as a liquid is toxic. Mercury as a solid alloy. Is completely safe. And while numerous studies have been done on the subject. No studies have shown that it causes problems.

Or, leaks into the patient’s body. Causing any problems. That is why not only the food and drug administration has deemed it safe. But so has the Canadian dental Association.

As well as the Alberta dental Association, and dentists themselves. If people have any questions about dental amalgam. Whether they need to get a cavity filled. Or they have dental amalgam already.

By making an appointment. People can get their teeth cleaned, checked out. And all of their questions answered in one place.

Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Amalgam Is A Metallic Alloy

Dental amalgam is a common substance used in dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. It is a metal, that is put into a patient’s tooth. To filled their cavity. So that there tooth can be strong, and can continue to chew and bite.

Without filler. The dentist would drill out the cavity. And then, the tooth would be more brittle. As well as likely have exposed roots. And lack the protective cover. That would help prevent the tooth from getting more cavities in the future.

As well, if the tooth was not filled. Then it would be even more difficult. To get a toothbrush into the area of the tooth. In order to brush it, and keep it bacteria free. And ultimately, cavity free.

This is why it is very important. That Ellerslie dentist fills the cavity spot. With a material, that can help mimic the surface of the tooth. Four hundred and fifty years. What was used for this purpose is called amalgam.

Amalgam is an alloy. Which means it was created by mixing several metals together. Metals such as copper, tin, zinc and iron. As well as silver, platinum and palladium. All ground into a fine powder.

And then, mixed with mercury in its liquid form. Once mixed with mercury. All of these metals form a single solid. Which can then be put in a person’s tooth. To mimic the rest of the tooth.

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The biggest problem with amalgam, is perception. Because it is formed using mercury. And while it is true, mercury is a toxic substance. All on its own, and in its liquid format. As an alloy it is safe.

Numerous studies continue to be conducted to this day. To determine if mercury leaches out of the filling. And into the body. Either when it is new. Or, if it degrades over time.

And poses a threat to a patient, years in the future. And while dental amalgam is only designed. To last about fifteen years. Many people have had their amalgam fillings for much longer, with success.

Therefore, the studies want to find out. If having an amalgam filling. In a mouth for thirty, forty or more years. Will become a problem. And so far, no studies have shown that this is the case.

Therefore, people can still feel good. About the dental amalgam fillings that they have in their mouth. And if they get more fillings. They could continue to get amalgam. Because it is the most durable material by far.

While Ellerslie dentist can use a white substance. It is not nearly as hard. Or is it durable. And is more expensive. It will also eventually need to be replaced with time. So people can make their own decision.

While the white filling is popular for cosmetic reasons. There is no problem or risk associated with. Getting dental amalgam in people’s mouth. If people have more questions, they can set up an appointment. With the tooth doctor, in three convenient locations.