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Despite the fact that dental amalgam is no longer the most common substance says Ellerslie dentist. For use in filling cavities, it still has practical uses today. As well as many people still have this type of filling in their mouth.

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Amalgam has been used for approximately hundred and fifty years. As a dental filling, for people who have cavities. And that substance has that longevity for reason.

Not only is it the strongest material. It is also the most durable, and most inexpensive. Several years ago, a new type of dental filling was discovered. And is white, which made it quite popular.

This dental filling. Was actually discovered by mistake. As NASA, was trying to come up with a substance. That could help them effectively repair the outside. Of their space shuttles and space stations.

And while this particular creation. Is not effective. For fixing their space shuttle. It found perfect use in dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. Helping fill cavities, safely and effectively.

And while it is extremely popular. Mostly, because it is white. Which means people can get a dental filling. With most people not knowing that they have had any work done.

That popularity. Does not necessarily mean it is better. Because it is not quite as durable or strong. And is more expensive. However, it is the one that Ellerslie dentist will start with.

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However, it is not always possible. For people to get a white filling. Put into their cavity. Specifically, because the dentist will need. The cavity and the tooth. To be completely dry before putting in the filling.

And a difficult to reach area. Or a spot on a tooth. That is close to the cheek or tongue. Is going to be very difficult. For their dentist to make very dry. Therefore, the dentist may discuss.

The difficulty with their patient. And suggest dental amalgam instead. If the patient is not happy with that suggestion. The other alternatives. Would be to make a root canal. And then putting a crown on the tooth.

Followed by pulling the tooth. And putting in a dental implant instead. And while none of these options are bad. The patient will need to make the decision. On what they would prefer. Out of all of the great options.

Another question that people have. When they see their dentist for the first time. Is wondering why amalgam is used for fillings in the first place. Because amalgam has been around.

For hundred and fifty years. For a long time, it was the only known filling type. And if people did not fill their cavities. Then they had to have their tooth pulled. Therefore, it was a preferable option.

And while there are now other types of cavity fillers. Amalgam is still used. For its durability, and its low cost. If people have more questions for their dentist. Or they will like a checkup, or dental cleaning. All they have to do is simply call the tooth doctor, with three convenient locations.

Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Amalgam Questions Patients Ask

Even if people do not know what amalgam is says Ellerslie dentist. Chances are they have one. Or have seen one in their lifetime. They are the silver fillings, that people get. When they have a cavity.

And while they have been used problem free. For over a hundred and fifty years. They are currently drying a lot of negative attention. Because, amalgam is known to contain mercury.

And while it is completely safe. Many people have different questions about this. When they visit their Ellerslie dentist. They ask all of the questions. To help them feel okay with their silver fillings.

One of the first things that they want to know. Is if amalgam is deemed safe. By the Canadian dental Association? This is a great question, and Ellerslie dentist says not only do they deem it safe.

But so does the Alberta dental Association. And the tooth doctor, located in Edmonton and surrounding area. There have been several different studies. And a time of research on the subject.

While they can say that absolutely no mercury leaks. Into a person’s body. They also say, that the amount, if any. Is all within the safety limits. Of mercury in a body.

And while that might sound very confusing. To many people, who think that the safe limit. For mercury antibody should be zero. Ellerslie dentist suggests people look.

At other things that contain mercury. Such as tuna. Tuna is very known. For containing trace amounts of mercury. And yet, tuna continues to be one of the most common fish, for consumption of all time.

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This is because there are only trace amounts of mercury. In a tuna fish, and people are willing. To except that level of risk. In the same thing is true. For dental amalgam.

If any mercury leaks out. It is at such an infinitesimal amount. That it is not going to cause medical or physical problems. For the patient that has amalgam in their mouth.

Another question that people often have for their dentist. Is wondering if it is a problem. If they have an extraordinarily large number of fillings. In their teeth, at the same time.

Again, many studies have proven. There is no problem with having amalgam in a patient’s mouth. People should also listen to their own gut feeling. And if they feel that removing them.

Is something that they would like to do. They should talk to their dentist about this. However, their dentist is also likely. Going to point out the problem. That can happen from removing.

Perfectly good fillings from a person’s mouth. It could cause trauma to the teeth. Which then, could turn into problems. Such as requiring the tooth to get a root canal. Or even be extracted.

While mercury poisoning is a very serious subject. There is no proof that amalgam leaks mercury into a patient. And patients who have amalgam fillings.

Should not be worried. But if they have a choice when getting a filling. They may want to opt. For a white filling. So that they are less worried.