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Affording dental care can often be stressful says Ellerslie dentist. Not only our dentist bills often expensive. Especially if people have large families. But also because it is often unknown.

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What the final bill will be. At the end of the service. Dentists charge not only for their time. But for their materials. Which means a cavity being filled. May end up being different prices.

Depending on how much novocaine, or nitrous oxide. And how much amalgam, or other filling material. Is used in the process. Some people actually avoid going to the dentist. Because of the unknown cost.

And while dental insurance can help. Many people do not have employer benefits. According to health Canada. 62% of Canadians. Have private dental insurance. While only 6%. Have public dental insurance.

And while that means almost 70% of Canadians. Have some form. Of dental coverage through insurance companies. That means almost a third of all Canadians. Have absolutely no coverage at all.

Some people are simply unaware. That they can purchase dental insurance. On their own time. However, other people are aware. That they can go to companies. Such as Blue Cross.

If they do not have their own employer health benefits. But unfortunately, they are not able. To afford the insurance premiums. That have to be paid on a monthly basis. Therefore, they are going to be unlikely.

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To be able to afford dental bill as well says Ellerslie dentist. However, dentists believe that it is incredibly important. That people have good oral hygiene. As a part of their good overall health.

Which is why they would be willing. To work with patients, in order to come up. With something that works for everyone. They know that if patients get their teeth cleaned regularly.

They are less susceptible to cavities. And if they come to get their teeth cleaned. On a regular basis, the dentist can see. If they have the beginning of cavities. That they can fill, while they are still small.

If a person waits. Until they are in pain. Before they see a dentist. Likely, the problem not only will be there he painful. And time-consuming to fix. But Ellerslie dentist says it also. Will be likely expensive as well.

Therefore, many patients should work with the tooth doctor. To come up with a solution. They are willing to advocate. On behalf of their insurance company. As well as put together a payment plan.

This payment plan will allow them to pay a bit each month. So that when they come back for dental work. They do not have to pay a giant lump-sum. That they cannot afford.

Even if people have dental insurance. But they still cannot afford. Whatever they have to pay leftover. To their dentist. Or if they have to pay upfront. And then get reimbursed later.

The tooth doctor will be more than happy. To work with all patients. To ensure that they and up with the bill. They can afford. Breaking the bank.

Ellerslie Dentist | Getting Dental Insurance Through Your Workplace

When misconception that many people have according to Ellerslie dentist. Is thinking that all dental health benefits. Are the same, and offer the same type of coverage. This is not true at all.

Not only are there dozens of different insurance companies. Operating in Canada, that offer dental insurance and benefits. But within those companies. There are several different packages.

That offer dental coverage. Some, offer packages on a tiered basis. Which means the more money. That people paid the insurance company. The better coverage. That they can get from the company.

This is beneficial for Canadians. Who have a bit of extra money. Or, who have large families. And it is well worth the extra money. For how much more coverage. They are going to get.

Some insurance companies pay. A percentage of dental services. While others will pay a lump-sum. Up to a specific dollar amount. Many insurance companies will pay the dentist directly.

But the majority of them have the patient. Pay the dentist directly, and then submit a receipt. To be reimbursed at a later date. This makes it difficult. For Canadians that are on the lower end of the pay scale.

To be able to afford dental care. Because they may not have. The money in the bank. To pay a dental bill, whether it is a couple hundred dollars. Or thousand dollars for example.

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Or, Ellerslie dentist says they may have the money. But if they give it to the dentist. And then have to wait several weeks. In order to get reimbursed. Will miss out on paying rent.

Or they would be unable to buy groceries for their family. And that is quite simply, not an option. And while this is incredibly frustrating. Ellerslie dentist has a solution for everybody.

Not only will they be able to offer people free consultations. So that they know exactly what services need to be done. And they also know. Exactly how much it is going to cost them. They will also advocate.

On behalf of the patient with their insurance companies. So that patients will know. Exactly what the insurance company will cover. And if the remaining amount is more than a patient can pay.

In one lump-sum. Then the tooth doctor will create. A payment plan for each patient individually. The reason why they will do this. Is because Ellerslie dentist understands the importance.

Of regular and routine dentist appointments. Not only is it incredibly important. To get the teeth cleaned. Because tartar buildup cannot be brushed away completely. And cannot be brushed away from.

Below the gum line, and if tartar buildup. Is left there, not only will it create gingivitis. Which is inflammation of the gums. It is painful, but if left untreated.

It will turn into periodontal disease. Which is irreversible. And much more painful. And more costly to fix. Therefore, routine dental visits. Will ensure that patients. Do not have a larger bill later down the road.