Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Sealant Common Questions

While Ellerslie dentist will recommend dental sealants. To most parents, who are bringing their child in for a checkup. Many parents want to know the answers to questions before going had with it.

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One of the first things that parents ask their Ellerslie dentist. Is what are dental sealants? They may think that it is a treatment, similar to fluoride. That is painted on. But is not permanent so to speak.

However, dental sealants are a literal plastic barrier. That is applied onto the patient’s teeth. To protect against the bacteria, that can cause dental decay and cavities. This is applied in liquid form.

And hardened, and can protect the teeth. And for approximately ten years at a time. Or, in children. Until their baby teeth fall out. Therefore, they may be more apt to get this procedure.

If they know that it is a physical barrier. That is designed to protect their child’s teeth. The next question that many parents have. Is why would they use dental sealants. And they are teaching their child proper brushing techniques.

The reason according to Ellerslie dentist. Is because molars are very difficult to brush. For adults. As well as children, because of their rough texture. People simply have to run their tongue over there molars.

To realize that they have got very sharp peaks. And valleys in their teeth. That make it very difficult. For a toothbrush to get all of the bacteria. Out of all areas of their molars. Even if they supervise their child.

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As they brush their teeth twice a day. It is not uncommon. For children to leave behind bacteria. On certain areas of their molars. That leave them more susceptible to tooth decay, and cavities.

This is precisely the reason why dentists recommend dental sealants. As it can provide a literal barrier between the tooth and the bacteria. To make it less likely that they will develop cavities.

Another question that parents will have. About dental sealants, is who can get dental sealants? While any ages, from children as young as six years old. To adults can get this procedure done.

Once someone has cavities on their molars. They are no longer a good candidate for this procedure. Because then, they will need to get fillings. Which will have a hard time adhering to the dental sealants.

Therefore, it is very important. For parents to get this done for their children. For they develop their first cavity. Which is why the dentists typically recommend getting dental sealants early.

As they lose their baby teeth, and they are replaced with adult teeth. Their teenagers, or adolescents can get this procedure. When they have all of their adult teeth. To protect them against cavities again.

Once the teenager has grown into adulthood. As long as they have not had any cavities. They can continue to go back to their dentist. And reapply the dental sealants.

The sealants are likely to last approximately ten years on average. As long as they do not get chipped or cracked. But if they do, a quick trip to the dentist. Can have them fixed in no time.

Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Sealants And The Most Common Questions

While Ellerslie dentist recommends for parents adding dental sealants. On their child’s teeth. Before many parents will go ahead with this. They will want to get many questions answered about the procedure.

Often, they want to avoid putting their child through an invasive procedure. Especially if it is unnecessary. Which is why one of the first questions that they will ask their dentist.

Is exactly how are dental sealants applied. They do not want a long, traumatic procedure. That will get their child fearful of the dentist. And the good news for parents. Is that not only is this a fast procedure.

But it is non-invasive as well, taking approximately five minutes. And causing absolutely no discomfort to the patient whatsoever. The first step in the process, is simply placing cotton around the teeth.

That are going to be getting treated, to keep them dry while the procedure is going on. Once the teeth are protected. The dentist will wait until the teeth are dry before beginning the first step.

Once that he their dry, they will take a very weak acid. And apply it to the surface of the tooth. In a process that dentists call etching. When the etching is done, Ellerslie dentist will rinse teeth.

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And wait for them to dry off once more. At this point, they are ready to apply the dental sealant. Which will be a clear liquid, that will be applied either by a brush or a swab to the surface of the patient’s molars.

Once the dentist is satisfied that it is covering all areas of the tooth. The next step is to curate. A process where the liquid becomes hardened substance. Adhered firmly, to the patients teeth.

This is done with the help of the UV light. Being shone into the patient’s mouth. And only a couple of minutes is what is needed. To cure the dental sealant. Into a hard barrier. Attached to the patients teeth.

It protects the teeth, by being a literal barrier. And it will last for approximately ten years. Or, until the patient loses their baby teeth. It also can become susceptible to chips or cracks.

Particularly if the patient eats hard crunchy foods. Or, if they engage in rough play, or are in sports like football. If the sealant does get cracks or chips. The dentist will discover this at their next appointment.

And they can reapply, or patch certain areas if the patient. Or the parent wishes that to happen. When parents are ready to talk to their Ellerslie dentist. About applying dental sealants on their child’s teeth.

The best place for them to start looking. Would be at the tooth doctor, located in southern Edmonton. In a neighbourhood called Ellerslie. By getting dental sealants, parents can ensure their child can minimize the risk of getting cavities.