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There are many simple reasons why Ellerslie dentist will recommend. Parents get dental sealants for their children. Not only are they noninvasive. But they are very easy way of protecting children’s teeth.

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From the dental decay, and cavities. That can cause them greater dental problems later in life. However, many parents not only have not heard of dental sealants. But they do not know why they are so important.

Dental sealants, quite simply are a very thin plastic barrier. That are applied onto the molars, to act as a protectant layer. Between the tooth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

This is very effective, because once applied onto the teeth. They stay there, for many years. And are not able to be removed. So they are very effective, and protecting the teeth. From the bacteria.

Dental sealants are typically applied by Ellerslie dentist directly onto the molars of a patient. And the reason why they are applied to the molars. And no other parts of the tooth.

Is how difficult it is, for anyone to properly, and adequately brush. This part of their teeth. Not only are they located far back in the mouth. Where it is hardest to reach with a toothbrush.

The texture of the molars. Which is very rough, covered in sharp peaks and low valleys. Make this very difficult to get a brush. Into all areas of the tooth. To eliminate bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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And while many parents might argue with their Ellerslie dentist. Saying that they are teaching their child how to brush their teeth properly. This is not something that their dentist is denying. But rather points out.

That most people struggle with this. Not just children, who are just learning their fine motor skills. And are learning how to brush their own teeth. That adults also struggle with this. With the molars being the most common area.

A person’s teeth, to be susceptible to cavities. The reason why there dentist will recommend children get this procedure done. At such a young age. Is because dental sealants can really only be applied.

Before cavities are formed. Therefore, the earlier they protect the child’s teeth. The more likely there going to be able to apply the dental sealants. If they wait too long, and a child develops even a small cavity.

They would not be a good applicant for the dental sealant. Which can protect their teeth for a great number of years. Some parents might wonder why their young child needs to protect their teeth.

That are eventually going to be falling out, when they get their adult teeth. However, their dentist will make the argument. That their child will need those teeth until there adult teeth grow in.

Which means if they become of cavities. They will have to be filled, have a root canal. Or have the tooth extracted. All which are expensive, invasive. And stressful procedures for the child to go through.

Ellerslie Dentist | Dental Sealants Are Practical To Protect Teeth

Many parents will hear their Ellerslie dentist make the recommendation. That their child should get a dental sealant. Sooner rather than later, to protect their teeth.

They may have many questions for their dentist. Such as how the dental sealants work. And how are they applied. Not wanting to put their child through an invasive procedure.

How they are applied, is very simple. Requires absolutely no painkillers. And the child will virtually feel nothing throughout the process. It can be added on to any examination or cleaning.

As long as people call their Ellerslie dentist ahead of time. During this procedure, the first step will be using cotton roles, to surround the teeth. To keep them dry during the process.

Once the teeth are surrounded and dry. Their Ellerslie dentist will move on to the second step. Which is applying a very mild acid solution. Directly to the surface of the teeth. Designed to kill bacteria.

As well as eliminate any other impurities, such as dried on saliva. That might impact the sealants ability. To adhere firmly to the tooth. Once the acid has been applied, in a process that is called etching.

Dentist will then rinse the teeth. So they have no remnants of the acid. And then dry the teeth. So that they are ready for the application of the dental sealants. The dental sealant will be applied.

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The cotton swab, and at this point, will look like a clear liquid. This clear liquid will be applied onto the surface of the molars. Until the dentist is satisfied, that every area has been adequately coded.

The last step, is called curing. A process that uses UV light. To transform the liquid. Into a hardened substance, attached to the teeth. The dentist will shine a UV light into the patient’s mouth.

For not longer than one or two minutes. At which point the sealant will cure. And the procedure will be done. The entire process takes less than five minutes. And will protect their teeth, for ten years.

Or in children, until they lose their baby teeth. And growth in their adult teeth. At this time, they can repeat the dental sealant process. To protect their adult teeth from tooth decay and cavities.

Some parents may wonder if this is necessary. And ask their dentist, what the cost of this will be. As a preventative measure, it is extremely economical. Seeing as how it costs a fraction of the price.

Of simply filling one cavity. If parents can prevent one single cavity from happening in their child’s teeth. The dental sealant will more than pay for itself. Even when they get the procedure redone when they are adolescents.

It still will only be half the cost of filling one cavity. Which means it is a very cost-effective way. Of providing one more layer of protection for the child. As they learn how to rush their teeth. And develop their own positive oral hygiene routine for themselves.