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For a child’s first appointment with their Ellerslie dentist. They often recommend to the parents, that the child eventually gets dental sealants. However, many parents do not know what this is. Or why it is important.

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Dental sealants, quite simply. Provides a protective barrier. Between the tooth, and bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. It can be very beneficial to help children. As well as adolescents prevent cavities.

The dental sealants are actually applied onto the surface of the molars. Which not only are the teeth at the very back of a patient’s mouth. But, they are the most rough surfaced teeth that people have.

This rough surface is referred to by dentists as pits and features. And while this makes it extremely good for chewing. As well as grinding up the food that we eat. These features make it very difficult.

To eliminate the bacteria that causes tooth decay, and eventually cavities. As we brush our teeth effectively. The reason whites important to get dental sealants applied to children says Ellerslie dentist.

Is because children are still learning how to brush their teeth properly. And are developing oral care routines for themselves. But are not perfect at keeping their teeth clean at this young age.

Therefore, it will help protect their teeth. As they learn how to brush their teeth properly. In addition, it can help protect adolescents teeth. Because they are not strict with their own oral care routines yet.

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Ultimately, the use of dental sealants. Will help children and adolescents. Prevent the cavities, that cause them to get fillings. Root canals, and get their teeth pulled. Many parents ask whites important.

To get their child’s teeth treated. When their baby teeth are eventually going to fall out anyway. And to be replaced with adult teeth. Is not it more important. To protect their adult teeth then their baby teeth?

Answer to this question according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that it is very important to protect both. Just because the baby teeth will eventually fall out. Does not mean they are unimportant to the child.

There baby teeth will help them bite and chew food. As well as help ensure that the adult teeth can grow in properly. If a child ends up getting cavities from tooth decay. It will either need to get their cavities filled.

Which can be a traumatic, or painful process. As they will need things like a needle, and to get their teeth drilled. But also, severe tooth decay will also require root canals, or the tooth being pulled.

Therefore, the dentist argues that it is just as important. To protect children’s teeth with dental sealants. As it is to protect adolescents and adults teeth with dental sealants.

And while anyone can get this procedure done. The earlier the patient can get dental sealants. The sooner they can have help. In protecting their teeth from tooth decay for a long time.

When parents are ready to get their child or teenager protected. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie.

Ellerslie Dentist | Do Children Need Dental Sealants On Their Teeth

Many parents will have heard from their Ellerslie dentist. That they recommend getting dental sealants for their child. However, many parents are unsure of what dental sealants are. Or how they will get this applied to their child’s teeth.

Ultimately, Ellerslie dentist says that they are a thin layer of plastic. That is applied onto the patient’s teeth. To be a protective barrier. Between the teeth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

It is important to do this when the child is young. Because once the child has cavities. The purpose of getting a dental sealant, is defeated. And while many parents may think that they can get their child a dental sealant.

In order to avoid getting a cavity. Dentists also say that this is ineffective. And getting a dental sealant. On top of the cavity. Will just make it harder for the dentist to drill away the decay.

And fill the cavity when it gets bad enough. Therefore, it is important to do this procedure. When the child is young. And before they have had any cavities at all. The procedure is very quick as well.

This can be done at the end of any dental visits says Ellerslie dentist. And of the first step that needs to happen. In order to get the dental sealants applied. Is drying the teeth.

The dentist will do this by using cotton and gauze. Surrounding the teeth that are going to be treated. And the air, will dry out the teeth very quickly. Once the teeth are dry, the dentist will apply a mild acid.

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In a process called etching. That is designed to clean the teeth from any bacteria. Or foreign substances, that should not be caught between the tooth and the sealant. Once the etching is complete.

The dentist will rinse, and drive it teeth once more. When the teeth are completely dry. They will then apply the dental sealant. Which will be applied in a liquid form. By a cotton swab directly onto the teeth.

Once the sealant has been applied. In order to make it hardened. The liquid must be cured by UV light. This light will be Sean inside the patient’s mouth. And in just a few minutes. The procedure is done.

The sealant is hardened. And patient can leave the appointment. To do anything they want. From eating and chewing. To speaking, or playing sports. One benefit of getting the dental sealants done.

Is that it is a much less expensive procedure. In getting cavities filled. In fact, it is only a quarter of the price of filling one single cavity. Therefore, parents who get their child’s teeth sealed in childhood.

And then again in adolescence, will spend half the price. Of getting one cavity filled. Which makes this cost-effective preventative procedure. If people would like to go ahead with this.

All they have to do, is call the tooth doctor, located in South Edmonton. In a neighborhood called Ellerslie to get started.