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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral according to Ellerslie dentist. And is used by the body to create a protective barrier on the teeth. Which is why it is very important for all people.

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However, many people wonder if it is important for their children to get fluoride. Especially since children’s toothpaste does not have fluoride in it. However, the reason why children’s toothpaste does not have this mineral.

Is not because children do not need fluoride. But because it is to protect the children from accidentally swallowing this mineral. The fluoride that exists in toothpaste is at an extremely high concentration.

And consuming too much, can cause problems such as dental fluorosis. This condition actually weakens the teeth. And causes unsightly discolouration patches. Therefore, it is important to protect the child against this condition.

But not because it is not important for the child to get this mineral. Because they are not getting it from their toothpaste from an early age. People should bring their child to their Ellerslie dentist from a very early age.

Such as six months of age. But if their child is not have any teeth yet, they can wait until their child develops their first teeth before making an appointment to come into the dentist’s office.

They will get a checkup, to make sure that there are no problems with their teeth. And to give them fluoride treatment. But then, the parents need to bring the child back every six months.

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The child will get a cleaning, and the dentist will be able to see. If there are any problems starting to form. And to give them that important fluoride treatments. Where they are putting a very concentrated form of fluoride on their teeth.

Between the ages of six months, and it sixteen years of age. It is very important for parents to bring their children in for these checkups and fluoride treatments. So that they can have their adult teeth as protected as possible.

As they enter into adulthood. Since it is such an important mineral. Many people wonder when they should start giving their child a fluoride toothpaste to use. Instead of the children’s toothpaste that does not have fluoride.

The rule of thumb that Ellerslie dentist talks to parents about is. When their child is old enough to be able to swish water around in their mouth. In order to get all of the excess toothpaste.

And then spit the toothpaste, and water out of their mouth. If they are not old enough to swish and spit. Then they are not ready for fluoride toothpaste yet. If people have any questions about this.

Whether it is for fluoride treatments in their children. Or for themselves. They can also make an appointment with their dentist. They can come in, get a checkup. As well as a cleaning.

And then get that important fluoride treatments, and ask their dentist all of the questions they have. About fluoride, and their child’s teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Do Children Need Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is very important to the overall health and strength of everyone’s teeth says Ellerslie dentist. However, while it is naturally occurring implants and food. People typically do not get enough fluoride in their diet.

This is why municipalities typically put fluoride in the water. Although the fluoride that they do put in to the water supply. Is at a very low, and therefore safe level. Because consuming too much fluoride also can create problems.

Many people may worry, that drinking water with fluoride in its. Will cause something like dental fluorosis to happen. However, this is not possible. And they will not be able to drink enough water to cause a problem from the fluoride.

In fact, Ellerslie dentist says this is why it is very important. To start giving children water at an early age. Even babies, can drink water from a bottle. Because the fluoride, can start protecting their teeth.

How fluoride works to protect the teeth. Is if it is consumed, the body will take the fluoride, and strengthen the teeth in a process called remineralization. What it does, is creates a protective barrier.

Forming over the enamel, which is the protective layer on people’s teeth. The enamel protects the teeth from the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. And the enamel also protects the teeth from acidic food.

Such as citrus fruits, and acid from things like soda pop. Therefore, the fluoride provides a protective barrier to the enamel. So that it can do its job better. That people can end up with healthier teeth. With fewer cavities.

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Therefore, children drinking tap water, fortified with fluoride. Can start protecting their teeth at a very early age. However, children must be very careful not to swallow toothpaste that they are using if it has fluoride in it.

Because too much fluoride causes a condition called dental fluorosis. Where there is too much fluoride on their person’s teeth. And it actually weakens the enamel. While drinking water with fluoride in it.

Cannot cause dental fluorosis. Swallowing toothpaste that has fluoride in it. Can cause dental fluorosis. Therefore, parents need to monitor their child’s toothbrushing. Very carefully, to ensure that they are not swallowing the toothpaste.

However, they can buy toothpaste. That does not contain fluoride. For their children to use, when they are very young. And before they are able to spit the toothpaste back out.

Once the children are old enough, to be able to spit the toothpaste out that is in their mouth. As well as use water to rinse their mouth out. Then, the parents can feel good about getting toothpaste for their child.

That contains fluoride in it. However, drinking water with fluoride in it. And using fluoride toothpaste. It is not enough to fully protect the teeth. People should always ensure that they get their child to Ellerslie dentist regularly.

Where they can get the fluoride treatments topically on their teeth. Every six months. Fully protect their teeth. Against bacteria, and tooth decay.