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Amalgam what was invented centuries ago says Ellerslie dentist. And has been used for about a hundred and fifty years. As a filler, for cavities in people’s mouths. The reason why it was used.

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Is because dentists back then, new it was important. To have a filler, that was strong and durable. Because as people eat their food. And bite into their food. The filler, will see a lot of action.

A filler that is soft, or is not durable. Will fall out quickly. Or cause pain to the person with it in their teeth. And when amalgam started being used. It was determined that it was not only.

One of the strongest materials that could be easily used. But also, it was also the most durable. And most inexpensive. However, the use of amalgam has often been contested.

Simply because it is known, to contain mercury. And while Ellerslie dentist understands. That mercury in its pure form. Which is a liquid metal. Is quite toxic. And is able to be ingested and absorbed into the body.

They also remind patients. That once it is mixed. Into an alloy, with other metals. It stops having its current properties. And they often form new properties. Which is why alloys are used.

A great example of this. Is stainless steel. Which is an alloy, designed. For its strength, but also for its rust free properties. This allows builders to build a very strong building. Without worrying.

That the rest is going to damage the integrity of their building with time. And it is now, one of the most popular building materials. That is known for its strength and resiliency.

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The same thing happens with mercury. How amalgam is made is by mixing different metals, that have been ground into a powder. And mixing them together in with the mercury, in its liquid form.

Together, they either form of paste. Or a soft solid. Depending on how much. Or how little powdered metal is added to it. The powdered metal can come from a wide variety of places. Such as copper or tin.

Or zinc, iron, and even more precious metals. I get silver, platinum and even palladium. The metals are blended together. And then, the amalgam. Is applied by Ellerslie dentist. Into the drilled cavity whole.

It will harden in a very short amount of time. And then, it will last for decades. While most dentists say that it is designed. To last for 10 to 15 years. People have had amalgam fillings successfully.

For many decades, such as thirty or forty years. And while amalgam is starting to be used less often. People who have amalgam fillings currently. Do not have to worry. They can continue wearing those fillings.

Indefinitely, with no risks. In fact, many dentists say that it seems like a money grab. For many dentists who are suggesting to replace amalgam fillings. And while people may not want to get more.

There is no risk, to keeping what they already have. If patients have any more questions. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor. To ask those questions. While getting a full checkup.

Ellerslie Dentist | Do Dentists Still Use Amalgam These Days

Amalgam has been a popular dental filler for decades says Ellerslie dentist. In fact, it has been used. For approximately one hundred and fifty years. However, there have been some negative impressions.

Around amalgam fillings lately. And the reason, is because Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Have all indicated, that they are banning amalgam. For use in their country indefinitely.

Combined with the fact that amalgam. Is made with mercury. And this is creates a perfect scenario. To make many people fearful of the fillings. That they already have in their teeth.

However, people should understand. That the reason why these countries. Have decided to ban amalgam. Is not because it is itself, a dangerous substance. But because creating it.

Creates waste that is not biodegradable. And these countries, are committed to reducing their waste. By incentivizing products. That has now, or little waste. And the waste that they do produce is biodegradable.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist says people should not panic. Just because it is starting to be used less often. And several countries have banned it. In fact, it is still available for use.

In Canada, and the United States. Because they have great ways. Of handling nonbiodegradable waste. And therefore, are able to continue producing this material. And while Ellerslie dentist is using it lasts.

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That is because another solution, has been found. In fact, the new filling that is now being used. In place of amalgam. Was actually designed by NASA. He was trying to find a material. Ideal for fixing their spacecraft.

While this particular product. Was not suitable for their spacecraft. Dentists did find that it was perfect. For using as a dental filler. The most ideal part about this product. Is that it is a white in colour.

Which means it matches everyone’s tooth colour. So that people, will be able to get their cavities patched up. And show absolutely no evidence of it. Cosmetically, it is becoming incredibly popular.

And while it is not necessarily the strongest or more durable product. And it is definitely not the most inexpensive. People generally feel good. About using this material over amalgam.

Because they want to feel confident in their smile. And having white fillings, over silver ones. Help them feel that. And while many people are now getting this type of filling. Instead of amalgam fillings.

Ellerslie dentist says people should not panic. Or take that as a sign, that there amalgam fillings are problematic. Especially if they are not causing any problems to each patient.

If patients would like a second opinion. All they have to do, is visit the tooth doctor. In one of their three convenient locations. And get an expert opinion about what is going on in their mouth.

They will be able to get their teeth cleaned, they will also get a checkup. And here directly from a dentist. That there fillings are completely and totally fine.