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Even though large percentage of Canadians have dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. 68% to be precise, having either private. Or public dental insurance. However, that means 32% of Canadians.

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Which is almost a third of the entire population. Has absolutely no dental insurance at all. Dental visits can be quite expensive. And often, people find out while they are they are. That they need certain services.

For example, they may need an x-ray. Or a cavity filled. And that means a visit, that they thought was going to be a couple hundred dollars. For a cleaning, and a polishing. Is now several hundred dollars more.

The issue of dental bills. Is actually more complex. Then many people think admits Ellerslie dentist. And there are several factors that contribute to this. One of the first things that people find.

Is that bills and expenses from one dentist. To the next are very different. Many people often wonder, why there is not universal healthcare. For dental visits. However, this was eliminated in the fifties.

To deal with the rising national debt. And while the governments put out a dental fee guide. With a list of suggested prices. For different dental services. It is only a suggestion. And not a requirement.

Because dentists have the right. To charge whatever they want. In order to cover their own costs. They might have extremely different expenses. Based on their office space, or their staffing levels for example.

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Therefore, they cannot standardize the dental prices. Across each province, or across the country. Which means people have no idea. What their dental bills are going to be. Until they are done with the service.

In addition to that, people who have insurance. Have completely different plans. And no plan is the same. From one insurance company to the next. Some insurance companies will only cover standard services.

Like scaling’s, and polishing’s, and only once a year. Where people might have to pay for x-rays, or whitening. Some companies will only pay a percentage. And some have deductibles that must be paid each year.

Because of the differences between the insurance plans. From one person to the next. It makes it very difficult. For patients anticipate their dental bill. The tooth doctor recognizes this frustration.

And has come up with several options. In order to help patients understand their bill. One of the first things that they offer. Is a free consultation. That means when they come into the office.

No work will be done, until the dentist explains. Each and every service. That a person needs. If a person is coming in for a standard cleaning. But the dentist discovers a cavity. The dentist will talk to them about the service.

And the price, before any work begins. As well, they are more than happy. To submit the estimate for services. To the insurance company says Ellerslie dentist. For preapproval, so that people will know. Ahead of time how much their insurance company will cover.

Ellerslie Dentist | Many Canadians Have Dental Insurance

Even if people have dental insurance, it may be hard to afford a dentist says Ellerslie dentist. This is because different insurance companies. Have very different plans. And different coverages for people.

Some insurance plans cover hundred percent of most services. Other insurance plans cover percentage, like eighty, or 50%. Some insurance plans only pay a dollar amount. And when that dollar amount is used, they have to pay out-of-pocket.

Because there are so many different insurance companies. And so many different plans for dental coverage. For each insurance company. It makes it very difficult to understand.

What a person can expect to be paying. For their dental services. However, Ellerslie dentist suggests. People can do one of two things. In order to understand exactly what services. Our covered by each plan.

And how much they cover, whether it is a full amount. Or a percentage of the full amount. People can go to their insurance company website. And choose their policy number, to get a list of services.

Or, people can bring their insurance card. To the dental office, along with their policy number. So that Ellerslie dentist can contact the insurance company. On each person’s behalf in order to find out.

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Exactly what people can expect to pay. There are more than willing to talk to the insurance company. To demystify the process for any patients. Especially because they understand. That dental insurance is quite confusing for many.

As well, they can also talk to each patient. About setting up a payment plan. Such as allowing the patient to pay a small portion. For every month of the year, so that when it is time for their dental appointment.

They will have money set aside. That they can use towards their dental bill. As well, the tooth doctor wants to ensure. That patients understand. Exactly what bill they are going to get at the end of the service.

Therefore, there are more than happy. To offer a free estimate. Before they start any work. So that people will see exactly what is needed. And exactly how much it is going to cost.

If they cannot afford it at that time. The dentist will work with them. To ensure that they are only getting the most necessary procedures. And if there is a payment plan that will work for them.

Nobody should be without dental care. Because they cannot afford it. However, according to health Canada. A large percentage of Canadians. Actually do not go to the dentist often.

Because they cannot afford it. Even if they have a toothache. Or if they are in a significant amount of pain. They will delay as long as possible. Because of the expense. Which is something that the tooth doctor.

Is working to eliminate. Oral hygiene is an important part of a person’s overall health. Therefore, they want to ensure. That everyone can have a healthy mouth. And be as healthy as they can be for their family.