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Even though many Canadians have employer health benefits says Ellerslie dentist. Not all employer benefits include dental benefits. And when it comes to dental benefits, third of the entire population.

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Has no dental insurance at all. The question that comes up very often. At the tooth doctor, is from patients wanting to know. Why there is not universal healthcare. For dental visits.

The unfortunate truth is there was universal healthcare. Not just for dental visits. But for eye exams, even free glasses. To anyone who needed them in this country. But this program was chopped in nineteen fifty-two. In order to deal with Canada’s rising debt.

Two world wars wreaked havoc on the finances of this country. Until the Wilson government in the fifties. Decided to do something about it. By putting some of the universal healthcare services.

They still insured that Canadians could go see the doctor. Or go to the hospital any time they wanted. But they cut dental services, and optical services. In order to eliminate as much of the debt is they could.

It was a wildly unpopular decision. However, they did promise. That is soon as the debt was paid off. They would give Canadians back. There universal healthcare. For optical and dental services.

As many Canadians can probably guess. That did not happen. Which is why they have to pay. When they go to the dentist. And when they go to the optometrist. And, they also have to pay for their own eyeglasses.

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In order to combat the lack of dental care. They were certain Canadians were going to get. The government decided to add fluoride to the drinking water. As fluoride is a very important mineral.

Fluoride is a building block in teeth, and in enamel. And adding it to the drinking water. It meant that Canadians could strengthen their teeth. However, Ellerslie dentist says.

That fluoride alone. Is not a replacement. For the dental services that people should be getting. At least twice a year. For one thing, some people are simply genetically predisposed. To having poor quality teeth.

Such as people with soft enamel. Who will tend to get cavities more often. Whether they are brushing their teeth three times a day or not. If they do not go to the dentist to get the cavities filled.

It will lead to toothache’s, and teeth rotting out of their head. That will need root canals. Or worse, will need to be pulled. And then have a dental implant put in its place.

As well, brushing three times a day is fantastic says Ellerslie dentist. But it is also not a replacement for dental services. Brushing alone cannot get rid of all the tartar buildup. That can cause cavities and gingivitis.

Instead of avoiding the dentist. Because people are afraid of the bill. They should come to the tooth doctor. Not only do they offer free consultations. But they will work with each individual patient. And their finances, to come up with a plan. To get them the dental services they need. At a price that they can afford.

Ellerslie Dentist | Do Your Personal Health Benefits Include Dental

Although the best case scenario says Ellerslie dentist. Is that everyone in Canada should have dental insurance. However, dental insurance is no real guarantee. That people can still afford their dental care.

There are a lot of problems that make this issue tricky. Including the fact that pricing. Across the province. And in fact, across Canada. Is not standardized. This is because dentists have the right.

To be able to set their own prices. In order to cover their own costs. They might have different rent or mortgage is. Different staffing levels. An offer a wide degree of services.

That changes what their prices need to be. In order to cover their expenses. As well, Ellerslie dentist says someone should consider a dentist. In the downtown area. Versus a dentist practising in a rural area.

They will have extremely different expenses. For example, the downtown dentist. Will most likely have extremely high rents. Meanwhile, the dentist in the rural area. Might have a lot of shipping charges.

To get the materials the dentist needs. To do their work, in such a secluded area. The Alberta government developed what they call the Alberta dental fee guide. What this is, is a publication.

That is now available for free online. That lists every single dental service. And a suggested price. Associated with each one. Dentists are advised to follow as close to the fee guide as possible.

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Because this can be a tool. For people to use. In order to help anticipate. What their bill is going to be. At the end of their dental visit. The problem with this, is because the prices are not exactly standardized.

It still leaves confusion and questions. About what the bill is going to be. Especially if the dentist. Does not closely follow the fee guide at all. As well, if people have insurance.

They may not know. Exactly what services or procedures. Their insurance company covers. For example, they may see. In their insurance coverage, that they can get their cleaning, polishing and fluoride for free.

However, they need some nitrous oxide. Because they are phobic of the dentist. And do not realize, that that is considered a separate charge. The best scenario says Ellerslie dentist.

Is to simply be upfront and honest with the dentist. Asking for an itemized estimate. Before any work begins. The tooth doctor accommodates this. By offering free consultations first.

Even offering to work. With the individuals insurance company directly. In order to figure out. Exactly what the insurance company. Is going to pay for. Before any work that started.

If people would like to eliminate. The guesswork from their dental visits. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor. At one of their three, convenient locations.

They have a location in the south of Edmonton, in Ellerslie. One in Capilano, and a Tofield location. So that they can service a wide variety of people. In the Edmonton, and surrounding area.