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It is not as easy as getting dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. And then people will know how much they have to pay. When they visit the dentist. Even though, that often how insurance companies present their packages.

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While they might seem very easy. Looking at them initially, when looking at a wide variety of services. On one bill, it becomes more complex. Ellerslie dentist says they often deal with insurance companies.

And are fully aware. How complex it can get. Each is why they have no problems. Advocating on behalf of the patient. With the various insurance companies they may use.

For example, some insurance companies. Cover a percentage of some services. So a cleaning may be covered by 80%. However, a person also gets x-rays. Which are only covered by 50%.

And they get fluoride, which happens to not be covered at all. They may end up with the bill that is much higher. Then they realized they were going to get. As well, some insurance companies.

Pay hundred percent of some services. And not at all for others. This is why some patients. Avoid going to their Ellerslie dentist at all. Because they want to avoid. A scenario where they do not know.

What they will have to pay. Until they get out of the dentist chair. In fact, a recent survey shows. That many people avoid the dentist. Because they are afraid of what the bill is going to be.

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Even if they are in a significant amount of pain. With toothaches, or other mouth pain. And they would rather walk around. In pain every day. Then get stuck with a huge bill. That they cannot afford.

Not only does every single insurance company. Offer different packages. But the way they pay differs greatly as well. For example, some insurance companies. Our happy to pay the dentist directly.

So that the patient never has to see a bill. However, other insurance companies. Required patient to pay the entire bill. And then get a portion reimbursed. This is considerably more difficult for many people.

Especially if they have a hard time affording things. Such as they are making poverty wages. Or they are a single parent for example. And even if they have a significant amount of their bill paid for.

There is no way that they can pay the entire bill upfront. To be reimbursed later. The tooth doctor says another problem with that. Is the fact that some insurance companies take only a few days.

To reimburse each patient with the amount. That they should be getting. However, other insurance companies. Either take weeks, or months to pay the patient’s back. Or require that a patient.

Submits all of their invoices. At once, only once each year. Which can make it very difficult for people to afford. Therefore, they may have insurance. But it goes completely un-used.

The tooth doctor wants to help many patients as possible. Which is why they offer many different programs. To help each person pay. Their bill, so that everyone can get the dental services they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Does Dental Insurance Cover All Dental Services

Even though the majority of Canadians have dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. That does not make it any easier. For many people. To afford going to the dentist. A common question that dentists often get.

Is from people who want to know. Why the universal healthcare plan. Does not also cover dental services. The hard truth of that says Ellerslie dentist. Is that the universal healthcare plan used to cover dental.

But it was eliminated back in nineteen fifty-two. Because of the rising national debt. Due to the two world wars. But Canadian citizens in. Not only did they get rid of dental services.

But they did away with optometry services as well. Such as free eye exams. And free glasses for people. The decision was extremely unpopular at the time. However, when faced with rising debt.

The government had to cut something. And when faced with decisions. Such as cutting infrastructure, transportation, healthcare. Or education for example, dental and optical lost out.

This is why people still do not have to pay. When they go see their family doctor. And why they do not have to pay. When they go to the hospital. Regardless of why they have ended up in the hospital.

This is also why they have to pay. For the ambulance ride that gets them to the hospital. It can be very confusing Edmonton Ellerslie dentist. Which is why they do their best. To advocate for each patient.

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In fact, they offer a free consultation. To all patients. So that everyone can find out. Exactly what services they need. And then, how much they are going to have to pay. At the end of the service.

If they have an insurance company. Their Ellerslie dentist will submit the estimates. For preapproval to the insurance company. So that people will be able to find out. Exactly how much their insurance company will pay.

And if patients still cannot afford this. Their dentist will create a payment plan. Because they want to ensure. That every patient in Canada. Is able to get the dental care that they need, and deserve.

As well, they understand. That it is less painful. And less expensive in the long run. To deal with dental issues. When they first start. And while they are still small. Because if a person waits because of the expense.

Not only will they end up with more dental issues. It will often take longer and more money to fix. When people are ready to visit the tooth doctor. There are three convenient locations to choose from.

There is the location in south Edmonton, called Ellerslie. A location more centrally located, in Capilano. And outside of the city limits. The tooth doctor has a clinic in Tofield.

People can make an appointment. By simply calling, emailing. Or visiting the website. To arrange their appointment.