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While four million Americans wear braces says Ellerslie dentist. There is an alternative to braces, that people are discovering. This alternative is Invisalign, and has many different benefits.

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One of the reasons why people prefer Invisalign over traditional, metal braces. Is first of all, because they are clear. Therefore virtually invisible. And many people do not notice they are being worn.

They will look just like their regular teeth. And people can talk, go to work. And do all of their normal routine. While wearing these devices, called liners. They can be taken out, so that people can eat.

They must brush their teeth immediately and put the liner back in. Because the liners will work best. When they are worn twenty hours a day minimum. Another reason why Invisalign is so popular.

Is because it eliminates the need. Of going to their Ellerslie dentist. Once a month, for checkups. As well as getting their braces tightened. Once they get their 3D scan, at the tooth doctor in Ellerslie.

They will have their first set of aligners mailed to them. They will wear them for 3 to 4 weeks. And then send a picture of their smile to their Ellerslie dentist. Their dentist will look at the pictures.

And let the patient know, if they can where the next set of aligners that have been mailed. Or if they need to continue to where the current set. For another couple of weeks.

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While people can get done their treatment. In five or six months. Most patients will take around eleven months. In order to get their teeth as straight as they desire. All without needing to see the dentist in person.

This is another reason why people love the Invisalign system. It saves them time, and helps them keep their regular routine. The next reason why people love the Invisalign system.

Is because it is a more gentle way of correcting their teeth. Then traditional metal braces. Most people have had a friend, or sibling who perceived braces as a child. Who complained about how painful it was. Having to go to the dentist each month to get it tightened.

In addition to that, the braces typically would cause pain to the teeth, to the jaw and to the head. However Invisalign is completely different. Because it is digitally calculated. How much the teeth are able to move. Before causing problems.

Therefore, by making slow, incremental changes. More often. They are able to affect more change in a shorter amount of time. All without the same pain of metal braces.

Another reason why people love Invisalign, is because they do not have to have something glued to their teeth. That often leave a mark, such as a brown stain on their teeth. They can continue to have the white smile that they always have.

When people are ready to get started with Invisalign. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. To arrange a 3D scan of their smile. And receive their first liners, in the mailto weeks later.

Ellerslie Dentist | Don’t Get Braces Get Invisalign Instead

When people want to improve their overall health, Ellerslie dentist makes this recommendation. They should straighten their teeth. The reason why, is because straight teeth can impact not just oral health.

But can also impact the overall bodily health of each patient. The reason why, starting with oral health. Is because crooked teeth, can be very difficult to clean and maintain.

It is hard for patients to get their toothbrush into certain areas of the teeth, with a toothbrush or with loss. Which leads to food particles remaining trapped. Where they can cause tooth decay.

This tooth decay can eventually lead to gum disease such as gingivitis. And cavities. And if the teeth are not straightened. This will continue to be a problem. Until they can no longer fill that tooth.

And they will have to resort to pulling the tooth out of their head. This is completely avoidable. By using a straightening system. And ideally, doing it when they are a young child.

However, if adults still have crooked teeth. And problematic areas. That is the perfect opportunity. To ask their Ellerslie dentist about two straightening systems like Invisalign.

Another reason why patients should talk to their dentist about straightening their teeth. For their overall health. Is simply this. When they have crooked teeth. It is hard, or painful.

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To eat healthy foods such as carrots, apples and other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, they should straighten their teeth so that they are aligned properly. And they can start eating a healthy diet. Full of all the foods that are going to be the most beneficial for them to eat.

While many people understand that straight teeth lead to a healthy body. They are very nervous about talking to their Ellerslie dentist about this. Simply because they are nervous about putting metal braces on their teeth.

The good news is, people do not have to worry about that any longer. Because Invisalign. Which was once used for only small dental fixes. Are now known, and proven.

To be beneficial for almost all circumstances. Therefore it does not matter if the patient is a child, adult or senior. Or what their dental issue is. Invisalign can help them.

All people have to do, is contact their dentist at the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. And arrange to get a 3D scan of their smile today. If they are good candidate. They will receive the liners in the mail to weeks later.

They will wear these liners for three weeks. Before sending their dentist a picture of their smile. And be told they can either switch to the next set of liners they were sent.

Or, if they are going to have to wear the liner for another week. By addressing dental problems early on. People can have the healthiest body, as well as the healthiest smile.