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Many people may be surprised to find out that tooth sensitivity is avoidable says Ellerslie dentist. Many people think it is something that happens with age. Or that some people are simply more susceptible to it than others.

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However, tooth sensitivity is almost always. An indication of a larger dental problem. That people can treat, and then minimize and eliminate their tooth sensitivity.

This is why it is never a good idea. For people who have tooth sensitivity. To live with it. Thinking that their pain is going to go away eventually. Because that pain is not going to go away without treatment.

One of the first things that their dentist will do. When people come in, complaining of tooth sensitivity. Is look to see if they have exposed tooth roots. This is an extremely common cause of tooth sensitivity.

The reason why, is because when the roots are exposed. They are made of a different material, which is called Denton. And Denton is a more porous surface. And those pores, because the tooth to be more sensitive.

Therefore, if people all of a sudden are grimacing in pain, when they take a sip of their hot coffee. Or can no longer tolerate ice water. It may be, because the roots of their teeth are exposed. When they once were not.

This is a great time to go to their Ellerslie dentist. Because their dentist will be able to see why they have receding gum line. So that they can treat that problem first.

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Some people have receding gums, because they have developed gum disease, or gingivitis. And the first thing that their dentist will do, is help them overcome that problem.

There going to start by giving people a very good cleaning, particularly scraping off the tartar. That is below the gum line. Because not only can this cause gingivitis and dental disease.

But tartar buildup that is below the gum line. Is actually impossible for people to get with the toothbrush. Which is why visiting the dentist for cleanings is absolutely vital to the overall health of their teeth and mouth.

When tartar buildup gets below the gum line. What happens, is the gums become irritated. They become puffy, and read. And they start to recede. In order to get away from the tartar buildup.

When this happens, it is called gingivitis says Ellerslie dentist. And when gingivitis goes untreated, it is then called gum disease. This exposes the roots. Causes the sensitivity that people are experiencing.

But even after they treat the gum disease and gingivitis. The roots may still be exposed. And their dentist can talk to them about what to do then. Whether they use a desensitizing toothpaste.

Such as Sensodyne, or if they use veneers, or bonding. There are many options that they can discuss. Once they have taken care of the larger dental problem that the patient has.

When people are ready to talk to a dentist, all they have to do is call their dentist, and book an appointment. So that they can get the help they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Don’t Live With Tooth Pain

Whether people are phobic of the dentist, says Ellerslie dentist. Or they think that there tooth pain is eventually going to go away. This is not a good way of dealing with dental problems.

In fact, there are some very simple reasons why people will have tooth sensitivity. That can have some very easy fixes. There is no reason that anyone should live with dental pain for a long period of time.

That can actually be eliminated very quickly. With the right treatment. One of the most common reasons. Why people will have tooth sensitivity, is due to a tiny cavity.

Many people are very incredulous, in thinking that they might have a cavity. And not know it, because people think they will get a toothache. If they have a cavity. However, this is not the case.

Cavities need to become quite large, and be near the root of the tooth. In order for people to have a toothache due to a cavity. However, even the smallest cavities. Can cause a tooth to become sensitive to temperature.

Because any breach in the tooth’s enamel. Can cause that tooth to become sensitive. Therefore, their Ellerslie dentist will do a visual examination. As well as some dental x-rays.

To see if they have any cavities that are contributing to their sensitivity. However, because any tiny breach of the enamel. Can cause a tooth to be sensitive. If patients also have been grinding their teeth at night.

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They either could have a sensitive tooth. Due to this pressure. But also, they could have a sensitive tooth. If they accidentally cracked there tooth, during their grinding. Therefore, whether this solution.

Is filling a small cavity. Or fixing a small crack. And then getting a patient a dental device. To wear at night to eliminate grinding. These are relatively minor fixes. That patients can utilize.

In order to eliminate reason why they have a sensitive tooth. And stop dealing with the pain. Another reason thing that can help patients. Is if the Ellerslie dentist does an examination of the patient’s mouth.

And does not find any obvious reasons why they would have sensitive teeth. They might be so inclined. To recommend the patient either gets bonding. That can eliminate sensitivity.

Or simply use a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. That can help coach the patient’s tooth. To eliminate the feelings of pain, when they eat or drink hot or cold foods or liquids.

While Sensodyne does not always work on all patients. If there is no known cause, it can be a great solution. To help people overcome their pain. When people are ready to visit their dentist.

All they have to do, is call the tooth doctor and arrange an appointment. They will be of the talk freely with their dentist about their problems. To help them find the right solution. And stop living their life in pain. And stop avoiding healthy food.