Ellerslie Dentist | Eliminating Sensitive Teeth

There are many things that can cause people to get sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. But almost all of them, will require some kind of intervention from a dentist in order to fix.

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However, many people tend to wait longer than they should. Before making an appointment. Because they think that the sensitivity is going to go away all on its own. When the pain does not subside.

They will make an appointment to go to their dentist. However, more damage than is necessary will have been created. This is why it is of paramount importance, that patients who are experiencing sensitivity in their teeth.

Should get to their dentist sooner rather than later. One of the most common reasons. Why people have sensitive teeth that develops in adulthood. Is they have the onset of gingivitis, and gum disease.

Gingivitis happens, when people do not have a great oral care routine. And do not brush their teeth well enough. Or, they do not visit their Ellerslie dentist for cleanings often enough. And they get tartar buildup.

When this tartar buildup gets bad, especially underneath their gum lines. It will start to harden, and irritate their gums. In this case, the gums will respond, by becoming inflamed and swollen.

They will pull away from the tooth, exposing the route. And it is at this point that people will start experiencing tooth sensitivity. It is also at this point that it is important for people to get to a dentist.

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Because the damage that their mouth has sustained this point. Is easily treatable. However, if they wait any amount of time. It is not going to be preventable any longer.

When their gingivitis prevails long enough. It will turn into gum disease. This happens when instead of having inflamed and swollen gums. But their gums simply starts to erode.

This erosion of the gums is permanent. And will cause permanent tooth sensitivity. Which is why people need to get their dentist when it is just gingivitis. However, when people wait, they cause more damage than is necessary.

However, this does not mean there is no hope. When they go to their Ellerslie dentist either with gingivitis or gum disease. They will be able to help get their teeth healthy.

By going through the necessary cleanings. And then adhering to a strict oral care routine. After they get their teeth back in good shape. The next thing that they will do.

Is discuss how to eliminate the tooth sensitivity that the patient is undoubtedly experiencing. There are many different options. From using a desensitizing toothpaste, like Sensodyne.

However, for many patients this is not effective. And for other people, they do not want to be forced to use a certain toothpaste for the rest of their life. For these patients their dentist will discuss.

Treatments like veneers, and bonding. That have varying degrees of invasiveness. To protect the teeth, and to keep them from experiencing pain from different environmental stimulus.

Ellerslie dentist | eliminating sensitive teeth

It is very painful, when people develop a sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. However, the level of pain does not cause a lot of people. To get treatment any faster unfortunately.

Many people either think that this is simply a normal part of being in adults. While other people, think that it will subside over time. But find out that this is not the case.

Unfortunately, the longer people wait. The worst the underlying cause of their tooth sensitivity can become. For example, one of the most common reasons why people have tooth sensitivities.

Is because they have developed cavity. The longer they wait, the more their tiny cavity will become a larger problem. That will take more than just a simple filling to fix.

Some people can wait weeks, months. Or even years to visit their dentist after first experiencing the sensitivity. And if they are not already visiting their dentist on a regular basis.

Their small problem can become huge one before they realize it. When it comes to cavities, the reason why causes sensitivity. Is because there is a breach in the enamel. And no matter how big or small that breaches.

It can cause extreme pain, when exposed to certain foods and temperatures. However, many people will not believe that they can even have a cavity. Because they have some preconceived notion.

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That a cavity is going to cause a toothache. However, the only time a cavity will cause that kind of a toothache says Ellerslie dentist. Is after it has become so large, that it is eating into the root of a tooth.

At this point, it is most likely going to need a root canal in order to fix. Another reason why people will have tooth sensitivity. Will be because they have a cracked or chipped tooth.

This happens very regularly, with people who grind their teeth at night. As well, when they clench their teeth very hard, that can aggravate their teeth. Particularly if they have a few teeth that are not sitting quite right in their mouth.

It can put undue pressure on those particular teeth. Which cause them to be aggravated, and extra sensitive to things like temperatures, and food that is high in acid, or sugary.

By going to their Ellerslie dentist. Not only can they fix the cracked or chipped teeth. They are also going to be able to get a night guard. That they can wear while they sleep. To protect their teeth from more damage as they grind their teeth.

As well as protect their teeth from aggravation that comes with clenching. Even though tooth sensitivity is a very common problem. According to the CBC, 30% of Canadians have a problem with tooth sensitivity.

This is a very treatable problem. But with anything in dentistry. The sooner people can get treatment. The sooner they are going to be able to eliminate their sensitivity. And be able to get on with their life.