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62% of Canadians, says Ellerslie dentist. Enjoy employer health benefits. That include dental insurance. This is often seen as a benefit of employment. And a strategy. That companies use.

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To attract great talent. And retain employees. The reason why this strategy is important. Is because the typical employee. Only stays two point three years. At their employer. And finding new staff is hard.

Therefore, by offering dental packages. Employers can attract more people. And they often want to stay. If they continue to get great benefits. A common question that benefit companies and Ellerslie dentist gets.

Our people wanting to know. By universal healthcare. Does not cover dental visits or services. The truth of the matter is. That Once upon a time, Canada did include dental benefits.

As part of their universal healthcare plan. As well, optometrist services. Such as eye exams, and free glasses. Were also included. Unfortunately, there was a rising national debt.

Because of Canada’s involvement in two world wars. Therefore, in nineteen fifty-two. The Prime Minister of Canada, Wilson decided. To try to eliminate the debt. By slashing government spending.

When faced with the difficult decision. To cut healthcare, transportation, education or infrastructure. They created the plan. To cut dental. And optical services from the universal healthcare plan.

It was a wildly unpopular decision. And the government promised. That is soon as the debt was eliminated. The services would be reinstated. Which, every Canadian knows by now.

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That did not happen. Which means, Canadians either have to pay. For their own dental appointments. And services to be done. Or, they need to get an insurance company. While Canadians who do not have employer benefits.

Can contact private insurance companies, such as Blue Cross. Some Canadians are unaware. That this is a possibility. But some know that they can. To get private health coverage, for their dental work.

But simply are unable. To afford the premiums. That they would have to pay on a monthly basis. Regardless, Ellerslie dentist says. People who cannot afford. To go to the dentist, simply do not.

This is a huge problem for many reasons. Because not only will they not get the dental care that they need. They also will end up. With larger dental problems. And likely toothache’s.

Because they are not getting rid of tartar buildup. That causes tooth decay and cavities. But also, tartar buildup. Below the gum line. Causes gingivitis, and inflammation of the gums. That is painful.

But also, when gingivitis is left untreated. It will turn into periodontal disease. Where the gum line starts to reseed. Exposing tooth roots. And causing pain, and susceptibility to cavities.

Therefore, if they are better able. To afford dental visits in the moment. They will have less problems like cavities. And tooth decay. That will be more expensive. And more painful to fix later.

People can visit the tooth doctor. For free consultation. In order to find out more information. They have three convenient locations, to serve people of the Edmonton. And greater area the best.

Ellerslie Dentist | Obtaining Employer Health Benefits – Dental Insurance

Many Canadians have dental benefits says Ellerslie dentist. However, that does not mean. That they have no problems. In affording the dentist. This is because many insurance companies.

Request that patients pay the dentist. Upfront, and then get reimbursed later. This can be a huge problem. Because many Canadians. Cannot afford the dental bill upfront.

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist. Because they do not know what the bill will be. For they get out of the chair. And what they might assume. Is a simple cleaning. That only costs a couple hundred dollars.

Might turn into a several hundred dollar bill. Because the dentist. Needed to do some work. And even if they have insurance. This does not help. Because not every service. Is covered by every insurance company.

And they still have to pay upfront. And get reimbursed later. As well, some insurance companies. Pay out several weeks. Or even several months. After the fact, which means many people.

Simply cannot be without several hundred dollars. For an indeterminate amount of time. However, it is still important. That patients get their dental work says Ellerslie dentist. It is a part of good overall health.

The Alberta government decided. When the federal government eliminated. Dental benefits from the universal healthcare plan. They would create a fee guide. To help patients better understand.

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How much they can expect for their dental visit. Thus, the Alberta dental fee guide was created. It used to be created annually. Printed, and distributed through the mail. Now it is available for free online.

Giving an entire list. Of all of the dental services. That people can get in the province of Alberta. And a suggested price. For all dentists. To help them set their prices better.

While dentists are not required. To follow the Alberta dental fee guide. In order to set their own prices. Because they are allowed to set their prices. To cover all of their costs and expenses.

That may differ wildly, from one dental office. To the next, a great example. Of this is looking at a dentist. In downtown Calgary. Would have very different expenses. Then a dentist operating out of can more.

And a dentist, operating out of a rural area. Far away from any major town in Alberta. Because they have so many different expenses. Such as rent or mortgage. Staff and material.

Not all dentists can afford. To price according to the dental fee guide. However, not only does Ellerslie dentist price. As close to the fee guide as possible. Because they understand that it is a tool.

That can help make going to the dentist more affordable. But also, they will offer payment plans. And free consultations. And free estimates, to give patients. As many tools as they possibly can.

To help patients be able to afford. The dental care, that everyone desperately needs. On a regular basis in Canada.