Ellerslie Dentist | Fixing Sensitive Teeth

Often, when the reasons why people visit their Ellerslie dentist. Is because they cannot stand having sensitive teeth. And things like eating hot food, cold food. Or hot or cold drinks are difficult.

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And they may have tried several over-the-counter products. Unsuccessfully. Which is why they visit their Ellerslie dentist, wanting to know how they can be helped.

And while many people may not know this. But one of the most common causes of sensitive teeth in most people. Is the fact that gingivitis actually causes sensitivity. And even if people are brushing their teeth.

Properly, by using a right toothbrush, rushing your teeth after every time they eat. As well as mouthwash twice a day and flossing. That does not necessarily mean they are not going to get gingivitis.

Often, people end up having a predisposition to gingivitis. Due to their genetics. And in this case, no matter how will they brush their teeth. They are going to be at risk for developing this dental disease.

Other times, gingivitis is formed. When people do not visit the dentist often enough. In order to get the tartar buildup. That happens below the gum line cleaned up. And that is going to be.

What causes gingivitis to form, with that tartar buildup starts irritating underneath the gums. Which is what people will see, when they look in the mirror, or when they bleed when they brush their teeth.

Therefore, one way that their Ellerslie dentist will help them fix their sensitive teeth. Is to get them to come in to the dentist twice a year for professional cleanings.

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If that, combined with a good oral hygiene routine home. Fails to stop their sensitive teeth. There are many things that their dentist will recommend.

They will recommend using a good quality desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. And to replace their regular toothpaste with that. Then, after a few months.

Patients will be able to tell if their teeth are still sensitive, or if the Sensodyne is working or not. If it is still causing them to have sensitive teeth. Then there are other things that the dentist will look for in the patient’s mouth.

Root exposure, grinding their teeth at night and receding gums. Can all cause sensitivity in patients. In a way that using Sensodyne will not help. However, another cause of overly sensitive teeth.

Is that they are brushing their teeth too hard, and they can fix that by not using a hard bristled toothbrush. And being very mindful of not brushing their teeth too hard.

However, the reason why people are brushing their teeth too hard. Is because their teeth do not feel is clean and as they feel they should. Which is why they should visit a dentist for cleanings. Because it can help restore that clean feeling.

Visiting their dentist twice a year is extremely. And can help people minimize their sensitive teeth. That can help them enjoy all of their favourite hot and cold foods and drinks.

Ellerslie Dentist | How to Help Sensitive Teeth Depends on The Cause

Often, when the temperature gets very hot outside, and people start drinking cold water they want to visit their Ellerslie dentist. Because they cannot enjoy those beverages without a sharp pain in their teeth.

Or perhaps, when it is cold outside, people cannot drink their favourite hot cocoa. And when this is the case, sensitive teeth are to blame. But what can help sensitive teeth?

There are many different causes of sensitive teeth. And if people are visiting their dentist twice a year for checkups as well as dental cleanings. Then gingivitis should not be the reason.

Although people who do have gingivitis will notice that they have extra sensitive teeth. So keeping gingivitis at bay. Is an important way to avoid having overly sensitive teeth.

However, if people grind their teeth at night. They could be damaging their teeth, which are causing them to be sensitive to temperature. Therefore, their dentist may give them a splint to wear at night.

This splint will be fit to their teeth. And can be worn, slid it protects their top and bottom teeth. That when they continue to grind their teeth at night. Their teeth actually be damaged. And can keep them from getting sensitive teeth.

However, if they already have their roots to their teeth exposed. Either from brushing their teeth too hard, receding gums from a variety of places. The solution is going to be a little bit more invasive.

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There dentist can put on a desensitizing material. And that is going to be put on their teeth for two minutes, and then removed. So that the patient will have to avoid brushing their teeth or twenty-four hours.

It can reduce sensitivity for a few months. But then will need to be reapplied. So while it is an effective solution, is not a permanent one unfortunately.

Also, people can end up having enamel that is too thin. And that is the cause of their sensitive teeth. And while enamel cannot be put on their teeth. There are many things that the dentist can do that can strengthen the teeth.

As well as help make it so that it is not sensitive. And way that can protect them from not having enough enamel on their teeth in the first place.

However, after all of this, they Ellerslie dentist may still recommend using a toothpaste designed to eliminate sensitive teeth. And the best brand that people can use is called Sensodyne.

They should notice a difference. Whether they are drinking hot or cold drinks. Or eating hot or cold food. And by eliminating their sensitivity. They can enjoy all of the foods that they love, and increase their quality of life.

However, if a person is not visiting their dentist twice a year. And just when they have issues. Should still be able to help them. But as always, preventative maintenance is always the most optimal solution.

This is why it is important for people to not just visit their Ellerslie dentist when they have problems. Visit their dentist twice a year. To eliminate problems from forming in the first place.