Ellerslie Dentist | Fixing Teeth That Are Sensitive

Many people may not realize that there are different causes of sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. And by finding out the cause of the sensitive teeth. Can eliminate the problem.

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However, a significant problem is many Canadians have sensitive teeth. And do not seek help. Because they do not realize that it could indicate larger dental problems. Or just think that sensitive teeth is common.

While 30% of Canadian do suffer from sensitive teeth. The fact that it is common, does not mean that people should suffer with it. Especially when there are many causes. Therefore many treatments that can help people.

For example, a very common problem. That causes people to have sensitive teeth are cavities. People often believe that cavities will lead to a dull toothache. But when cavities are very small.

They often do not feel at all. And only when the cavities get larger, and start getting close to the root. To people experience pain. However, when people have cavities. It can also cause sensitivity to temperature.

Therefore, if people are suddenly realizing that drinking hot coffee. Or drinking very cold water is painful. When it was not before. It might indicate a cavity, that they should get filled quickly.

However, many people might end up waiting, thinking that the sensitivity will go away on its own. Or think that it is time to start using a desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, and all the while.

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There cavity is getting worse, which will cause even more problems for the patient down the line. This is why Ellerslie dentist recommends. The sooner people realize they have sensitive teeth.

The sooner they should make an appointment for a checkup. Another reason why people might end up with sensitive teeth. Is that they have a bite problem. That is putting pressure on one tooth more than the others.

They can go to their Ellerslie dentist, who will check to see if this is the case. And if so, they can slightly shave down the enamel on the problem tooth. So that people do not have that pressure.

However, it is very common. That if people have a bite problem. It also might indicate that they are biting down to hard. Or that they are grinding their teeth at night. And that should be fixed as well.

There dentist will be able to create a mouthguard. For the patients to wear at night, to eliminate grinding. So that they can eliminate any pressure points in their mouth. There causing their teeth to be sensitive.

Sometimes, the dentist can find no actual reason. Why people might have sensitive teeth. And in that case, they might recommend it is a good time to start using a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne.

However, this needs to be the last treatment. After all other possibilities have been explored. So that people do not end up using a desensitizing toothpaste. And avoiding finding the cause of their problem.

Ellerslie Dentist | Fixing Teeth That Are Sensitive

When people who have not had sensitive teeth before suddenly develop it says Ellerslie dentist. This can indicates a larger dental problem. That should get fixed. However, many people think that sensitive teeth.

Simply needs to be treated with a desensitizing toothpaste. Unfortunately, this would mean that they are making their other dental problems that are causing the sensitivity worse.

One of the most common causes of sensitive teeth. Is gingivitis and gum disease. Therefore, people need to get that dealt with sooner rather than later. Gingivitis and gum disease is caused.

By tartar buildup. Either by a patient not brushing their teeth often enough. Or not going to the dentist often enough to get cleanings done by a dental hygienist.

Because while regular brushing can keep a lot of the tartar buildup away. Over time, brushing alone cannot eliminate this tartar buildup. And a dental cleaning is necessary. To get that buildup off their teeth.

If people are not brushing their teeth often enough. And not visiting their dentist for cleanings enough. It is very easy, for them to develop first gingivitis. And then gum disease, which can cause tooth sensitivity.

This tooth sensitivity is because as they tartar buildup irritates the gums. They become inflamed, or read. And start pulling away from the tooth itself. Leaving the root exposed.

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People may not realize this, but the root is made of a different material than the rest of their teeth. This substance is called Denton says Ellerslie dentist. And is a much more porous surface.

Therefore, it is more sensitive to temperature changes. Which is why people will experience pain when they drink something hot or eat something cold. This is why if people have sensitive teeth.

Caused by gingivitis, or gum disease. The first thing that their dentist will do. Is give them a thorough tooth cleaning. To eliminate the tartar buildup. But it will be extremely important. For the patient to cooperate.

And agreed to brushing their teeth twice a day. As well as flossing once a day. And following all of the dentists instructions in caring for their teeth. They are not going to eliminate their sensitivity quickly.

But by following the recommendations and brushing their teeth often enough. People are going to be able to eliminate their gum disease. And eventually, because their teeth to not be sensitive anymore.

When this is the cause of their sensitive teeth. There dentist may suggest that while they are waiting for the sensitivity to go away. The patient can also use Sensodyne, to protect their teeth in the meantime.

However, not all patients are going to find relief with this. But the sooner people discover they have sensitive teeth. And then get to a dentist.

The sooner they are going to be able to eliminate the reason why they have sensitive teeth and find relief. When people are ready to treat their sensitive teeth. The best thing would be to call Ellerslie dentist, in order to make an appointment. To find why they have sensitive teeth and to treat it.