Ellerslie Dentist | Fluoride Can Protect Against Cavities

Many people understand that fluoride is important says Ellerslie dentist. But they do not know what it does it specifically. In order to help their teeth. Demystifying this, is very important for many people.

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. That is in many different plants and food. Unfortunately, people typically never get enough fluoride. To protect their teeth from the food they eat alone.

Therefore, municipalities in the nineteen forties. Decided to start putting fluoride in the water. To help strengthen the teeth of the population. Especially because at the time, most were too poor to go to the dentist themselves.

However, many people nowadays. Or drinking bottled water. Or not drinking enough water. Which makes getting additional fluoride treatments. Very important to help protect their teeth.

Even if people are brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. Getting a regular fluoride treatment from their dentist. Can help them reach parts of their teeth that they do not get consistently with a toothbrush.

And help them get fluoride in between their teeth for example. Where almost impossible to brush with fluoride toothpaste. Even though people may be flossing. Protecting all areas of the tooth.

Is what getting fluoride from the dentist will do. Fluoride that they get at the dentist’s office, may come in many different formats. A liquid, that contains extremely concentrated amounts of fluoride.

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Where the patient will switch around their mouth, and hold it in their mouth for a minutes. Before spitting it back out. Can protect their teeth, by allowing the fluoride to start building up on their tooth’s surface.

However, there are many different types of fluoride. Including a paste periods that many people remember from their dentist as a child. Often coming in different flavours.

That their dentist coats their teeth using a cotton ball covered in this fluoride paste. However, a very popular fluoride treatments. Is now starting to be used more often. It is a varnish.

Which is much thinner, and is painted on the patient’s teeth. Why this is becoming more popular. Is because people will not have to wait the usual hour to eat after getting fluoride a varnish.

Many people often wonder at what age. They need to start bringing their child in for fluoride treatments. Ellerslie dentist recommends bringing children in at six months of age.

As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. Not only will they get a checkup. That can help the dentist see if they may develop tooth problems in the future, such as overcrowding.

But also, they will get their first fluoride treatments. That can start protecting their teeth. Every six months from that point on, until they are sixteen years of age. Is the most critical time for these fluoride treatments.

If people are ready to bring their children in for their first dental visit. Or at least their first fluoride treatments. They have to do is call Ellerslie dentist for an appointment.

Ellerslie Dentist | Fluoride Protects Your Teeth Against Cavities

Many people know that there toothpaste has fluoride in it says Ellerslie dentist. And no, that they get a fluoride treatments at the end of their dental visit. But no virtually nothing else about this important mineral.

How fluoride works, is the body uses it, to strengthen the teeth. Using a process called remineralization. This is where the teeth are strengthened, using the fluoride that a person either consumes through food and water.

Or, using the concentrated fluoride in paste. That the dentist applies. As well as in the toothpaste that people rush their teeth with every day. What it does, is provides a protective layer on the surface of the teeth.

So that the bacteria that is responsible for eating away at the patient’s enamel. Has a much harder time getting to the enamel. Because of this protective barrier. As well, the fluoride will also protect the teeth.

Against acid, that occurs naturally in many food. Such as citrus fruits, and soda pop. By having this protective barrier in place. Means that these acidic foods, are less likely to damage the teeth.

Until a person has the opportunity to brush the acid away. And protect their teeth. While many people understand it is important to strengthen the teeth of their children. They may wonder if it is important.

To get fluoride treatments as in adults. Ellerslie dentist would argue that it is even more important. For adults to get this treatment. Especially if they have already started developing dental concerns.

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Concerns like getting crowns, bridges, or braces. While these things in and of themselves are not necessarily bad. It can make brushing the teeth a bit more difficult.

Or at least make it more difficult to reach all areas of the tooth. Through brushing, even using fluoride toothpaste. Therefore, people who have these implements in their mouth. Should get regular fluoride treatments to protect their teeth.

If people have ever developed gum disease or gingivitis. There tooth roots are typically more exposed. And the reason why people with exposed roots are more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

Is simply because the root of their tooth, does not have the same amount of enamel as the rest of their teeth. Which ends up meaning their roots, are more susceptible to cavities.

Anyone who has had gum disease and gingivitis. Should visit their dentist for regular fluoride treatments. And finally, adults who have dry mouth. Either caused by age, or a side effect from a medication.

Should be getting regular fluoride treatments. Simply because the absence of saliva, means that their teeth are more susceptible to cavities. And fluoride treatments. Will help protect their teeth.

Ultimately, while it is very important for children to start getting fluoride treatments. There is no reason that adults should ever stop. So that they can be guarded against cavities, and tooth decay.

And end up with healthy teeth for their entire life. If people have any other questions about fluoride, they should contact Ellerslie dentist for an appointment. To get checkup, a cleaning. And answer all their questions about this important mineral.