Ellerslie Dentist | Fluoride Is An Important Mineral

While many people understand that fluoride plays some kind of role in oral health says Ellerslie dentist. They often do not know what it is, or how it protects their teeth. This can leave people with many questions.

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Especially when it comes to using toothpaste with fluoride in it. As well as getting regular fluoride treatments from their dentist. Themselves, as well as for their children.

People should keep in mind. That fluoride is actually a mineral. And is naturally occurring in food, and different plants. When it is ingested, the body absorbs the nutrients. And through process called remineralization.

Takes any fluoride, and applies it to the surface of people’s teeth. What it does once there, is supports healthy and strong enamel. Creating that important barrier, making it difficult.

For the bacteria that causes cavities, to reach the enamel and tooth. But it also does says Ellerslie dentist, is protects the tooth against the acid from food. That can erode the enamel and weaken the tooth.

There are many foods that are healthy, that contain different acids. That can weaken the teeth. Such as citric fruits, oranges, grapefruits. As well as limes and lemons. As well as things like tomatoes, and food high in vinegar.

While a lot of these foods are very nutritious. They can also cause erosion of the teeth. Which is why having a healthy layer of fluoride is so beneficial. However, there is not enough fluoride in people’s diets.

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To adequately protect their teeth. Which is why it became a standard practice, for dentists to start applying fluoride topically on their patient’s teeth. However, people also start utilizing toothpaste.

That has fluoride in it. They often wonder, is it necessary to do both. And what could happen, if they ever had too much fluoride on their teeth. Ultimately, Ellerslie dentist says it is important.

To have fluoride toothpaste, as well as fluoride treatments from the dentist. While brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Can add fluoride to the teeth. Most people are not brushing often enough.

And are not brushing long enough, to buildup that protective layer the way it should be. Therefore, by seeing their dentist every six months. They can get a treatment of fluoride.

That can help their body buildup that layer of fluoride thick enough, to protect their teeth. And while yes, it is possible. To have too much fluoride on a person’s teeth. This does not come from putting it on the teeth.

Such as with the fluoride treatment from the dentist. Or using a fluoride toothpaste. It happens, if people accidentally consume too much fluoride, such as accidentally swallowing toothpaste frequently.

This is more common in children. And causes a condition called dental fluorosis. Where there is excess fluoride buildup on the teeth. It causes some discolouration. But the fluoride as well as the discolouration can easily be fixed.

By their dentist carefully applying some acid. That will erode the fluoride from the teeth. If people have any other concerns or questions about fluoride. They can call the tooth doctor for an appointment. To get their teeth cleaned, and questions answered.

Ellerslie Dentist | Fluoride Is An Important Mineral For Oral Health

Even though people understand that fluoride is important in healthy teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. They are not sure what it does, or how it protects their teeth. Essentially, it is a mineral that either can be ingested.

Or, it can be put into a paste, and applied onto the surface of the teeth. And either way, the body will use a process called remineralization. To put the fluoride on the surface of the teeth.

What it does, once it is there is strength in the enamel. And provides a barrier to the tooth. Therefore, if people eat acidic food. It will prevent the acid from reaching the tooth itself. Where it can wear away the enamel.

Making it more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. As well, a healthy layer of fluoride on the teeth. Make it difficult for the bacteria that will eat away at their teeth. Causing cavities, to reach their teeth in the first place.

The only thing that people need to keep in mind is that as their fluoride coding. Protects their teeth, it also wears away. Which means they need to constantly be reapplying it, in order to keep their teeth protected.

The first time someone should get a fluoride treatment. Is at six months of age. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. And can be instructed to keep their mouth open.

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People can bring their children this young to Ellerslie dentist for a checkup, and fluoride treatment. Then, every six months after that. They should be coming back for more treatments for their children.

However, once the children reach adulthood. They still need to continue to come in for regular fluoride treatments. The reason why, is they still need protection. And different scenarios, make it even more important to get fluoride treatments.

One scenario that Ellerslie dentist says people should be aware of. Is if they have crowns, bridges or braces in their mouth. The reason why, is these devices, make it even more difficult.

For people to brush every surface of their teeth properly. Which means if they do not come in for regular fluoride treatments. They could be at higher risk of developing cavities or tooth decay.

If people have ever had gum disease or gingivitis. There gums will have receded. Exposing some of the roots of some of their teeth. Since the roots of teeth, do not have the same amount of enamel as the rest of their teeth.

Fluoride treatments become a vital way of ensuring. That there roots are protected against acid where, and cavities as well as tooth decay. In fact, there is simply no reason why people should ever stop getting fluoride treatments.

However, if people have questions about this. Or concerns about getting too much fluoride on their teeth. They can make an appointment with the tooth doctor, where they can get their teeth cleaned. And get all of the answers to all of their questions.