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Whether people visit their Ellerslie dentist twice a year. Or only when there is a problem. People typically have many questions. That come up during their appointment with the tooth doctor.
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Among the most popular questions. People ask how they can make their teeth whiter. They often have already tried. Many over-the-counter solutions. Such as whitening toothpastes. And tooth whitening strips.

And they are not happy with the results they got. Unfortunately, people will not get drastic changes. From over-the-counter tooth whitening kits. For the simple reason, that they are only designed.

To whiten by approximately one shade. This is deemed safe to do. Without a doctor’s approval or their supervision. And while Ellerslie dentist admits that these products are great for maintaining a white smile.

Especially as people drink coffee and wine. And eat foods that naturally darken the teeth. But if they want a noticeably brighter smile. They should come into the office. To talk about their various options.

The most common solution. For noticeably whiter smiles from a dentist. Is a tooth whitening kit. This is customize. Specifically for each patient. Where the dentist will first, take an impression of the patient’s teeth.

This will allow them to create a customized trade. That fits to their teeth perfectly. Next, they will look at the shade of white. That the patient’s teeth are already at. And find out how much whiter people want.

Each whitening kit from their dentist. Will brighten the teeth by five shades. And once they know what shade of white. The dentist will give them bleach to put in the trays. And people can whiten their smile.

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In the comfort of their own home. However, this is not a great option. For people who have already sensitive teeth. The reason why says Ellerslie dentist. Is because whitening kits cause more sensitivity.

However, that does not mean. That there are no whitening solutions for them. They can come in to find out about veneers. This is where dentists affix a false front of the tooth.

Onto their existing teeth. This can fix many problems. Including brightening up a smile. While this is a great option. It is often more invasive than many people are prepared for. And therefore, want different options.

If the primary reason for having veneers. Is a whiter, brighter smile. Finally, the last solution. Is it using a whitening material, called bonding. It is made of a liquidy, fatty material.

That adds a layer of white to the teeth. Brightening and whitening the smile. Bonding can also minimize sensitive teeth slightly. However, it will wear off after a few months.

Which requires people to come back to their dentist. To have new applications about two or three times every year. If people have more questions for their dentist. They can visit the tooth doctor.

Okay did on the south side of. In a neighbourhood called Ellerslie. They can either arrange a free consultation. Or, make an appointment. So that people can get their teeth cleaned and asked questions.

Ellerslie Dentist | Often Dental Queries

Although many people are shy about visiting the Ellerslie dentist. There is truly no reason to. People can head off problems. And get some preventative maintenance. So that they do not have larger dental problems later.

Many people are often shy. Feeling very ashamed if they have cavities. Yellow teeth, or other problems. However, Ellerslie dentist wants to reassure everybody. Saying even the best oral care routine in the world.

Will not prevent all problems. Things like plaque and tartar buildup. Will accumulate on a person’s teeth. Which is why it is important. That people come in for regular tooth cleanings.

Regular cleanings can further help prevent cavities from forming. And help people avoid developing dental problems. Such as gingivitis, which is inflamed gums. As well, people should understand.

That many people are simply genetically predisposition. To having poor teeth. Whether they have been enamel. For their genetics ensure that they always have a problem with gingivitis.

Not everything can be solved. Or avoided by simply brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. This is why one of the most common questions they have. When people do work up enough courage.

To come into the dentist is how can people actually prevent tooth decay and gingivitis? Ultimately, having great oral care routine is important. Including brushing their teeth, twice a day.

For a minimum of two minutes each. Flossing every day. And using mouthwash after every brush. However, that is not the only thing they can do. The food that people eat plays a big role.

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In how healthy their teeth are. Avoiding sugar is a great idea. As sugar causes a lot of plaque buildup and cavities. But also, eating healthy, crunchy fruits and vegetables. Can support bone development, and healthy teeth.

People can also avoid problems. By avoiding a midnight snack. Going to bed after eating. Can cause people to develop cavities while they sleep. Even if they brush their teeth.

Because all of the bacteria in their saliva. Can cause problems while the slumber. Therefore, being mindful of what people eat. Brushing their teeth, and flossing and using mouthwash.

Our very great, but also. To help prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. People must also be willing. To visit Ellerslie dentist at least twice a year. The checkup will ensure no problems are forming.

But also, seeing a dental hygienist. To clean their teeth. Can get rid of tartar buildup below the gum line. That actually is responsible for gingivitis. As well as eliminating the risk of developing cavities elsewhere.

Because no matter how well people brush. They are going to get tartar buildup all over their teeth. If they do not visit a dentist. For routine cleaning at least twice a year.

When people have more questions, they should feel free to contact their Ellerslie dentist. Located at the tooth doctor, on the south side of Edmonton in Ellerslie. They can arrange a free consultation.

Or, make an appointment to get a cleaning. And ask all of their burning questions. So that they can take care of their very important asset. A great big white smile.