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Even though amalgam has been used for hundred and fifty years according to Ellerslie dentist. Many people are starting to talk negatively. About this metal alloy. Wondering if it is now safe.

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The reason why many people wonder. If it is safe, is because it contains mercury. Which is known to be toxic. Therefore, there are many questions. That patients ask their dentist.

When they come in for a cleaning, a checkup. Or because they have problems, that need to get fixed. One of the most common questions that they get. Is asking if amalgam is safe?

Despite the fact that amalgam has been used safely. For over a hundred and fifty years. People end up wondering, every few years. If that is still the case. This is often because as society gets more sophisticated.

More things are discovered, and some things. Are found to be unsafe. A great example of this. Is BPA in plastics. A few years ago, nobody would know anything about BPA’s. And now, we know how bad it is.

And nobody uses anything plastic. With BPA in it for food. This is why studies are continuing to be done. On dental amalgam. However, despite the vast number of studies. None have ever found.

That amalgam is unsafe in any way. The reason it is safe. Is because while it does have mercury and it. When mixed with other metals, as is the case. With metals that are alloys. The properties of each metal.

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Changes, which is why the alloy was created in the first place. For example, the mercury is no longer in liquid form. When mixed with the other metals. In order to make up the amalgam.

The mercury is liquid. And mixed with several different metals. That have been ground into powder form. And the other metals, can include copper, tin or silver.

But also zinc, iron, palladium and even platinum. When all of the powdered metals. Our mixed with the liquid mercury. It creates an extremely durable solid. And mercury, is not known to leak out of it.

While there may be some trace amounts. That leave the amalgam. Over the course of several years. It is all within the acceptable limits, according to the food and drug administration.

And while for some people, there is no amount of safe mercury. Tuna fish, for example has mercury in it. And it still continues. To be one of the most consumed fish on the planet says Ellerslie dentist.

Which proves, that people are willing to accept levels of risk. When it comes to certain things. They in fact, would be exposed to more mercury. From eating tuna. Then they would from their filling.

Another example of acceptable risk. Is when people are exposed to radiation. It is known to be extremely terrible for the body. However, people will accept a small amount of radiation says Ellerslie dentist.

When they are getting an x-ray done. To find out if they have a broken bone. If something else is medically wrong with them. They would be exposed to more radiation. On a flight from Edmonton to Vancouver. So they should not be concerned.

Ellerslie Dentist | The Most Frequently Asked Amalgam Questions

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. And they have amalgam fillings. They have many questions. About the safety of these fillings. There have been some negative talk about these fillings.

Which happens every few years. And dentists are quite familiar. With people’s concerns. If someone does not know. What the amalgam fillings are. Simply put, they are the silver fillings.

That many people have in their mouths. Amalgam has been used in dental fillings. For over a hundred and fifty years. And the reason why many people are concerned. Wondering if they are safe.

Is because one of the metals in this alloy. Is mercury, which is known to be toxic. Therefore, people have questions. About getting amalgam fillings. Since it is still in use in North America.

But also, wondering if they should replace their fillings. With the more common, and cosmetic choice. The white filling, that has started to become more popular. The reason whites more popular.

Is because it is white. And therefore, more cosmetically appealing. It blends into the patient’s tooth. So that it does not look like the patient had a cavity. However Ellerslie dentist says.

Despite the fact that it is the more popular filling. It is not as strong or durable as amalgam. And it is more expensive as well. And in some situations, it is difficult or impossible to fill.

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The reason why, is because in order to put. A white filling into a tooth, it has to be completely dry. Which can be difficult, in a mouthful of saliva. In some hard-to-reach areas.

It is almost impossible, for the dentist. To completely dry this area. And then, they will talk to the patient. About the possibility of putting amalgam. And if they do not like that option, they can discuss the others.

Such as getting a root canal, and putting a crown on the tooth. Or, pulling the tooth. And putting a dental implant instead. Not only are those considerably more expensive. They are considerably more invasive as well.

Another question that people often have. For their Ellerslie dentist when they visit. Is wondering why it hurts. If they accidentally bite metal. With a tooth, that has filling in it. Many people take this as a sign.

That there filling is dangerous. It often leaves them with a metallic taste in their mouth. In addition to a feeling like they had just gotten an electric volt. Passed through their tooth.

The reason why this happens, is the galvanic action. Between the two different types of metal. And while this always occurs. When two metals get close to each other. In a wet, and slightly saline environment.

Of the inside of a person’s mouth. It turns the feeling. And the other metal object. Into a temporary battery. Which is what leaves the metallic taste, and the bolt of electricity.

However, it is not proof that the amalgam is unsafe. It is extremely safe. However, people should avoid. Biting metal, in order to avoid an unpleasant sensation.