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When Ellerslie dentist recommends parents get dental sealants for their children. They usually are hit with a barrage of questions. Helping parents understand what this is, and how it helps their child.

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One of the first questions that they get. Or from parents who have never heard about dental sealants. Wondering exactly what they are. They might think that it is a bit like getting fluoride treatments.

Where a coating of fluoride is painted onto the teeth. But is not necessarily a physical barrier. While other parents, might think it is something very similar to a mouthguard. That they would wear at night to prevent grinding.

And the true answer to that question. About what a dental sealant is. Is actually a little bit of both, and in the middle. It is a physical, literal barrier. That is affixed to the patients teeth.

And this barrier, protects the teeth. From bacteria that causes tooth decay as well as cavities. However, it is painted on. Very similar to fluoride. And cannot be removed. But is a very thin plastic.

The next question that many people have for their dentist. Is exactly how does this protect against cavities. The dental sealant is applied onto the patient’s teeth. And then cured, to make it hard.

It is not able to be removed. Therefore, when it is applied to clean teeth. It acts as a barrier. Between the tooth, and the bacteria. That causes tooth decay, and cavities in people.

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What is most likely to cause tooth decay in molars. Is the leftover food, that is not properly brushed away. Therefore, by painting the dental sealant. On the surface of the molar.

Ensures that the food never gets stuck in the actual physical teeth. But instead, the thin plastic layer covering the tooth. Because it is only used to cover the surface of the molar.

And no other surfaces, of any other teeth. Ellerslie dentist says that this is not a substitution for brushing. But simply something that can guard patients against cavities. As they grow.

In fact, when parents ask why it is important for their children. The answer, is so that they can learn how to brush their teeth properly. Using techniques, and developing good oral hygiene habits.

So that they do not accidentally cause cavities. When they are very young, learning how to brush their teeth. By applying the barrier early on in childhood. Can protect their teeth.

And as long as they do not develop cavities. They can continue to protect their teeth. Whenever the sealant wears off. Approximately every decade or so. But in children, whenever they lose their baby teeth.

And grow in their adult teeth. However, it is very important that they continue to see their Ellerslie dentist regularly. Because the dental sealant can develop cracks or chips. By visiting regularly.

They can get their annual exam. Their teeth cleaned, and there sealants examined. And fixed if it is necessary to fix them.

Ellerslie Dentist | Frequently Asked Dental Sealant Questions From Patients

It is very important for parents to understand why their Ellerslie dentist. Will recommend dental sealants for their children. However, in order for them to feel comfortable with the procedure.

They typically will ask their dentist many questions. About the procedure, and why they should get it done. One of the first questions that they will ask their Ellerslie dentist.

Is why they should get this procedure done, their child who is still very young. And the answer to that question, is because young children. Often have the hardest time. Brushing their teeth properly.

This is not because parents are not teaching them correctly. Or, because they are not supervising their children. But rather, because molars are notoriously difficult. To brush clean, because of their surface.

Anyone can run their tongue along the surface of their molars in their own wealth. In order to feel how rough the surface is. And while this makes them perfect for chewing food.

That is the very trait that makes them very difficult to brush cleanly. There are high, sharp peaks. And pits in the teeth. That are very hard for a typical toothbrush to reach. Even by in adults, who is doing their best job.

Therefore, for children who are just learning how to brush their teeth. And are still developing their fine motor skills. It can be even more difficult. That is why most dentists recommend dental sealants while the child still young.

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And the reason why they should protect the child’s baby teeth. Is because those children still need their teeth. Even if they will eventually fall out. Later on in that child’s life.

Not only that, but it can be very dramatic, and invasive. For their dentist to have to fill a cavity. Do a root canal, or even pull a tooth that is not able to be fixed. Which can cause a lot of pain.

And stress for the child, who may fear coming back to the dentist in the future. Therefore, getting the dental sealants from an early age. Can help children avoid this scenario.

And enable them to stay cavity free, for longer. In fact, once they have made it to adolescents. With no cavities, and they have all of their adult teeth. Ellerslie dentist also recommends that they get dental sealants applied once more.

Not only will it last them approximately ten years. But as long as they stay cavity free. People can continue getting dental sealants, well into adulthood. The only caveat they need to pay attention to.

Is that this is not placement for good dental care. They still need to visit their dentist every six months. For an examination, and cleaning. And to inspect the sealant, and fix any chips or cracks.

When people are ready to get the dental sealants that their children need. The best place to start, would be at the tooth doctor, located in Southwest Edmonton. In a neighbourhood called Ellerslie.