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Amalgam is an alloy used in dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. And while many people do not know a lot about it. They are familiar with the silvery fillings. That they, or a loved one has.

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And other than that, all that people seem to know about it. Is that it was made, using Mercury. And because of that, our sceptical. Or even nervous about its use in dentistry.

While it is true, amalgam is made using Mercury. It is not dangerous in an alloy. The way it is, in answer original form. Mercury is a liquid metal. That can be ingested by a human.

And then, have that Mercury be absorbed. Into various tissues of the body. Causing problems. Or even getting into the person’s circulatory system. There nervous system, or their organs and brain.

Mercury is typically ingested. Such as by eating foods, that have mercury in them. The most common food. That has mercury in it. Is tuna, and despite the fact. That there are trace elements of mercury in this fish.

It continues to be one of the most popular fish. That people, around the entire world eat. If it was truly dangerous to ingest this fish. The FDA, and agencies around the world. Would no longer allow it.

However, it is safe to each tuna. With trace amounts of mercury and it. And it is safe, to have dental amalgam. As fillings, in a person’s mouth. As Mercury is typically ingested.

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Or, leaches into the tissues of a person’s body. People are worried. That this but is happening. Over several years, with dental amalgam. However, this does not happen because mercury in amalgam.

Is now an alloy. Which has completely different properties in it. On its own, Mercury is a liquid. But as an alloy. Not only is it a solid. That it is one of the most strong, and durable solids says Ellerslie dentist.

Which is why it is used to fill holes in teeth. Because teeth, are constantly being used. To mash up food. And bite crunchy objects. So the material used in fillings. Needs to be extremely hard as well.

How amalgam is made. Is by mixing several different types of metals. That have been ground down into powder. And then mixed with the liquid mercury. There are several metals that can be combined into amalgam.

Such as copper, tin and zinc. To iron, platinum, silver and palladium. Once this alloy is created. It will be put into the patient’s tooth. And left to harden. While dental amalgam was only designed.

To last about ten or fifteen years. Most people have their amalgam fillings. For much longer. And many studies continue to be done. To see if the fillings degrade over time. But so far, no studies have shown this.

When people would like to talk to a dentist about this. They can simply visit Ellerslie dentist. By picking up the phone and arranging a consultation. So that they can get all of the answers to their burning questions.

Ellerslie Dentist | Frequent Questions About The Alloy Amalgam

There are many questions people ask their Ellerslie dentist. About amalgam, especially if they have silver fillings. Or if they are going to be getting fillings in their mouth in the near future.

While the best way. To avoid people from worrying about this. Is to get them to engage. In a good oral hygiene routine. Such as brushing their teeth twice a day. Flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash.

Despite some people’s best efforts. They end up with a cavity or two. Which will then need to be taken care of by their dentist. To fill a cavity, the dentist must first freeze the area. So they do not cause the patient pain.

And then, they will take a dental drill. And chip away at the tooth. That has decay on it. The reason this is important says Ellerslie dentist. Is because if any tiny bits. That still have decay are left.

The bacteria on the decayed spots. Will multiply. And continue to eat away at the tooth. Underneath the filling. Once the dentist has chipped away at all of the tooth. That has decay on it. The next step is filling the cavity.

They will use dental amalgam in most cases. To fill the tooth. Which is an alloy that is created. By mixing powdered metals. With liquid mercury to create a solid. Amalgam has been safely used.

For over hundred and fifty years. Some people are concerned about it. Especially because it has been banned in a few countries. Such as Denmark, Sweden and Britain. But it is not banned because it is dangerous.

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It has been banned in those countries. Simply because the waste materials. That are created when amalgam is made. Is difficult to dispose of. And those countries, do not have a good waste treatment plan.

North America on the other hand. Such as Canada, and the United States. Have a great way to handle the waste products. That are created by making amalgam. Which is why it is still approved for use.

By the FDA, in both Canada and the states. If people are concerned about amalgam. Either because they are worried about mercury. Or, they are looking for a more cosmetically appealing option.

Ellerslie dentist will always be able to apply a white filling. That can mask the look of a cavity. Because it is white in colour. Unfortunately, while it is the second choice for most dentists.

It is not nearly as strong or durable. As well as being more expensive. Then amalgam to fill cavities. However, if that is what people want. The dentist will accommodate.

If people have any questions about cavities, and amalgam. All they have to do. Is reach out to the tooth doctor. Has three convenient locations to choose from. People can set up a consultation.

Or, they can get a cleaning and an examination. And ask all of their questions of the dentist at that time.