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Often, when people visit their Ellerslie dentist. For regular checkup, cleaning or otherwise. They hear, the recommendation that they should get their teeth straightened. Whether they were a child when they first heard that. Or are hearing it as an adult.

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One of the reasons why their Ellerslie dentist. Might make this recommendation. Is so that they can have better overall oral hygiene. Even if people are brushing every single day.

Using mouthwash, and flossing regularly. Crooked teeth, can be an impediment. To their perfect oral health. Crooked teeth, can make it difficult or even impossible. For people to get all areas, and crevices.

With their toothbrush, and dental floss. Therefore, sometimes it is impossible. For people with crooked teeth. To brush all of the food particles away. And these trapped food particles, promote tooth decay.

Tooth decay can cause cavities, tartar buildup. And even cause gingivitis. Therefore, it is the duty of Ellerslie dentist. To make a recommendation. Of a patient getting their teeth straightened.

So the they do not end up with multiple cavities. And eventually require pulling their teeth. Some people may not think that having there tooth pulled is a huge deal. Especially with dental implants.

However, they should understand. That if they continue to have crooked teeth. It may be hard, or impossible for their dentist. To fit the dental implant into their mouth full of crooked teeth.

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Therefore, when their dentist makes the recommendation. Of straightening their teeth. Whether they are a child of the time, or an adult. They should heed that advice, and avoid having a greater dental problems later down the road.

The second reason why dentist would make this recommendation. Is simply because people can have a better diet. When they are able to eat any food they desire, such as fruits and vegetables.

People with crooked teeth, often avoid certain food. Such as taking a big bite into a juicy apple. Or eating a crunchy carrot. Simply because it hurts their teeth, their gums. And their jaw.

By aligning their teeth, and straightening the teeth as well. People can start to eat all of the foods. There were causing them pain and problems before. Ideally, people can fix their teeth when they are still children.

So that they can develop a lifetime, fully of healthy eating habits. When their dentist makes this recommendation. Many people are accepting of this. But they do not want to traditional metal braces.

Not only are they very obvious, but they are also very ugly. And many people do not want to be made fun of. Whether they are students going to school. Or adults, not wanting to walk into a boardroom. With a face full of metal.

Therefore, the Invisalign system. Can be a perfect solution. Helping people get straight, and healthy teeth and smiles. However, all without everybody else seeing that they are straightening their teeth as well.

When people want to continue with this procedure. The next step, would be to get their dentist to perform a 3D scan of their smile. So that they can receive their first plastic liners. Of the Invisalign system.

Ellerslie Dentist | Gentle Ways For Dentists To Align Teeth

Cosmetically, many people want to fix their crooked teeth says Ellerslie dentist. But they are nervous because they do not want to get traditional metal braces. Because of the same cosmetic reasons.

When this is the case. Many people should hear about Invisalign. Many people have heard of it. But think that it is only a solution to keep their teeth straight. Once they have already have braces.

Or that it is a system, only for correcting minor dental problems. Ellerslie dentist said neither of those assumptions is true. It actually is helpful for most dental concerns. And is perfect for patients of all ages.

From children, two adults and even seniors. One of the best reasons. Why people love Invisalign. Is the fact that it is clear, and therefore. Virtually invisible to everyone. They can keep a secret from their coworkers, their customers.

And even their friends if they wish. This also means less teasing for children in the schoolyard. That will make them more likely to where there liners every single day. The second reason why Invisalign is growing in popularity. Is because it is a system.

That does not require monthly appointments with their dentist. They will receive their first liners by mail. Produced by a digital computer, and after wearing the liners. For three weeks. They will send their dentist a photo of their smile.

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The dentist will recommend they either switch to the next set of liners. Or continued where there liners for the next week. This way, even people with extremely busy schedules. Can make the time to send a photo of their smile to their dentist.

And progress in their Invisalign treatment. Another reason why people love Invisalign. As opposed to metal braces. Is because typically, it takes less time. Traditional braces typically take two or three years.

Where the average Invisalign patient. Is done in eleven months. While that is not necessarily typical. People can expect to have their teeth fixed within six months, to two years. Which is still less time than traditional braces.

As well, because each move with the Invisalign system is very incremental. It is a more gentle on people’s teeth. Resulting in fewer toothaches, and fewer headaches. Then people with traditional braces.

In fact, braces often move people’s teeth more than they should. Which results in job pain, tooth pain. As well as headaches, especially on the day of the tightening. What is more concerning says Ellerslie dentist.

Is that these larger motions. Can actually be hurting the teeth. And causing the roots to recede. If people are looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces. But still want their teeth aligned and straight.

They should talk to the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. About the Invisalign system. They can arrange a free 3D smile scan to get started.