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When people are looking forward to healthier mouth says Ellerslie dentist. The one thing that they can do, is to straighten their teeth. With that they have mildly crooked teeth. Or they have a severe case.

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There are many reasons why straightening their teeth. Will have a positive impact on their overall oral. As well as their overall bodily health.

One of the first things that happens. When people have crooked teeth, according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that they will get food particles stuck in hard-to-reach areas. That there toothbrush, or floss cannot reach.

The end result, is trapped food particles. That cause tartar buildup. As well as promote tooth decay. In addition to that, they can even get gingivitis and gum disease. Because of tartar buildup below the gum line.

In order to avoid this from happening, people should talk to a dentist about getting their teeth straightened. Ideally, from a very young age. The younger people are able to get their teeth straightened.

The better they will have, a chance at never developing tooth problems such as cavities and gum disease. However, many people are not able to get their teeth straightened as children.

And are visiting their Ellerslie dentist as adults. Wondering if there is a way that they can help their teeth become healthier. The good news, is ES there is. While braces can successfully be put on adults.

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In fact, according to recent statistics. Therefore million Americans who are currently wearing braces. And a quarter of them are adults. And while braces are a fine way to straighten teeth. There is a new system, called Invisalign. Which is an alternative to braces. That can straighten teeth, or gently.

And faster than traditional, metal braces. The second reason why adults should get their teeth straightened. Is because it can impact their overall body health as well. When people have crooked teeth, eating healthy foods. Such as crunchy carrots, and crisp apples can be painful.

Therefore, the earlier a dentist is able to straighten a patient’s teeth. The easier time they will have at forming the habit. Of the eating healthy diet from the start of their life. However, even if adults.

Get their teeth straightened later in life. They can start to enjoy many foods. That they were simply avoiding, because they were not able to eat them when they were younger. Because the cause them pain. Another benefit of getting their teeth straightened.

Is that they can gain a lot of confidence. Dentists say that confidence is not a medical reason. To get their teeth straightened, but many people will say that they can not only feel better. They can progress better in their career. Because they are not held back. By their self-doubt.

When people are ready to start talking about two straightening systems. All they need to do is contact the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. And set up an initial appointment, to get a 3D scan of their mouth. And find out how they can benefit from Invisalign.

Ellerslie Dentist | Get A Healthier Mouth With Invisalign

There are many reasons why patients talk to their Ellerslie dentist. About getting their teeth straightened, but not with braces. Often one of the most common reasons why adults want to straighten their teeth.

Is because they are self-conscious about the way they look. And they lack confidence, because of this. Therefore, they want to straighten their teeth. But they do not want to wear braces. Because they are nervous about how they will look.

They also might not want other people to know. Such as their peers, coworkers or, clients. That they are correcting their teeth. For this reason, Ellerslie dentist talks to many people.

About the alternative to braces, which is called Invisalign. This is a system, that takes a scan of the patient’s mouth. And digitally calculates how much the teeth will have to move. In order to get a straighter smile.

Using 3D models of the patient’s teeth. They create these clear plastic moulds. Called liners, that the patient wears. That gently shifts the teeth into the new position. Over 3 to 4 weeks at a time.

The benefit of Invisalign. Especially as an alternative to braces. Is that the amount that the teeth moved can be digitally calculated. Which means there is no harm, caused by braces. That move the teeth more than they should be.

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For this reason, Invisalign is more gentle, and less painful. And typically do not require to the extractions the way traditional metal braces do. This ends up being overall healthier for the teeth.

As they do not risk eroding their roots, by being pushed into position. With more force than they should be. Another reason why many people love Invisalign. Not just because they are invisible.

But because they can be removed, and should be removed for eating. People can decide to take them out of their mouth, for special occasions.

Such as weddings, anniversaries and family photos. If people want to get started with their 3D smile scan. All they have to do is call their Ellerslie dentist, at Ellerslie tooth doctor. They will be able to get a 3D smile scan.

Which takes a digital imprint of their smile, and two weeks later. They will be able to get their first liner, helping move their teeth into the first position. Many people can be completely done with Invisalign.

Within eleven months, which is the average length of time. However, some patients can be in complete lead done this process in as little as six months. Or, may have significantly crooked teeth. Which require two years.

That is the benefit of this system. They can take as much or as little time to gently move the teeth into the right direction. While many people once believed Invisalign was only good for small fixes. Dentists now realize that it can be suitable for almost all circumstances. By calling the tooth doctor today, people can get started.