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It is very important says Ellerslie dentist. That patients are comfortable enough. To ask their dentist questions. About their oral hygiene routines. And their overall oral health.
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The reason why, is because many people. Are not doing all of the things that they need. For good oral health. Or, they are doing things. That are inadvertently causing problems. The more open they can be with their dentist.

That are information they both can get. And the better care the patient will receive. And the healthier their teeth, mouth and smile ends up being. A common question that people have.

When they do ask Ellerslie dentist questions that they have been wondering. Is why our their teeth so sensitive, and how do they fix it? Ultimately, there can be many different causes of sensitive teeth.

From having a genetic predisposition to it. Such as sin enamel for example. However, the number one reason. Why most people have sensitive teeth. Is because they actually have gingivitis.

If people do not think this is likely. They should consider the statistics. Which say 75% of all Canadian adults. Have an active case of gingivitis in their mouth.

The reason why gingivitis causes sensitive teeth. Is because as tartar buildup. Gets underneath the gum line. The gums start to recede, as they are irritated. By the bacteria in the tartar. The gums become inflamed.

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Which causes the gums to reseed. And as a result, starts to expose the roots of the patient’s teeth. The roots of the teeth are not covered in enamel. Like the rest of the teeth. Which is why exposed roots can hurt.

Therefore, the number one solution. To fixing sensitive teeth. Is fixing the gingivitis. While the gums cannot a fixed once they proceeded. They can become less inflamed. Therefore, starting a good oral care routine.

Is of the utmost importance. And then, visiting Ellerslie dentist twice a year. In order to get a deep clean. Will help ensure that the gingivitis does not return. Next, the dentist will recommend.

Using a desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, every single day. This usually will fix the problem. However, there could be other causes of sensitive teeth. Such as grinding. Or having been enamel.

The things that can do to minimize. Sensitive teeth include using a desensitizing toothpaste. But also, they can get a desensitizing material. Adhered to their teeth. The dentist will apply it.

And the patient must not brush their teeth. For twenty-four hours afterwards. But this material, can help patients avoid. The feeling of sensitive teeth. So that they can enjoy the foods they love.

Or, for a more permanent solution. A dentist can apply the white filling material. To the roots of a patient’s tooth. So that they are permanently covered. And permanently protected.

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When people visit Ellerslie dentist, they often find out. They do not have teeth in the best condition. Therefore, they often ask. During the check out what they could have done differently. To have avoided problems in the first place.

While many people know how important it is. To brush their teeth twice a day. Use mouthwash, and floss. There are important aspects of this regular routine. That can help people have the healthiest teeth possible.

One of the first things that any dentist will recommend. Is not having a hard bristled toothbrush. They should use only a soft bristled brush. In order to avoid over brushing them.

Over brushing can actually damage their gums. Causing many people to require skin grafting. To put the gums back over their teeth. So that they do not have exposed roots. Or, starts to have loose teeth.

Because the material holding the teeth into their head. Has been damaged. Another reason why they should not use a hard bristled toothbrush. Is because it can actually brush off the enamel from their teeth.

If they brush to hard. Or used to heart of a brush. The protective coating on their teeth called enamel. Can be brushed away. And the most difficult thing to keep in mind about enamel. Is that it cannot be replaced once it is lost.

Not only does this enamel protect their teeth. From hot and cold sensations. But also, the enamel protects the teeth. From getting cavities. If people have over brushed the enamel away.

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They may find that there getting more cavities. Despite the fact that they are brushing twice a day. Another aspect of their oral care routine. That Ellerslie dentist recommends patients ensure they do.

Is flossing thoroughly every day. Many people skip flossing. Or floss every other day, or every week. And this is a huge problem. The spaces in between a person’s teeth. Represent 40% of their tooth surface area.

By failing to floss. People are ignoring. Almost half of the surface area of their teeth. Cavities can happen in between their teeth. And not only is that painful. It is much more difficult to fix.

Finally, Ellerslie dentist says what people are eating. Has huge ramifications. On their oral hygiene. People should avoid sugar whenever possible. As sugar is one of the most common ways. That people develop cavities.

If they must eat sugar. Ellerslie dentist recommends. Rinsing with water, or mouthwash. After eating that food item. But also, other foods that they need. Also plays an important role. And their overall oral health.

Avoiding processed foods. And eating healthy, crunchy fruits and vegetables. Not only can help clean off the tooth. As they eat. But the crunchy nature of the food. Actually helps stimulate blood flow in the gums and jaw.

This is why people who tend to eat softer food. Tend to have oral problems sooner. And so part of any healthy mouth, is healthy diet for love crunchy and healthy foods. If people have more questions about oral hygiene.

They should not hesitate to reach out to the tooth doctor. Located in the southern Edmonton neighbourhood of Ellerslie. One phone call can help people get the consultation they need. To take better care of their teeth.