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Many people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist. To find out what they can do, to get healthier smile. And are told, that they should straighten their teeth.

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There are many reasons why straighter teeth equal better overall oral health. As well as a healthier body. The first reason, is because crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay, and cavities inadvertently.

Crooked teeth can make it very difficult. For patients to reach all areas of their teeth. With a toothbrush. As well as with floss. Try as they might, they have a very difficult time. Reaching all areas of their teeth.

And as a result, food buildup can cause tooth decay, tartar buildup. Gum disease, and eventually cavities. Therefore, the best way to prevent this from happening. Is to get to straightening system to straighten their teeth.

Ideally, people will deal with this when they are a child. However, for many reasons. Children are not able to get their teeth straightened. Whether the parents cannot afford it. Or the dentist that they went to at the time.

Did not realize how important it was. And as a result, adults are now going to their Ellerslie dentist. Wondering what they can do to help. While fixing dental problems is much easier in children.

Especially from a preventative point of view. When adults come to their Ellerslie dentist. Wondering what they can do. The solution is either traditional metal braces. Or, Invisalign.

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While many people are opposed to traditional metal braces for many reasons. Such as they are painful, they are ugly. And they take a long time. Invisalign is a wonderful alternative for many reasons.

The reason why adults should be so concerned about increasing their oral health. Is because once they can fix their teeth. And allow them to become straighter. They will stop having those problems in the same spots of their mouth.

They can avoid developing cavities. That will put them at risk of losing their teeth eventually. If they develop too many cavities in that area. That way, they can avoid potentially losing their tooth.

And if they lost their tooth, while still having crooked teeth. It would be very hard, if not impossible. For their dentist to put a dental implant in the same area. Because of the risk of the other teeth leaning in the same spot.

As well, another reason why adults should be concerned. About fixing their crooked teeth for their overall health. Is because it will allow them to eat a wider variety. Of fruits and vegetables. Which help them have a very healthy diet.

Foods such as broccoli, cauliflower. Crunchy carrots, and crisp apples just to name a few. Are things that people should be incorporating into their diet. And are considered some of the healthiest foods to eat. However, having crooked teeth.

Often means that people experience pain in their teeth, their jaw. Or in their gums when they try to eat these crunchy foods. And therefore, develop habit of avoiding some of the healthiest things that they can eat.

When they visit their dentist, and find out about Invisalign. Making the decision to straighten their teeth for their overall health is more important than ever before.

Ellerslie Dentist | Get Invisalign For Your Teeth Today

The best time to start, getting healthy teeth is today says Ellerslie dentist. There are many reasons why people should straighten their teeth. Whether it is cosmetic. Or for their overall health. However, many adults avoid this.

Because they are concerned about the looks that they will get, from their traditional medical braces. There are many reasons why people do not like the look of metal braces. And if they are getting their teeth straightened.

So that they can feel better about the way they look. They do not want to take a step backwards, and where metal braces. And be more self-conscious about the look that they have.

Which is why Invisalign braces are quickly becoming. The most popular way for adults to straighten their teeth. One of the benefits is just like the name suggests, Invisalign is completely invisible. They are clear plastic liners. That patients where on their teeth.

Nobody knows that people have them on, they can talk, and conduct their daily routines. Without anybody knowing that they are straightening their teeth at the time. And the benefit is, in only a few months. They can have the straightened teeth of their dreams.

Another reason why people love Invisalign, is because it eliminates having to go to their Ellerslie dentist every single month. In order to get the braces tightened. Instead, Invisalign works by taking a scan of the patient’s mouth.

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And then a digital model is created, where the liners are made. The patients receive these liners in the mail. And they wear them for a period of three weeks. Before sending a picture of their smile to their Ellerslie dentist.

They will hear back from their dentist if they should be wearing the liners for another week or two. Or if they can where the next set that has been mailed to them.

This process is repeated, until the teeth are as straight as the patient desires. Typically, requiring eleven months on average. However, some patients can progress faster, and others may take more time.

Ideally, people will be able to achieve the best results. When they where there liners for a minimum of twenty hours per day. Taking them out, only to eat. Brushing their teeth immediately. And put them back on.

Another benefit that people love, is that it is a less painful way of straightening their teeth. Compared to braces. And it is better for the overall health of the teeth.

When people are interested in finding out more about Invisalign. Or if they would be a good fit for this system. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor, and arrange to get a 3D scan of their smile today. If they are a good fit, they will receive their first liners in two weeks. And they can get started.