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Many people may not realize how important and even smile is says Ellerslie dentist. However, it is vital to the overall oral health. As well as overall body health for people. Which is why they recommend straightening any teeth. That can benefit from straightening.

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According to a recent study. Four million Americans wear braces. And 25% of them are adults. More and more adults are fixing their smile. Especially, when they hear. That it will help them have better overall health.

As well as better overall health. The reason why having a straighter, smoother. And more even smile is healthy. For their oral health and hygiene. Is because straighter teeth, are easier to maintain and clean.

People who have crooked teeth, might end up with areas of their teeth. That are hard to brush. Hard to floss, or both. This can cause trapped food to promote tooth decay. Which can very quickly lead to cavities.

They will require fillings. To fix this problem. And it might even cause them to develop gingivitis. Because of tartar buildup below the gum line. Even though, they are doing their best. To brush and floss their teeth.

When they get their teeth straightened. These hard to clean areas. Become easier to reach. With a toothbrush, and dental floss. And can lead to better oral health overall.

This is often why children with crooked teeth. Should get their teeth straightened. So that they do not start developing problems. That could have been prevented with the right treatment.

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However, another reason. Why straightening teeth. Will lead to healthier bodies. Is because the straighter the teeth are. The easier it is to eat a healthy diet. When people have crooked teeth, eating hard and crunchy foods.

Such as hard carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Or things like apples, and peaches. Our difficult, and painful. People can end up causing their mouth and jaw pain by trying to eat these foods.

Therefore, they avoid eating the healthiest foods. And their diet, and overall health suffers. When they visit their Ellerslie dentist. They are able to get their teeth straightened. So that eating the healthiest foods.

Is easier, and they are more likely to have a better diet. This is best to do, when the patient is still a child. So that they can start developing healthy eating habits. And keep those up throughout their entire lifetime.

While people might agree, that straighter teeth are healthy. They also are nervous. About having braces, because they are so noticeable. Ellerslie dentist says Invisalign is quickly growing in popularity.

For many reasons, from the fact that they are faster. Then traditional braces, more gentle. Then traditional braces. And, most popular they are completely invisible.

If people would like to know if they are a good candidate for this procedure. All they have to do is make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. They can get a free smile scan. And get started on this procedure today.

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There are many reasons people have for wanting straighter teeth says Ellerslie dentist. However, many people do not like the idea. Of traditional metal braces. They think they are ugly, and painful.

However, Ellerslie dentist says wanting to avoid metal braces. Is not a reason to avoid straightening their teeth. Because, Invisalign is a fantastic alternative to braces. It can help many people achieve the look they want.

With many benefits that people could not to get. From the traditional metal braces. One of the first things that makes Invisalign so popular. Is the fact that they are clear, and virtually invisible.

People often do not want metal braces. Because they do not want people to know that they are straightening their teeth. Or they do not like the local. And are afraid that their confidence is going to suffer.

They also want to avoid. Having braces show up in pictures. Especially of special events, such as weddings, anniversaries or graduations. Therefore Invisalign is the perfect solution.

Since nobody will see them where this device. But also, it is completely removable. So people can take out the device. For pictures, or if they just want their special day. Free of this straightening device.

Another benefit of Invisalign over braces. According to Ellerslie dentist, is that it typically takes less time. Then traditional metal braces will straighten teeth. Most people can be done with Invisalign. By eleven months.

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However, people will typically need them anywhere between six months to two years. Depending on how much, or how little. Their teeth need to be straightened. And while some people think Invisalign is only useful.

For people who need minor adjustments to their teeth. This is not true at all. It is actually completely appropriate for almost all circumstances of the straightening people’s teeth.

The third reason why people prefer Invisalign to traditional braces. Is because Invisalign is much more gentle. Then traditional braces. And better, for the overall health of the teeth.

For example, the traditional braces. Require gluing brackets to the teeth. And then having the orthodontist tighten the wire by hand. If they tighten it too much. And try to move the teeth too fast. It can cause significant problems.

Such as dissolving the roots of the teeth. Causing the teeth to sit more shallow in the gums. Which can lead over time, to loose teeth. That will need to be extracted as they age, and their gums recede.

Invisalign on the other hand. Is calculated digitally. And then the liners created, with the computer. So that the teeth can only move incrementally at a time. So that they never removed. More than the jaw and the bone is comfortable with.

Therefore, it is less painful overall. And leads to better overall health of their teeth according to Ellerslie dentist. When people would like more information about Invisalign. Or would like to get started.

All they have to do is call the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. For complementary 3D smile scan. And then get their Invisalign liners created, and mailed out to them immediately.