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Visiting Ellerslie dentist can be nerve-racking. Especially when people are told by the dentist. That they, or their child. Should straighten their teeth. There are many reasons why a dentist would make this recommendation.

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One of the most common reasons, is not cosmetic reasons. Which is what many people assume. But rather, in order to have healthy and clean teeth. For their entire life.

The reason why having crooked teeth. Impacts this in a negative way. Is because teeth that are not aligned. And are crooked, can create areas. Where food particles can gather. That are virtually impossible.

For people to brush away with a toothbrush, dental floss. Or mouthwash. No matter how good their oral care routine is. They can still end up with dental decay. As well as tartar buildup, gingivitis and cavities.

This is a huge concern. Because if the problem is not fixed. People will end up having problems in the same area. Over and over for their entire life. Eventually, there tooth will not be able to be repaired any longer.

And they will have to have their tooth extracted. Well most of the time, a dentist will be able to use a dental implant. In order to replace that tooth. However, in people with very crooked teeth. Dentists are not able to put a dental implant. Because of the interference, and overcrowding with the other teeth.

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Therefore, in order to have perfect oral hygiene. For the rest of their life. People should heed the advice from their Ellerslie dentist. And get them selves, or their child straightened teeth.

The second reason why their Ellerslie dentist might make this recommendation. Is simply because they will be able to have healthier diet. And better overall health. If they are able to eat the fruits and vegetables.

That they may be avoiding, because of their crooked teeth. Many people may not even be aware of it themselves. That they avoid food, such as taking a bite out of a crunchy Apple. Or biting down on a carrot.

Because of the pain it causes their teeth, gums and jaw. That is why dentists typically require. That people have their teeth aligned as children. So that they can form better eating habits throughout their entire lifetime.

While many people may accept the fact. That they needs to get their teeth aligned, or get that for their child. They also are not interested. In traditional metal braces. Because of the pain, the look and the length of time it will take.

The good news is, people can use the Invisalign system. Which is not only invisible. So nobody has to know that people are correcting their teeth. But they are also more gentle, as well as takes less time.

Then traditional metal braces. If people would like more information on this Invisalign system. All they have to do is contact the tooth doctor. They are conveniently located in the south of Edmonton, in the neighbourhood of Ellerslie. In order to make an appointment for a smile scan, and more information.

Ellerslie Dentist | Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

When people want to cosmetically, to fix their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. They often want a solution. The does not include metal braces for many different reasons. First of all, when they are getting their teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons.

They do not want to take a step backwards. And feel self-conscious. About having metal braces put on their teeth. That way, they hear about Invisalign, which is the only alternative for adults to metal braces.

In children, Ellerslie dentist prefers to use preventative measures. To keep them from ever needing braces. However Invisalign has been proven to be effective. In all patients, from adults, children, teenagers and even seniors.

When people are using Invisalign. The most noticeable difference. Between metal braces. Is the fact that, as the name Invisalign suggests. The liners are clear, and they are virtually invisible.

That way, nobody has to know that people are straightening their teeth. They can put them on, talk and go about their daily routine. Even if they speak for a living, or talk to customers. Nobody will know that they are using Invisalign.

Another benefit of Invisalign, is the fact that it is very good, for people. Who have extremely busy lifestyles. Perhaps they are a busy parent. Who has many children who are doing different activities.

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Even single parents, or people who have busy careers. Ring to benefit from Invisalign. They will first visit their Ellerslie dentist. And get a 3D scan of their smile. And two weeks later, they will get a package in the mail.

Of their first few sets of Invisalign liners. They will put the first set of liners in. And three weeks later, send a picture of their smile. Back to their dentist’s office. There dentist will let them know.

If they should continue wearing the original liner. Or if they can move to the next set. In order to continue moving their teeth to a more corrected position. While this process may take five, six or even twelve months.

Even up to two years. For people with significant straightening to do. There going to be able to fix their teeth. Without having to leave their busy schedule. Or find someone to watch their kids.

In order to visit their dentist every single month. Therefore, it saves time in a busy person’s life. Another reason why people prefer Invisalign, is because they make smaller, more incremental changes.

But more often. Therefore, it is less painful than traditional braces. But because the movements have been more often. It is usually half the time to fix the teeth with Invisalign. Then with traditional braces.

If people hear about Invisalign. The next step, would simply by by going to the tooth doctor. They are located, in the south of Edmonton, in Ellerslie. Where they can get a scan of their smile. And then receive their first set of liners two weeks later.