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Canadians did not need dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. Until the nineteen fifties. This is because Canada’s universal healthcare. Included not only dental visits. But also I exams and glasses.

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Many Canadians do not remember. The time when this was the case. They just know that there universal healthcare. Allows them to see their doctor. Without having to pay a fee.

And that when they go to the hospital. They do not have to pay anything. In order to see a doctor. Or pay anything. Once they have their medical problem resolved. This used to be the case for dental work.

However, the government cut those services. From the universal healthcare. In nineteen fifty-two. In order to eliminate the mounting national debt. It was an extremely unpopular decision.

And the government promised they would put it back. Once the debt was paid off. Something that never quite happened says Ellerslie dentist. Therefore, many people went from never having a dental bill.

Two having to pay. Every time they visited the dentist. Soon, insurance companies started offering dental insurance. Whether it was part of their employer benefits. Or if it was a private company.

Such as Blue Cross, that offers many different types of packages. These packages allow people to pay a premium. Each month, and then receive. Various dental services, at a reduced rate.

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Or, completely for free. Depending on what package they get. The largest problem with this. Is the fact that there are dozens of different insurance companies. And there are hundreds of different packages.

Therefore, many people. Do not know exactly what their insurance package pays for. And what their bill is going to be. When they visit their dentist, twice a year. As well, despite the fact that dentists recommend.

That people get a cleaning and polishing twice a year. Some insurance companies. Only pays for one service a year. Which means people are not even getting. What dentists would consider the bare minimum for their dental care.

Another problem with this, is the different insurance companies. As well as different packages require. Different things, in order for people to get paid. Some insurance companies will pay the dentist directly.

While other insurance companies. Request that people pay the bill. And then get reimbursed. Sometimes within a few days. But often, it can take weeks. Or months for people to get their money back.

This means, if many people are unable. To afford the dental bill in the first place. Even if they have dental insurance. They are not able to afford it. Because they cannot pay the lump-sum in the beginning.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist works with their patients. To come up with a solution that works for everyone. Perhaps they will take payment plans. Or perhaps they will advocate to the insurance company on their behalf.

The one thing that they will do for sure. Is ensure that all Canadians. To be able to get the dental care that they need. To stay healthy, inside and out.

Ellerslie Dentist | Helping Patients Get Dental Insurance

According to health Canada, 62% of Canadians have private dental insurance, Ellerslie dentist says. 6% also have public insurance. But that it means that 32% of Canadians. Have absolutely no dental insurance at all.

In fact, it is exceptionally common. For people to avoid going to the dentist. Simply because they will be unable. To pay for the services they receive. This is true whether they just need cleanings.

But even if people have a lot of pain. Such as a toothache. Studies show that they will not visit the dentist. Because they are afraid of the bill they will receive at the end. Not only are dental services very expensive.

But there is also no standardized prices. From one dentist to the next. Which means anticipating a bill. Becomes extremely hard. To combat that, the Alberta government came up with.

The Alberta dental fee guide. It is an annual publication. That most people can now find online. Listing off all of the dental services. And a suggested price for each of them.

While the fee guide is a suggestion. For dentists, to set their prices by. They are not obligated at all. To set their prices at anything. Because dentists have the right. To cover all of their costs. And expenses may vary greatly.

From one dentist to the next. For example, a dentist in downtown Toronto. I would have extremely different expenses. Then a dentist in rural Saskatchewan. Therefore, the fee guide is just an estimate.

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However, the tooth doctor wants to adhere. As closely to the fee guide as possible. Because they understand it is a helpful tool. For their patients to use. They adhere as closely as possible to it.

However, they also do several things. That other dentists do not do. In order to help their patients. They will advocate. To the insurance company on their behalf. Sending estimates for preapproval.

And calling the insurance company. To find out exactly what is covered as well. In addition to that, Ellerslie dentist says that the tooth doctor will also create. Payment plans for patients.

Who are still worried about paying for their dental services. In addition to that, they will help people find private dental insurance. If they currently are uninsured. While a payment plan could be beneficial.

The dentist reasons, that if people. Are able to pay a small fee. Each month, to pay off their dental bill. They should be able to afford dental insurance. So that they can get many of the services they need. For free.

If people are interested in visiting the Ellerslie dentist. Not only do they have three convenient locations. One in Ellerslie, Edmonton. On the south side. Another location in Capilano. Just south of downtown.

And one location in Tofield. Which is just outside the Edmonton city limits. Three great locations, to service a wide variety of people. And keeping their mouths healthy and happy.