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There are multiple reasons why Ellerslie dentist recommends. That parents get their children dental sealants. However, the majority of children, still do not have this important protectant.

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According to the National health and nutrition examination survey. 30% of children between the ages of 6 to 11. Have dental sealants, despite how effective they are at protecting their teeth against tooth decay.

While a slightly higher, but still low 38% of adolescents. Between the ages of 12 to 19. Have these sealants on their teeth. However, a could be because many parents are unaware of what sealants are.

And what they do to their child’s teeth. Ultimately, it is a protective barrier. Of an extremely thin layer of plastic. Applied to the surface of the child’s molars. The reason why this is done, is because how difficult it is.

To reach all of the next and crannies of this tooth. A regular toothbrush. The surface of a molar, is often referred to by dentists as having pits and features. That make it very difficult. For toothbrush to clean bacteria out of.

Even adults, with a very good toothbrush. Often have difficulty. And are susceptible to tooth decay. As well as cavities, on their molars because of this. While the very rough surface of the tooth is great for chewing.

Children, who are just learning how to use a toothbrush. And are getting the hang of brushing their teeth on their own. Are less likely to be able to clean this bacteria out of their teeth.

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Especially when they are molars, located at the back of their mouth. Where they are hard to reach. Even if they scrub very well with a toothbrush. Especially since many children are still developing their fine motor skills.

This is why it is extremely important. To protect their teeth. However, dental sealants can only be applied. If the child has never had any cavities. Which is why it is important to do this early on says Ellerslie dentist.

However, many parents are wondering. Why their child needs to get this done. At such an early age. When they are going to lose their baby teeth anyway. However, dentists want to impress upon the fact.

That teeth are important to children. Even if they are eventually going to lose them. Because they still need their teeth to eat. And it is important for the baby teeth to be there, to help the adult teeth grow in without problems.

If a child has cavities. Even in their baby teeth. It will likely cause them pain. And will need to have them filled. Which can be a painful, and stressful procedure. That costs a lot of money.

Therefore, parents will want to pay for dental sealants. Because it is a quarter of the price of cavities. And is a completely noninvasive procedure. That can be completed without pain in five minutes.

When parents are ready to get their Ellerslie dentist to apply dental sealants. All they have to do is reach out to the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Getting Dental Sealants Applied To Your Molars

Children should get dental sealants says Ellerslie dentist. To protects them against tooth decay and cavities. The reason why dental sealants are usually applied to children. Is very simple.

Sealants should be applied. Before someone has any cavities. Therefore, the sooner they can apply it. The teeth of children. The less likely they will be at having cavities. And the sooner they can gain protection.

The dental sealants, protect the teeth. By applying a very thin layer of plastic. On the surface of the molars. Therefore, as children learn how to brush their teeth. And may not do the best job.

They will not leave bacteria behind. That is likely to cause tooth decay and cavities. However, Ellerslie dentist says it is very important to impress upon the fact. That the dental sealants is not replacement for brushing.

Because first of all, the dental sealants. Or typically only applied to the molars. Therefore the rest of the teeth need to be brushed and flossed regularly. To guard against cavities and tooth decay on other surfaces of their teeth.

But also, because the dental sealants can become cracked. Or they can be chipped, as they eat hard foods, or grind their teeth at night. And those cracks and chips can lead the teeth susceptible.

To bacteria that causes tooth decay. Therefore, regular toothbrushing. Flossing, and regular checkups with their Ellerslie dentist. Is still of vital importance. Even after the dental sealants are used.

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However, many parents are nervous. About subjecting their child to an invasive dental procedure. Therefore, they get to breathe a sigh of relief. As they hear about how quick and easy. The procedure is.

To apply dental sealants, on even the youngest patient. The first step, is to pack cotton around the teeth. To help them remain dry through the procedure. Once done, the dentist will then use a week acid.

And apply it with a cotton swab. To the surface of the teeth. In order to remove any bacteria. Or other impurities. That could impact how effectively they sealant can adhere to the teeth.

Once the acid is applied. The dentist will rinse the teeth. And dry them again. And then, they will be able to apply the dental sealants. It will be a clear plastic liquid. And using a cotton swab the dentist will apply it.

To the surface of the patient’s molars. Once they have covered the entire area. The liquid will need to cure. Which happens with a UV light. Just a minute or two with the light shining into the patient’s mouth.

Is enough to harden the liquid to a very solid plastic. Which will then last for approximately ten years. Or, until the patient’s baby teeth fall out. They should also have the procedure will re-done.

Once they become an adolescent, and all of their adult teeth grow in. When parents are ready, they can call the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.